Angpow Story - Lantern

~ Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 5:53 AM ~

I have been sharing some of my favorite angpow pieces on an angpow collectors group in Facebook and some members have been telling me to continue sharing my memorable stories and so I thought, why not write it down, that way, our kiddos can read about it when they grow up next time, eh?

For those of you who are not familiar or never heard of the words 'Angpow' (also known as 'ang pau', 'ang pao', 'angpau'), here is a quick definition:

Angpow = Red Packet (filled with cash inside) given during festivals

So for today's angpow story, it comes from this piece of lovely angpow:

Angpow Story

A while back, a member of the angpow FB group I joined posted this tiny close up shot and asked us to guess where is the angpow from.

Angpow Story

Immediately after looking at that image of the little girl holding a red lantern walking, I know which angpow it was from as I had the same piece in my collection as well. I kept it as it reminded me of a childhood memory of mine, happened somewhere between the age of 8-10.

One year during Lantern festival, I was back in my kampung during school holidays and during the night, my cousins and I decided to play some games at the roadside.

Yup, the tar road smacked right in front of my late popo's (aka my late grandmother's) house. Well, to be honest, there's not many cars at that time anyway (I think it was about 10-11pm). A bunch of us (around 8-10 of us) played some games like we would be sitting in a circle formation, then one person will walk behind the circle and quietly dropped off a hanky while those sitting on the ground will sing some songs or something, can't remember, but this game is like the musical chair..

So anyway, after the songs ended, those sitting must immediately checked behind to see whether they have the hanky. If yes, he or she must quickly get up and chase the person who dropped the hanky.

Anyway, just want to share a childhood game of mine before I get to the main point of why the little girl holding lantern becomes the topic of my storytime today.

After a few rounds of the musical-sit-on-the-tar-road-sneakily-drop-a-hanky-behind-someone-and-pray-you-don't-get-bang-by-a-car-at-night games, we decided the night is still young, hey we were still young, you only live once you know, so a cousin suggested we light up our paper lanterns and walked around the kampung.


At night.


Just us kids between 8-10 years old.

No adults.


And hey, we were young, none the wiser so we excitedly lit up our paper lanterns with candles and started our adventures. It was all fine, we were chatting and laughing and we even made it to about 100m further down the road where the whole stretch of road was REALLY dark.

In fact, total darkness.

Yet, we soldiered on because kids know no fear.

Until someone cleverly mentioned the word 'ghost'.

That's when we felt the chills. And scared ourselves shitless with own phobias and fears. Needless to say, ALL of us turned around and bolted straight back to our late popo's home. As if the last person left behind will be terrorised by a ghost or something.

Paper lanterns burnt (because sudden u-turn causing candles to topple and burn the lanterns), slippers fell out (panicked you know) and adrenaline rush and making it out alive hahahaha...

Such a silly experience but yes, memorable still. None of us dared to repeat the same stunt since even though the only ghosts there is was on our own head lol...

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Teaching & Learning Moment - Feather

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 5:11 AM ~

I like to bring our kiddos to the playground whenever situations and weather permits. One morning after dropping off our oldest kiddo at kindy, I brought our girls to the playground as usual and as our girls ran ahead leaving me behind, I noticed something on the floor. A fluffy feather! Ahhh... thank you God for this learning opportunity!

I immediately called our girls over and gently showed them the feather on my palm, careful not to let the wind blow it away. I let them touch and feel the feather and repeated gently the word 'feather' (pronounced as 'fare-duh') Now being the long-winded mum that I am, I don't just stop there. I went on to explain to our girls as simple as possible that birds have feather, it keeps them warm and comfortable.

Then I asked our older girl how about dogs? And waited for her to try to answer and gently corrected her.

I went on to teach them about furs and hairs, giving examples that dogs and cats have furs, humans like her and mummy, we have hairs.

Teaching & Learning Moment

Now why this falls into the 'Teaching & Learning Moments!'?

* I get to teach our girls about feather and its importance to a bird.

* I get to teach our girls about feather, fur and hair and how to differentiate them.

* I get to reinforce our older girl's speech, sometimes she cannot pronounce properly.


** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day. If you wish to ask me any questions, you can find me at my Facebook page (I'm there almost everyday) or just drop me an email if you wish to maintain some anonymity.

Omelette with Salted Radish

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 5:21 AM ~

For this post, I am sharing my next food recipe, Omelette with Salted Radish. I first tasted this dish a few years back and just loved it! I couldn't figure out the name of the vegetable used in the omelette (not a vege person!) and only found out this recently after asking my buddy about it. After a few rounds of checking at a nearby minimarket and some supermarkets, I bought a small packet of salted radish to attempt this dish. Ever since then, this is my to-go dish when I want to eat something egg-y and still feel like I had some vege lol.

Without further ado, here is the recipe for Omelette with Salted Radish:

* Eggs (beaten, I normally use 3 eggs)
* Salted radish (soaked for a few seconds and rinsed off)
* A little bit of oil for frying

* Heat up a little bit of oil in pan.
* Pour the beaten egg, wait for a few seconds to pan fry the eggs.
* Sprinkle the salted radish all over the egg while it is still not set (you may also add the salted radish into the beaten egg and skip this step)
* Pan fry for a bit more and flip the egg to the other side.
* When egg is cooked, gently take out the omelette.
* Ready to serve



Omelette with Salted Radish

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