Product Review - Chiaus Baby Diaper Malaysia

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I have been cutting down on doing product reviews towards the last quarter of year 2016 to prepare for our coming 4th kiddo who was born in early November 2016 and I am now slowly resuming doing product reviews but prioritizing those that can fit into our family dynamics (especially books on parenting or homeschooling stuff, family products, something along those genre)

However, as busy as I am with 4 kiddos, home cooking, taking care of hubby's administration site of the business and swamped up with managing my FB page and blog, I just can't say no to reviewing products that either myself and/or my family can use, so of course I gotta give this product a try! 

Extreme Colouring- Amazing World

Chiaus Baby Diaper

About the company/brand:

"CHIAUS (Fujian) Industrial Development Co.,Ltd., established in 2006, is a one-stop center for the development, design, manufacture and distribution of quality baby & child care products. CHIAUS have been awarded with national patents for the world first “Dual Absorption Cores” in the year 2014."

I'm a full-time mummy

We received 4 packs of Chiaus baby diapers: 2 packs of Chiaus Baby Diaper Tape S size, 2 packs of Chiaus Jumbo pack Tape diaper M size and 1 pack of Chiaus Premium Soft Diaper Pants L size.

Chiaus Baby Diaper

Here's how the diapers look like from biggest size to smallest size. I kinda like the polka dot design on the tape diapers. So cute and artsy :)

Chiaus Baby Diaper

By the time we received the diapers for our review, baby Daryl, our 4th kiddo is in the midst to transition from S size to M size diaper. I tried to test out some Chiaus Baby Diaper Tape S size with the brand that Daryl uses prior to transitioning. Apologies but I think best that I blur out the other brand as I just want to highlight the size and outlook comparison. At first glance, Chiaus Baby Diaper Tape S size is slightly bigger and longer than the brand that Daryl uses.

Chiaus Baby Diaper

The inside look of Chiaus Baby Diaper Tape S size with the S size diaper that Daryl uses. We managed to try a couple diapers but on one occasion, Daryl had a massive poop and it leaked out. I think the poop is so super massive that the S size diaper is not able to absorb the poop fast enough and hence the leakage. The same thing happened when Daryl uses the other brand as well, so really, it's the massive poop issues, not the diapers problem hahaha...

Chiaus Baby Diaper

Since Daryl uses M size now, I think it's better I focus more on reviewing this diaper size. Picture below is the comparison of Chiaus Jumbo pack Tape diaper M size with the M size diaper brand that Daryl currently uses. We received a carton box of the M size diaper pants type from a client of ours before we had a chance to go out to purchase any M size diapers for Daryl.

I really love the Chiaus Tape diaper M size, the soft material is ultra-thin, so inviting and comfortable to the touch. I actually stretched the elastic portion at the back and it is good, springs back to the position. The side tapes to secure the diapers are strong but yet not sticky or prickly to the touch. Love it!

The Chiaus diapers are clinically approved hypoallergenic and hence allows for maximum protection to babies from getting nappy rash. So far, there has never been any leakage with our boy's pee but there are a few incidents of poo leakage, mainly due to his lying down position which created a gap at the thigh elastic area and hence the seepage out.

Chiaus Baby Diaper

We only received a pack of this Chiaus Premium Soft Diaper Pants L size and I've been trying to use it sparingly. Pictures below are the comparison of the Chiaus diaper pants with the brand that our 3-year-old girl currently uses for her night time. Our girl is already potty trained for daytime and outing but at night still need to wear and so far, there has never been any leakage at all with her wearing the Chiaus Premium Soft Diaper Pants L size. 

Chiaus Baby Diaper

One thing that I would like to suggest is for Chiaus to have the sticker strip tape at the back of the diaper to secure the used diaper before we dispose it into a dustbin. But otherwise, the diaper is really good!

Chiaus Baby Diaper

I love the softness of the seams at the sides of the diaper pants, the seams on the current diaper brand that our 3-year-old girl is using seems a bit rough compared to the Chiaus diaper pants. The elastic band around the legs part are stretchy and it does not leave any marks around my girl's thighs after used but yet, it hugs my girl's thighs comfortably with no leakage at all. Awesome!

Chiaus Baby Diaper

In summary, this diaper brand is good, easy on the eye design and I love, love, love the soft comfortable cottony material. 


I'm a full-time mummy

You can find out more from

I'm a full-time mummy

Do note that I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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I'm a full-time mummy

Personal Security Tips While Traveling Abroad

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My brother in-law travels often and every now and then will be sharing his experiences good and bad. In this article, I'll be sharing his personal security tips while traveling abroad. He has given his blessings for me to copy his tips and share his article out, I'm only touching up a wee bit of typo and using freestock pictures, otherwise I'm crediting this article to his name.

Let's read and learn together, shall we?

Take just enough cash for the day spending

(Image credit)

In Spain, we pre-researched that we might need EUR30 per day per person for lunch, refreshment, dinner, shopping & admission fees. So I took 3 notes of 10 EUR, and separated them into 2-3 pockets (pants, shirt) and only 1 credit card. No wallet, No handbag, No carrybag, No belt punch. I only have a compact knapsack to store water, snacks, a woollen jumper, mobile phone, and medicine. The rest of the holiday cash and passports are in the hotel room safe or hotel main safety box.

Watch for people watching you – scan your surroundings

Generally, in developed countries, the locals do not have a habit of staring or looking at you, it is impolite – even if you are dressed outrageously. Whenever we are descending into a train station or bus station, we scan the surroundings – to see who is looking at us.

