Product Review - Skechers Women's EZ Flex Shoes

~ Posted on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 7:08 AM ~

Towards the end of May this year, I blogged about our upcoming product reviews for Skechers again and yes, it has been such an awesome opportunity to be able to work with Skechers again! I have previously shared our review on Ben's awesome kid's shoes, the " Skechers Boys' Hot Lights: Damager - Police II Shoes", Alyson's "Skechers Girls' Lite Dreamz - Dreamweaver Shoes" and my hubby's "Skechers Relaxed Fit: Superior - Pace Shoes", so this round (which will also be my final review post for Skechers shoes) will be on my "Skechers Women's EZ Flex Shoes":

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Description from the product page:
"Sporty good looks and lightweight flexible comfort harmonize in the SKECHERS EZ Flex - Melody Maker shoe. Smooth synthetic and mesh fabric upper in a bungee laced slip on sporty casual sneaker with stitching and overlay accents."

I'm a full-time mummy

I fell in love the moment I saw this pair of beauties! I just love love love the color combination! Black and bright pink, mysterious and yet daring to be bold. Nice! All I gotta do at the shop is to get the right size for my feet and I purposely get a larger size in anticipation of my feet swelling up due to my third pregnancy now.

I love shoes with:

- Soft elastic material

- Love the colors and cute design

- Strong grip on the shoes' base

Most important is I do not need to tie any shoe laces or stick any Velcro straps hahaha.. I love being able to slip in my foot into the shoe and off I go! Now let's see how this awesome shoes look like.

Here are some pictures of me wearing the shoes! Apologies for most of my pictures showing my legs only ahaha because nobody takes my pictures!

I'm very happy with this shoes and am very satisfied I get to continue wearing Skechers shoes, in fact, the previous one that I reviewed can still be worn over and over on daily basis so yes, very confident and happy with the quality of the shoes! Awesome!

I'm a full-time mummy

You can check out the designs at

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the product by Skechers in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

Potty Training Updates on Both Kiddos...

~ Posted on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 7:20 AM ~

It's been over half a year since I last blogged about my 2 kiddos' potty training progress!

Just a brief history for all of you who are new to my blog, I blogged about starting Ben back on his potty training in February 2012 after months of delaying it (Alyson came along in September 2011 and I had to pause Ben's potty training since then) and even listed down some short, medium and long terms goals that I looked forward to accomplishing with Ben. Then I also blogged about the precious sight I get to see - Ben finally pooping in his potty! (instead of diapers which he always insisted on), and revisiting those goals I set in February 2012 against the progress in early May 2012 and checking off the ones we achieved 3 weeks later, and now...

Just to report, our 4 years old boy now is officially pooping on his own in the toilet seat without needing our help at all. He just climbs up a chair, switched on the bathroom light (at night), get his step stool and positions himself nicely on the toilet seat and does his business. I do still need to help wash his bum after he finishes his business though. Hubby does not feel confident with our boy washing his own bum yet though I did teach Benjamin to do that sometime ago.

As for bedtime, if I sleep late or I woke up halfway or I woke up early, I will get my boy (still asleep) to pee in his potty - but provided I remembered him drinking more liquid prior to his bedtime. So far, no bedwetting incidents even though we missed waking up in the middle of the night to get him to pee.

As for our almost 2 years old girl, she can sit on the toilet seat to poop and she also indicates to us correctly a couple of times when she feels like want to poop! There are a few cases where it is wrong timing, I rushed to prop her up in the toilet seat, and nothing comes out, put back diaper for her and voila.. poop came... but at least, those few missed cases, she did tell us she wants to poop! As for starting her on potty training, oh well, I think it is not the right time especially when I'm pregnant with our 3rd child now.

I remembered rushing to start our boy with his potty training while I was 8 months pregnant with Alyson and oh boy, not very fun though I did managed to get Benjamin comfortable with being near his potty. I think Alyson will have no problem picking up potty training especially with her able to see her brother going to toilet with ease and all.

So there you go, looks like we are getting almost all of the goals soon for Benjamin and Alyson is progressing well (at her own pace too)! Thank God for this and for our dear boy to be so good in passing his potty training! Mummy and daddy are so proud of you both, Benjamin & Alyson!

