I Love Lift-the-Flap Books!

~ Posted on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 12:53 PM ~

I love lift-the-flap books!

Whenever I see one of these books, ESPECIALLY those with Christian messages or for children, I would be almost 100% buying the books for Ben. It also depends on whether the illustrations are cute and realistic enough or not...

Yesterday while we were out shopping, I went to this big book store at a mall nearby my house. And then I saw this book:

Noah's Big Boat-A Lift-the-Flap Book

A Lift-the-flap book? - CHECKED!

A children's book? - CHECKED!

A Christian book? - CHECKED!

Cute and close to realistic illustrations book? - CHECKED!

Awesome! There are 2 other titles (Moses and life of Jesus) but I chose this first. I thought a book with animals will be easier to start off with Ben. At night before going to bed, Ben pointed at my bookshelf and nodded when I asked him whether he wants to read this book. So, I'm happy to say, this book is going to be a favorite for now... He already started saying 'eh-nye-nye' while pointing to the elephants in the book.. Cute! Hahahah..

Pictures below were taken just half an hour ago before Ben took his afternoon nap.

Noah's Big Boat-A Lift-the-Flap Book
Noah's Big Boat-A Lift-the-Flap Book

And this is Ben, holding on to one of the flaps and checking out another flap. Curious boy!

I have a few others lift-the-flap books like this which Ben loves too. You can also check out this video of Ben pointing out the things from the book. Way too cute!

So what about you?

What sort of books you use with your child? Or when you were a child?

Book Review - It's a Jungle in There (Steven Schussler)

~ Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 12:10 AM ~

I have the privilege of reviewing a newly released entrepreneur book by Steven Schussler called:"It's a Jungle in There"


Title: It's a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring
Author: Steven Schussler

Publisher:  Union Square Press (October 5, 2010)
ISBN: 978-1402762895
Hardcover: 256 pages
Dimension: 8.3 x 5.7 x 1.1 inches

Excerpts from the press material:
"Wild and crazy ideas. That’s the foundation of Steven Schussler’s impressive career in the restaurant and entertainment arenas. Four years and $400,000 after rebuilding his suburban Minnesota home as a jungle—with a life-sized replica of an elephant near the front door and mist, waterfalls, and 40 live tropical birds flying around inside—and inviting prospective investors to come, Schussler launched his dream business. He watched the Rainforest Cafe grow from an idea everyone thought was crazy into an enormous business success and international phenomenon, while getting a kick out of bringing happiness to millions of kids of all ages.

In his first book, Schussler shares the wild and crazy stories of his life in business. While making readers laugh at his antics—from donning a Superman costume, getting into a wooden barrel, and having two policeman buddies deliver him to an interview for a sales job, which he nailed, to showering a parade with confetti made of real money from the Federal Reserve—he reveals the keys to successful entrepreneurship that he’s discovered through his experiences."

Although, gorilla face on the cover page was not my cup of tea, I presume it is related to how the author initiated his business ventures. Fortunately, I'm not the type of person who judges a book by its cover, otherwise I would have missed out on this awesome book!

Schussler shares his strategies for success by pinpointing the "Five P's" of entrepreneurial success - Personality, Product, Persistence, People, and Philanthropy - which jumpstarts creative thinking, and helps business people turn their ideas in to reality.  Curious, I wanted to find out more about his 5 strategies.

Some of the points in the book that caught my fancy were: 'Don't be afraid to dream, and dream big,’ as successful entrepreneurs tend to have the positive thinking attitude that allows them to reach for their goals. Also, dreaming big gives a person a better chance at succeeding big.

Another chapter in the book that I enjoyed reading was chapter 8: Sweat the Small Stuff - something that an aspiring entrepreneur should take great importance and pride in. I am impressed with how Schussler took the extra mile to ensure his clients are satisfied with their deals and projects. As Schussler mentions early in this chapter, people often fail to realize just how important paying attention to detail is, causing them to lose out on bigger opportunities. Schussler exemplifies this principle with his personal experience in noticing and picking up a cigarette butt on the walkway right outside his office door while he was with a client for a company tour. Attention to details such as this impresses his client so much as it reflects on his personality and his company’s.

I also concur with the chapter that touches on making someone feel special, as it does go a long way and ensures the relationship with the clients remain strong. Schussler provides his readers with examples that show how friendships help forge stronger business ties.

This book is a good choice for individuals who are aspiring to be successful in their business or those who are already in the business world wondering whether there's anything else that can be done to build up their business.

Steven Schussler is the Chairman and CEO of Schussler Creative, Inc., a company that creates theatrical environments for restaurants, retail stores, and attractions worldwide. The award-winning founder of the Rainforest Cafe, one of the fastest growing and top-grossing restaurants in the world, he is also the creator and founder of T-REX™, Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant, Betty & Joe’s™, Hot Dog Hall of Fame™, Galaxy Drive In™ and Backfire BBQ™. A dedicated philanthropist, he is a founding member of Smile Network International and has participated in its surgical missions as a volunteer. Born and raised in Far Rockaway, New York, he has homes in Minnesota and Mexico, and frequently gives talks and workshops to aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs across the United States.

You can get this book from Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and even an autographed copy from the book website itself. You can also read about the author at: http://www.schusslercreative.com/schussler_author.html

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a copy of the book by the publisher (Union Square Press) via my association with BookPleasures in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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Book Review - Bedtime (Elizabeth Verdick)

~ Posted on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 1:45 PM ~

I have the privilege of reviewing my subsequent books under Free Spirit Publishing, one of the set of 8 Toddler Tools™ Board Books by Elizabeth Verdick (illustrated by Marieka Heinlen) called:



Title: Bedtime
Author: Elizabeth Verdick

Illustrated by:
Marieka Heinlen

Publisher:  Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-57542-315-9
Board book, full-color: 24 pages
Dimension: 7" x 7"

Description from the product page:
"Ease the transition time from evening activities to bedtime with this warm and cozy get-ready-for-bed book. Aided by Mom and Dad, a sister and brother enjoy a little snack, relaxing baths, time for brushing teeth, stories, lullabies, back rubs, and hugs. Cheerful, soft illustrations and reassuring text set a tone that helps toddlers feel good about the daily routine of settling down to sleep. (As the narrator explains, “I do my best growing when I’m sleeping.”) In the morning, the children will yawn, stretch, and be a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger, and a little bit smarter—all because of a good night’s sleep.

An award-winning author/illustrator team offers a fresh look at a transition time all toddlers face daily, giving young children the tools and social skills to handle bedtime with confidence and cooperation. Part of the Toddler Tools series, Bedtime can be shared before (or during) the desired “time,” or whenever toddlers need encouragement with daily routines and transitions."

I love the cute cover with the little boy peeking out of the blanket on his bed! Each of the pages are solid and has a glossy feel, plus the illustrations are just too awesome and creative! The size of the book is just nice, not too big, not too small.

If you look closely, the characters and objects illustrated are not only hand drawn, they are also actual textures used to replace the clothings, toys, even the wallpapers in the book are from the actual thing! It's very cute and has that added touch!

With this book, I'm trying to teach Ben about the transition time from evening activities to bedtime. Check out the pictures below of Ben going through the book...



In my opinion, the Toddler Tools series are a good choice for parents to use with their children because of the positive message they brings!

You can get this book from Free Spirit Publishing, Amazon and many more.

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a copy of the book by Free Spirit Publishing in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

And if you'd like to read my previous book reviews, you can do so by reading this post of mine called "My Book Reviews"