Fancy Getting An NFT Crypto Dog?

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 6:45 PM ~


I am clueless about Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT and all those fancy smancy jargons that came along when the topic of cryptocurrency pops up.

As time passes by, I'm slowly reading up more and more about them and it gets all the more interesting when people like Elon Musk tweeted about dogecoins and shooting to the moon etc. It helps that my dear husband is very into these matters and generously shared information with me when things get exciting (I think he's trying so very hard to influence me to join this hahaha)

It gets even way more interesting when I read about companies and people spending lots of money buying NFTs. Mind blowing to read VISA spending USD150K, I repeat, USD ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND on a Digital Avatar With Mohawk! That motivated my lazy a$$ enough to do something about this NFT thingy!

I just want to share that I have recently won an NFT crypto dog from a giveaway on Twitter! How cool is that?! My very own crypto dog! Go drool over its picture below! It's MINE!

Crypto Dogs

The giveaway was sponsored by the creator of Fluffy Crypto Dogs, FluffyDegen at Fluffy Creatives. You can find his doggies at his opensea site at

These are some of his crypto doggies... All the dogs listed are suitable for Humans of all ages, walks of life and Gender and rest assured of you owning a unique dog as they are all randomly birthed in a Genetic Pool batch of 3,998 pups. Each pup carries 6 properties on them which are: (Body, Collar, Mouth, Nose, Eyes and Head Gear) No two dogs will be the same!

Crypto Dogs

 His NFT doggies are currently being featured on Binance. So do drop by to check them out!

Who knows, you might end up adopting your very own crypto doggie!

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