(Image credit)

In Barcelona (we pre-learned) how to recognise professional pick pockets – they are usually the ones looking at other people and their belongings; they don’t seemed to be waiting for trains or looking at the train notice board, and they ain’t reading anything – not even their mobile phone (this is a dead give-away). We saw a few – and we avoided them. In Barcelona, a pickpocket if caught is not charged unless you can prove that they stole more than EUR 300.

What if the hotel is budget type and storing in room doesn’t feel safe

We put all cash, cards and passports into a thick envelop, close it, doing these inside our room before going down to the counter. And at the counter, we store it into the hotel counter safety box - each box usually have a dual-key system. We do not give our things to the person on the counter to keep it into the box – we do it together in our presence.

What if the hotel is so budget that even the room safety box or counter safety box looks iffy

First, not worth to stay in such a hotel. Secondly, paying slightly more is for some measure of security. But in the event you don’t have choices, and you must take your valuables out with you on your body, make sure the (example of) 30 EUR (3 notes in 3 pockets); the rest, tightly packed into the deepest section of your knapsack firmly against your body.

Knapsack, Knapsack, Knapsack – just 1

Knapsack, Knapsack, Knapsack – and hug it in your front

Buy a very inconspicous uncomplicated boring but firm knapsack, with 2-3 deep sections preferably with inner zip. And always all the time, especially in crowded areas, specifically: airports, train stations, taxi & bus stations, lifts, elevators, street markets, inside trains & buses – HUG your knapsack in the FRONT of your body.

Honeymooning couples are usually bodily glued to each other everywhere they go, with knapsacks behind them, and bags all over the place – they are a thief and pickpocket heaven on earth. We do not carry more than 1 bag per body (maybe, max max 2 – 1 roller suitecase, 1 knapsack – for long holidays.)

If you’re carrying a knapsack, handbag, iPad, shopping bags, camera bag, waist pouch, pants wallet – you stand out like a "Come-Rob-Me-Please" beacon begging them. Robbing just you would help meet the thieves’ daily quota, or even weekly.

Do NOT count on numbers

Just because you are surrounded by family members, friends, colleagues, male members of the travelling entourage – Number is NOT safety. Do not count on others to watch your valuables. In 2 separate incidences, a male colleague was in the check-out queue of a 5 star hotel with other male colleagues, and the cctv later picked up a well-suit bespectabled bearded man casually walked up along him and lifted his notebook bag – with all the whole week site reports in there (!). A neighbour lost her notebook in a spanking new airport which she had transited so many times, this time surrounded by her family members.

Number is not safety.

It is like a stalking tiger deciding which gazelle it wants to pounce upon out of the many grazing gazelles mistaking security in numbers.

Jewelleries, Handbags, Wallets, Watches, Necklaces

Whenever I’m the group leader, I conditioned that all members must leave all burdensome & valuables things at home – we don’t need them to impress people or travelling companions to the places we’re heading. Specifically : branded handbags (or all handbags in general), all jewelleries (from every bodyparts except those already nailed onto the body) with exception of one’s wedding ring (of which the wife would be very unhappy not to see it on her husband’s finger) – on the otherhand, tai tai should abandon their 36 carats diamond ring at home – and no need to bring along to impress. You'll always end up paying more to the very people you’re trying to impress.

(Image credit)

Try driving a Mercedes to the durian seller – you’ll be charged more. And men, expensive watches – leave it at home. Needless to say, necklace is so easy to grab. I once was waiting at a traffic light, on a bright sunny day, I saw something shiny flew across my windscreen ... it's so surreal like slow-mo movie... it fell on the road kerb, the owner a toughie ganster looking type picked up his thick gleaming gold chain ..and started to chase the 2 motorcycled snatch thieves.

Things You Can Leave at Home

Driving licence (unless you will be renting a car) and National Identity Card. Your passport** and visa are the only document you’ll need – for entry at Customs, hotel, car rental, etc. Pants wallet especially those bulging with cards and cash makes pick pocketers glee with joy and praising their patron god. So, I seldom use or keep valuables in a pant-wallet.

**before the trip, we photocopy all our passports, and credit cards .. and leave the photocopy inside our hotel safe in case anyone loses their passport or card - and we hv this copy to refer or make report.

Remember, when travelling in groups – especially if everyone are close friends or family members : if one member exposed themselves to be robbed and pickpocketed, or lose their travelling document or money – it clouds the entire holiday mood for everyone (remember my own Brussels-London trip?) So, in taking precautions and freeing ourselves from being robbed – we are actually preserving the happy mood of travelling together.

Go light, go easy, go safe.

Specially Designed Diapers For Premature Babies

~ Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 8:55 AM ~

I came across this article yesterday about a specially designed diapers for premature babies.

"For parents of premature babies, finding a nappy that both fits and takes care of their delicate skin can be a big challenge. And, despite the fact that less than 1.4 per cent of babies born each year fall into this category, one baby brand recognised the need for a solution.

Accordingly, Huggies have announced the launch of a range of nappies specifically designed for premature babies that weigh less than two pounds.

Huggies Premature Babies Diapers

Designed as part of the ‘No Baby Unhugged’ project that aims to ensure babies get all the hugs they need to thrive, the new Huggies Little Snugglers Nano Preemie Diapers promote both healthy development and growth.

After intensive research, interviewing nurses and neonatal therapists, Huggies found out exactly what premature babies need.

As a result, the new nappies have a super-soft liner and gentle leg gatherings that prevent leaks without irritating the baby’s underdeveloped skin. They’re also fitted with specially-sized fasteners to fit the nappy and a narrow absorbent pad to make sure the baby is comfortably positioned with arms and legs close to the body.

Huggies Premature Babies Diapers

 The only downside is that, at the moment, the Nano Preemie Diapers are only available in the US. They are available on Amazon however, they’ll set you back a hefty £50 a pack. "


What do you think?


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