Product Review - Modbox

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 5:10 PM ~

About half a year ago, I reviewed for Modbox and recently, they approached me to be a part of their Modbox Bloggers Community where I will receive a special Bloggers Kit once every two months with all the beauty samples to review. In addition, I will also get exclusive invites to events and workshops by their brand partners, as well as giveaways for my readers from time to time! So why not?! I get to review and try out beauty samples and at the same time, you guys get to participate in special giveaways as well! Awesome right?!

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Description from the product page:
"Modbox is a beauty box discovery service in Malaysia. We partner with beauty brands so you can sample products before you buy. Modbox gives you the power to choose the samples that you want in your Beauty Box. Because a lady knows herself best!"

I'm a full-time mummy

I have previously mentioned in my blog posts that I am not a fan of beauty products as I always have the perception that there are simply just too many products and brands out there and how the heck am I supposed to figure out which one works best for me? And being a frugal person, I never really buy beauty products especially now that I am a SAHM and there are not much opportunities for me to go out anyway. I don't even wear makeup when I was working last time, let alone now! But of course, deep down inside, I do want to look good and on the occasions that I am out in public, I do want to look presentable and pleasant to look at.

So to be given the opportunity again to work with Modbox, I was of course delighted to be able to try out beauty sample products delivered right up to my door and I don't have to risk wasting my money buying the actual size products and end up not liking it. So anyway, I received my first blogger kit beauty box delivered right to my doorstep few days ago and this is how they looked like the moment I opened up my parcel:


 Here is a short summary of the products:

1) Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy (RM35 for 25g).


=> My feedback: I put on some on my hand and the first thing that I realised is the fruit flowery scent of lavender. Nice! My skin also felt smoother and softer after applying the cream. Will need to apply in longer run to fully test the results of this product. Btw I also received a Tarocco Orange Body Lotion sample pack and a Somerset Meadow eau de toilette perfume vial. I used to collect perfume vial!



2) Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder (RM48 for 8g).



=> My feedback: I asked for ivory color (code 00) as it is the closest match to my fair skin and I love it! Its powdery texture when applied smoothly onto my face is able to cover up my blemishes and smoothen my facial skin as well giving me an overall fain skin outlook. And the awesome thing is you don't need to put up so much powder as a little bit of it does wonders already!


3) Unico Advanced UV Defense SPF50/PA+++ (RM198 for 30ml).



=> My feedback: This sample came in a very distinct blood red bottle. The cream is vanilla beige in color and I dabbed some onto my left cheek. It does not feel sticky at all and has a nice and very refreshing smell but I will need to try this out a few more days to fully test the results of this product. I am happy to be able to try this out as being in Malaysia, we get hot hot hot weather all year round, so to have this product is really handy!


4) Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator (RM165 for 1.8ml).

=> My feedback: I dabbed some right below my eye (on my dark circles and eye bags to be precise) and immediately felt a minor tinge feeling where the cream was applied on. After a few seconds, I can actually feel some tightening motion below my eyes as the cream dried up, kinda like the cream is stretching my skin, pulling them away and I can noticed my dark circles and eye bags are not so visible and obvious. Will try few more times to fully test the product.

Do give Modbox a try as there are potential with unknown brands and for the price comparison with other beauty subscriptions (which could be double or more of what Modbox is offering)! As for me, I will definitely look forward to trying out more beauty products and being part of Modbox Bloggers Community!

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You can find out more at

I'm a full-time mummy

Now, those who followed my blog and Facebook page regularly will know that I am already cutting down on a lot of product reviews and giveaways to focus on my 2 kiddos and also caring for myself and our 3rd baby who is due in this October. But Modbox has generously offered 3 more beauty boxes for me to host as a giveaway to 3lucky winners with Malaysia mailing address!

Each winner will get to win online coupon to redeem a beauty box where they can pick one item from three categories each respectively. The coupon also provides free shipping of their prize. Remember, as long as you have a valid mailing address in Malaysia, you can enter this giveaway already! So woohooo to you guys!

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To enter the giveaway, kindly read and follow the instructions as stated in the Rafflecopter form below.

  • You can enter either via login through your Facebook account OR just key in your name and your valid email address. 
  • Please also leave your valid email address so that I can contact you if you win this giveaway.

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I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.