Factors for Choosing Putrajaya Hospital

~ Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 7:27 AM ~

I have received numerous questions with regards to Putrajaya Hospital since I gave birth to Benjamin over 3 years ago, I decided it's high time I write a post about it so I can just direct the people who asked me those questions to this post. Brilliant eh? (Too bad, 3 years late hahahah..)

My post here is to tell you what I experienced personally so that you sort of have a 'virtual' tour of being a patient there hehehe... I'll break down my explanation in categories for your easier reference:


1) Full Paying Patient (FPP) Scheme

Now firstly, you can read all the nitty gritty details about their Full Paying Patient (FPP) scheme from the hospital's website. They are one of the few hospitals around that has the FPP scheme (the other one is Selayang Hospital). Meaning, you still have to pay for your consultations (of course!) but the rates are wayyyy lower than what you normally pay at private hospitals.

With my 1st child (Benjamin) and wanting the best advice and care, I paid about RM100-RM200 for each consultation at a private gynae (with his own clinic but he was attached with a private hospital) Then we switched to Putrajaya Hospital when I was about 8 months pregnant and I paid about RM60 for each consultation. The charges will be slightly more when I have to take blood tests and extra stuff.

With my 2nd child (Alyson), we did not go to the private gynae clinic but instead went to the private hospital (Sime Darby) and paid about RM130-RM180 for each consultation and we switched to Putrajaya Hospital when I was about 4 months pregnant. The charges of RM60 for each consultation remains the same even after 2 years.

In summary, you pay cheaper compared to private hospital but you don't have to queue up for ages compared to public hospital. Yes, there are times when I can jump queue during my check-ups.

2) They are natural childbirth friendly and totally for breastfeeding methods

One of the signage in the hospital for NO formula, NO bottles, NO pacifier!

You can see posters about breastfeeding benefits, how to guides, brochures and all. There's even signs banning formulas, pacifiers and bottles plastered all over the hospital. Love love love it!

3) Facilities & Environment

Pictures shown below were taken by my hubby 3 years ago when I was admitted to the hospital, waiting for my contractions to reach 10cm. FYI, I requested for the VIP Executive suite, meaning I want the whole room to myself. I seriously don't want to hear moanings and crying and whining of mums-to-be in labor feeling their contractions coming and going and I really wanted the room to myself for the peace and calm and all, so yeah, I got myself this room and it came with own TV, a fridge, a bathroom (with water heater), 2 sofas for guests.

If not mistaken, there are about 20+ Executive rooms on this floor so there's more privacy and quieter compared to the other packages offered for FPP patients (such as 4 bedded room and so on)

4) Treatment & Services by Staff and Doctors

During the consultation time, you will go for the standard weigh, blood pressure and urine test. Then your specialist gynae will attend to you. I find that both my gynaes (for Ben and Alyson) are very friendly, explain things in detail, patience and never rush our check-ups and they are very professional as well.

As for post delivery services, pictures shown below are taken by myself a day after I gave birth to Alyson in September 2011. You will be given the menu plan the day before so that you can choose what to eat the next day. I whacked the first meal brought to me (really really hungry!) and the pharmacist came up to my room to deliver my medicines supply and 2 nurses came in to give Alyson her required jab as well.

Basically, I feel their service is good, they responded as soon as I buzzed them hehehe... in fact, what I love about their nurses is they came in to check whether your breastfeeding techniques are correct or not. With Ben, I remembered one nurse standing next to me, watching quietly, guiding as well and only left the room when I managed to latch him on correctly.

Also, during Ben's birth 3 years ago, my hubby actually tagged along with one of the nurses when they took Ben for his morning bath. I found hubby standing next to the nurse, teaching him how to bath Ben step by step, how to swaddle him as well. Nice!

I would also like to add the incident where I was scolded by the nurses on duty while I was frantically searching for my lost hubby and newborn baby (before I found them in the bathing room). Just want to highlight the nurses meant well as I was walking REALLY fast (it's actually my normal walking speed) and they are really worried I might tear down there (I had an episiotomy with my 1st delivery) So good for them to be so strict hahahah...


1) The specialist doctors are only available on weekdays 8am to 5pm (no problem for me since I'm a SAHM now but with my 1st child, I had to take MC or leave to go for the check-ups)

2) There are some specialists there who are open to C-sect but generally, this hospital is a very pro natural birth and very pro breastfeeding hospital.

