Wordless Wednesday (Ben with Sunglasses)

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 10:09 AM ~

Comparing Playgrounds...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:40 AM ~

Earlier today, Ben and I followed hubby to his client's house about 30 minutes away from ours (by car). I went there with Ben to check out the new playground near his client's house. Hubby who went there few days earlier told me that this playground is quite huge and the games there are much bigger than the one we usually go and that we should come along the next time he goes to see his client.

So without further adieu, below are the comparisons of the playground we always go for our evening family walks and the one we visited earlier today.

Features The one we always go The new one we went earlier today

The see-saw

Other games

What I think?

The big football field next to the playground,

Love the greens... Ample space... 

Hate the dog poos around the walkway...

More fancy games to play.

Some tunnels/platforms are too close,

might pose a risk of falling down.

I think I still prefer the park we always go to  hahahah

After all it's closer to our home (few minutes away) and is a very big park cum playground (has 2 badminton courts and a big field).

Common Myths about SAHM

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 12:09 AM ~

I was inspired to blog about the common myths (or perceptions) about SAHM after writing my post on "Footprints in the Sand" where I mentioned "one common perception by others is people think we became SAHM because we are rich and comfortable even with 1 less income to the family!"

So anyway, surfed around the Net and found more myths about us strange species of SAHM which stated that we are (myths in red, my feedback in blue)...

* Uneducated

My feedback: I may have only 1 year of Diploma in NCC (or what we called IT), but I have 9 years of working experience in IT line and as far as I know, before I quit my job to be a SAHM, I'm earning more than what some of the others (that I know) who got Degree or went to overseas for their studies. Yes, money or salary should not be the method to measure in this sense but if I'm not educated enough to learn what it takes in my IT line, then I wouldn't be getting that amount of salary before right?


* Throwing away their education

My feedback: Being a SAHM doesn't mean I'm throwing my education! In fact, I'm learning more things than ever! Cooking and making food for Ben, accounting for hubby's own business, etc etc...


* Not really working as they are not in a real paid job

My feedback: Oh? Says who? Does it mean that if you are in a REAL paid job, it means you are working? Does it mean that if you go to your office, sit there from 9 or 10 am until 5 or 6pm and gets your salary means you are really putting your ALL (as in heart and soul) into the job? For those of you who are having this perception, I'd like to invite you to do my work for a day. I'll PAY you and please let me know by the time you finish doing my SAHM not real-paid job if you're still sticking by this perception.


* Lucky to be wealthy to stay home

My feedback: Hey, I'm happy to even have a home to live in! Though I wish I was wealthy to begin with... than I don't have to wait until I get a baby to quit my job to be a SAHM! Being a SAHM means I have to give up my high paying job and stay home with my kid all the time! I hear this a lot from people around me. That we are wealthy and comfortable with 1 less income to the family. As if it doesn't hurt us at all for me to just quit my job anytime. I meantioned in my previous post that God is good, and He provides. Like what my previous pastor used to say, "God's will, God's bill!"


* Have the luxury of all this free time

My feedback: I wish... though friends and relatives might find me 'online' the whole day on Facebook and/or MSN, I'm mostly in and out and definitely not sitting in front of my computer the whole time. Whatever time I get to myself (always when Ben naps during daytime or when he goes to sleep at 10.30pm earliest) that's mostly the free time I get to myself. I don't even get to eat on time.. I might be having my breakfast at lunch time or having lunch at tea time... heck, it's good if I even get time to have any food!


* Not using their brains

My feedback: Unless you count having to think of what food to make, what activities to do with your toddler, etc etc as not using your brain, oh well, I'm not using my brain then... plus, I always blame my lack of intelligence is being caused by Ben suckling away all my brain cells through my breastmilk!


* Unproductive

My feedback: Uh? How much work do I have to do to be considered productive?


* Not using their gifts or talents

My feedback: I'd like to think my gifts or talents would be in my writing style but I'm not running for Ms. Malaysia or Mummy of the Year award, so what gifts or talents should I be displaying?

I love music, I listen to it almost whole day long and I'm glad Ben picks this up from me too (except for the super annoying repetitive Beatle's "I want to hold your hand" song), I'd love to see Ben picking up my passions in reading too one of this days!


* Not able to handle the many pressures that working mom’s encounter

My feedback: Oh believe me... I'd rather handle the multitasking part in my previous REAL PAID job than the ones as SAHM! I've been the acting IT head, database adminstrator, application adminstrator, web content developer, analyst programmer, project co-ordinator, application support, and many more (sometimes all at the same time) and all this cannot even be compare to what I'm facing in my daily life as a SAHM. My previous performance appraisals stated that I am very capable of multitasking and is a good person to depend on in critical situations.

But anyone who think we SAHM are not able to handle many pressures that working mom's encounter, please think again. Best still, try to get sick one day, and tell me whether you can rest at home or not. Some working moms I know who fell sick even wanted to leave their babies with their nanny or babysitter as they cannot handle taking care of the child while they are sick.


So please, don't think just because we are at home all the time, it means we are free / rich / got it easy / stupid / etc etc.

You have no idea what we are going through everyday.

Btw, if you are considering to be a SAHM, you can read my previous post in my old blog "Can You Afford to Stay Home?" on things to consider through and evaluate before deciding to be a SAHM.

Now, what other myths have you heard about SAHM?

Or what do you think of SAHM?