The Moment I Quit...

~ Posted on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 8:48 AM ~

Alyson is 2 months and 2 days old today...

And 2 years ago, exactly 2 days after my 2 months maternity leave, I quit my IT job.

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I still remember how worried and stressed out I was during my maternity leave in deciding whether to continue on with my job or to quit and stay home to take care of Ben. You can read this post on one of the reasons why I quit my IT job (it's in my old blog) for more details.

On the 2nd day after I returned back to work, the decision was clear. QUIT. I served my 1 month notice and paid up the other 2 months (no loss as I get paid during my 2 months maternity leave) and began my SAHM journey from then on.

I am glad I'm a SAHM now that Alyson comes along, at least I don't have to go through the headache and heartache of worrying who and how is she going to be taken care while I work etc etc.

Btw, today Ben turns 32 months old, which marked my 32 months of breastfeeding him, the first 6 exclusively, then breastfed him through my pregnancy and now, tandem nursing him (mostly down to once a day prior to bedtime) with Alyson... Happy 32 months old to my dear Benjamin!

And I'm also being featured in Mumsgather blog today! Go and check out my guest post!

Being Inspired to Inspire...

~ Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 8:33 AM ~

Sorry but I'm not trying to make you say a tongue twister or anything. Just writing this post to remind myself in case I feel down or depressed in the future.

You see, I was chatting with my fellow SAHM friend (it's you Miki! :P) during our recent MSN chat and I told Miki that I was recently emailing a blog follower of mine (am not sure whether she wants to be known so I'm just gonna nicknamed her as 'E')

So anyway, E was asking me how I managed to get the contacts for the product reviews I do on my blog and one email lead to another and next thing I know, E was telling me that she got inspired after reading my blog and she was determined to fully breastfeed her 2nd child.

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Oh my... never did I realised that I can be a source of inspiration to others!




So anyway, I was telling Miki that in the midst of me suffering through my initial tandem nursing aversion, never would I thought that there are other people out there reading and following my blog and looking up to me and wanting to follow my footsteps.

So this post is to remind myself not to give up easily as there are others who are looking up to me.

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To E, thank you for telling me that I've inspired you, I wish you all the best and pray that you will achieve your goals.

I feel so inspired (really!) and proud of myself (after the initial shock died down..) and I promise myself, I will soldier on and not give up easily should I fall back and feel down in the future. 

Money Matter$

~ Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 1:48 PM ~

As a SAHM for 2 years now, I would like to share how finances affect our parenting. Before I begin, I would like to clarify that we're not that dirt poor until we can't afford to buy anything, but as a parent now, we think the following items listed have indeed helped us save lots of money, enabling us to spend it on items which we really need and are of better use.

1. We gladly accept hand-me-down items!

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Since we became a parent, we really love getting hand-me-downs from our relatives, friends and even ex-colleagues. You have no idea how much we save from not needing to buy bath tubs, toys, books, clothings, shoes, sandals, playpen, even a baby crib (which we used less than 1 week for Ben before we decided to co-sleep). All the money saved from not needing to buy things like this are better use to buy better quality food and necessities for the family.

* Our Point: You don't need to buy branded or new things when you can still make use (reuse) of old things. Recycle, recyle, recycle! And just because you are using hand-me-down stuff doesn't mean you are poor, just that you'd rather save the money for something better and appreciate that the old stuff can still be reused!

2. We are into DIY-ing some of Ben's stuff!

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My regular blog readers would have read my post about my hubby's 1st DIY playmat and 2nd DIY playmat for Ben. Initially I was thinking of learning to make it using felt but that would take time (to learn a new craft) and money (to buy the supplies). In the end, hubby decided to use cardboards instead and we saved money from these DIY projects! My MIL also made and sewed some of Ben's pillows and bolsters herself.

* Our Point: We don't always have to buy new toys for our kids. We can make it ourselves and cultivate a sense of independence and creativity in our children to imagine and create things themselves! Also, by DIY-ing the toys, we are also recycling products like cardboards etc.

3. We are into preparing and making our own baby foods

Ben having pureed carrots...

When Ben was ready for solids at 6 months old, we bought a small tin of Nestle rice cereal  to mix with my breastmilk for him to try out. After that, we decided to prepare Ben's food ourselves. Meaning, we buy the ingredients from the grocery store and prepare it in batches and freeze it. It saves us money and we are more at ease knowing what went into the food Ben ate.

* Our Point: Just because it is soooooo convenient (I know this cos we bought that 1 small tin of Nestle rice cereal to try out. Guilty I agree!) to get baby food outside doesn't mean we should just buy it to save time and work. If you can, make and prepare the food yourself and it will save you more money and you will have peace of mind knowing what goes into the food that you are feeding to your child!

4. We are into breastfeeding

Seriously, breastfeeding really helped us save LOTS of money. We don't have to think of what formula powder, what bottles, what steriliser, what utensils etc etc to get. Of course, I am so thankful I am able to breastfeed Ben (he's 31 months old now btw) for so long and even now, by tandem nursing him and baby Alyson!

Me tandem nursing Ben and Alyson on the 1st night I was back from hospital...

* Our Point: If you can, do try to breastfeed your child, no matter how long you can do so, just give it a try! I get really frustrated hearing new mums (or mums to be) giving up or not even giving breastfeeding a try! Such a waste!!!

** Read: Ecclesiastes 7:12 (NIV), Hebrews 13:5 (NIV), Psalm 4:5 (NIV)