3) There are 4 specialists gynaes when I had Alyson last year. Two female gynaes, two male gynaes. If you signed up under FPP, you can choose one of them as your gynae (you will be under his/her care until you delivered) But please take note that if the gynae is not available when you deliver, the hospital will get the next specialist available. With my 2nd child, I delivered during the Hari Raya time and all the specialists are away (my gynae was due to return to work the day after I delivered Alyson) so I was attended by a normal gynae (not the 4 specialists). But nevertheless, the gynae who delivered my baby is very good!

4) You might have to move around the consultation rooms as they are sharing the scanning machines and some doctors are sharing the consultation rooms as well.

There you go... I hope I covered all the things that needed to be covered about Putrajaya Hospital.

Feel free to ask more questions if you have any!


** Updates 20th March 2013: Please feel free to check out my latest post on check-up routines for FPP patients at Putrajaya Hospital now.

Potty Training Updates...

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I blogged about starting Ben back on his potty training in February after months of delaying it (Alyson came along in September and I had to pause Ben's potty training since then) and even listed down some short, medium and long terms goals that I looked forward to accomplishing with Ben.

Then I also blogged about the precious sight I get to see - Ben finally pooping in his potty! (instead of diapers which he always insisted on)

And then I revisited those goals I set in February against the progress in early May this year and checking off the ones we achieved so far (progress in about 3 weeks):

18th May 2012-Ben standing on a small stool to pee into the toilet seat.
Sigh... I need to change the toilet seat cover as the hinge is broken and can't be put up!

Goals Set in Feb, Previous and Current Updates:

Goals Set in Feb 2012 Updates in 2nd May 2012 Updates in 24th May 2012
Short Term: To move on to peeing into the toilet seat


 I managed to get Ben to pee into the toilet seat numerous times! Yay!


Ben is able to pee into the toilet seat nowadays!

Short Term: To continue training him to poop in the potty until he feels safe to sit on the toilet seat Continuing this task...


Ben is able to poo into his potty nowadays without needing me to be around!

Short Term: To train him to poop in the potty by himself without me sitting behind & cuddling him for assurance


Ben nowadays will get hold of his potty and proceeded to sit on it and does his business while I carry on with my daily tasks. Yay!

Medium Term: To train him to hold his pee for a longer period


Ben is able to hold his pee until he gets to a potty or toilet seat. Yay!

Medium Term: To go diaper-free during his afternoon naptime after the above goal is met To try this task soon...


Ben rarely takes his afternoon naps nowadays but there are few times he naps (during our recent trip) without diaper on.

Long Term: To poop in the toilet seat To do this once he is used to being around the toilet seat.

Achievable! To continue this...

I do however need to sit on the toilet seat with him as the children toilet seat cover I bought him last year does not fit well on our toilet seat. Plus it gives him assurance mummy's around. He has yet to poop into the toilet seat though...

Long Term: To go out in public without diaper and potty Achieved! Out in public for 3 times without diapers! And I don't have to lug a potty along! Yay! Completed!
Long Term: To go diaper-free during his bedtime To do this once he is diaper-free during nap time. To try this task soon...

So there you go, looks like we are getting almost all of the goals soon!

Thank God for this and for my dear boy to be so good in following through his potty training!

We are all so proud of you, Benjamin!

Preparing Baby Solids - Carrots, Corn & Green Peas Puree

~ Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 9:03 AM ~

One of my Facebook follower asked me to blog about how I prepare the solids for my girl when I posted pictures of my kids' meals on my Facebook page. So here it goes the tutorial for Carrots Corn & Green Peas Puree:

** Personal Note: Take the amount of Carrots, Corn & Green Peas you wanted and steam them for about 10-15 minutes or until the veggies are soft (I gauged using the carrots). After that, blend to the consistency you wanted and serve or store in freezer.

When I prepared this for Ben 2 years ago, I actually peeled off the skins of the green peas after steaming! Am not sure whether it's good to do that or not but I'm not doing this anymore with Alyson now... too lazy and tiring to do this I guess!

Hope the above tutorial helps! Feel free to ask questions or share your feedback/experiences!

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