Sharing - Why Dad's Bedtime Stories Are Better For Children

~ Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 12:02 AM ~

I came across this article which I must definitely share with you guys as I'm very interested to know your thoughts on this. For your convenience, I have copied the excerpts from the article here:

"Fathers should make a special effort to tuck their children in at night, according to research which shows that bedtime stories are better for youngsters when they are read by men.

A study at Harvard University in the US into the effect on infants’ language after a year of hearing stories read by their parents found that girls seemed to benefit particularly from being read to by a male. Elisabeth Duursma, who carried out the research, said: ‘The impact is huge, particularly if dads start reading to kids under the age of two.

'Reading is seen as a female activity and kids seem to be more tuned in when their dad reads to them – it’s special.’ Men and women also approach the task differently, she found. Mothers tended to ask ‘teacher-like’, factual questions, such as ‘How many apples do you see?’ Fathers favoured more abstract questions, which sparked imaginative discussions. ‘That is great for children’s language development because they have to use their brains more. It’s more cognitively challenging.’

Parenting expert Justin Coulson added: ‘When we read to our children we expand their vocabulary. We help them to feel safe and this can have a profound impact on their capacity for learning. 'Research has consistently shown that parents reading to children improves the quality of relationships, academic outcomes and resilience.’"

Bedtime Story

Firstly, I think we should safely agree that reading to our kiddos is important and beneficial to them. Now, back to this article, from my personal experience of reading news articles instead of bedtime stories to our kiddos (I know, weird but it works and our kiddos love it!), I do combined both approaches as mentioned in the article. Meaning, I asked ‘teacher-like’, factual questions and also abstract questions as well, depending on the articles we read.

For example, just earlier before bedtime tonight, I was reading some articles on the supermoon (blood moon or whatever names they have for it), I was reading slowly and at the same time explaining why this happened, what is eclipse, and then reminding our oldest kiddo on some earlier conversations we had about eclipses to jog his memory a bit and why in an article it shows tons of birds flew past the bright moon.

I guess as parents, be it a mother or a father, we do what we think is appropriate for our kiddos using the best approaches that can get them to listen attentively and yet keep their interests level high. I mean, it might not make sense asking your young toddler how many objects in the book if they have yet learn to count etc.

So I think age appropriate and as parents, you should know your child the best, should not be influenced by articles that says dads are better or moms are better LOL. But then, I do feel that a mother's soothing voice might be a better choice for bedtime story, but that's just my personal thoughts haha..

What do you think?

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I have been cutting down on doing product reviews ever since our 3rd kiddo came along in end of Sept 2013. I do still accept review pitches but only when time permits and if it is something that I can see it being useful and beneficial to our family. Also, as busy as I am with 3 kiddos, home cooking, taking care of hubby's administration site of the business and swamped up with managing my FB page and blog, I just can't say no to reviewing good books! Reading is my passion and coupled with books that are of parenting, children, family or religion or educational genre, all the more I gotta say yes!

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #1: Why Am I Blue?

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

Title: The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #2: What Happened to Planet Q?
Author: Melanie Lee    Illustrated by David Liew
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd (01-OCT-2014)
ISBN: 9789674152550
Paperback: 36 pages

Description from the product page:

"Squirky and his sister Emma discover that the capsule that he came to Earth in can also transform into a spaceship. They embark on an exciting space adventure with their first stop: the South Star! At the South Star, they meet Queen Stella, a beautiful and kind lady who seems rather sad and secretive. What is she hiding? Will she be able to help them find Squirky's birth parents?"

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien is actually a series of six (6) storybooks altogether. Currently, three (3) books are already released and available for purchase now at bookstores while the fourth (4th) book is in progress. If you wish to know more about the series, you can find out more at the FB page started by the author, Melanie Lee. The author, Melanie Lee, a writer based in Singapore, is also an adoptive parent herself. She adopted her son, Christian, who is now a healthy and happy 2-year-old boy living with her and her husband, Darren. Inspired by her son, Melanie then began working together with her friend, David Liew, who is the illustrator of these books, to produce the series."

I'm a full-time mummyI have blogged about our review of the 1st book, "The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #2: What Happened to Planet Q?" and for today's post, we continue on the journey with Squirky. I quickly refreshed through the storyline from book #1 and continued on with this book.

When we reached this page, I had to explain to our oldest child (he is 6.5 years old) as I had previously been telling him about gravity, oxygen and humans not being able to breathe in space due to lack of oxygen. Unlike the usual astronauts which he sees on other books, news etc that wear the special space suit with breathing apparatus, I told our boy that for Squirky and Emma, they do not need special devide to help them breathe, maybe because the environment in the planet is similar to planet Earth. That seems to satisfy his weird looks hahaha...

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

The illustrations in the second book are still gorgeous as ever. Love the stained glass feel of the illustrations.

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

As feedback in book #1, there are some letters in the second book that we feel is a bit difficult to read, for example, the letter 'i' and 't' as it sort of looks similar. Again, it is fairly easy to read through and understand the storyline. Do stay tune for the 3rd book as we find out what happened to planet Q.

I'm a full-time mummy

The book is available at all major bookstores in Malaysia. You could also buy it online from mphonline bookstore.

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a copy of the book in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine. And if you'd like to read my previous book reviews, you can do so by reading this post of mine called "My Book Reviews"


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Reading News for Bedtime Stories

~ Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015 at 6:50 AM ~

I know, I know... it is weird. I mean, how often do you hear parents saying they read news articles instead of storybooks for their kiddos' bedtime stories right? So let me be the weird one to tell you that. Yes, I read news articles to our kiddos before their bedtime.

I can't even remember how we get to this point. I think probably one of those nights when the kiddos refused to sleep (btw, we all co-sleep on 2 huge mattresses) and I was so tired that I just turned on my iPhone and started browsing through my usual newsfeed channels searching for interesting stuff to read. And then our oldest kiddo asked me what was I reading and I explained and told him about the news I was reading. One thing lead to another, I started reading news article for their bedtime stories. I like that I don't need to turn on the room's light and hold up a book to read to all 3 kiddos LOL

So much that every night the standard statement from our 6 year old boy was 'Mummy, after this we brush teeth then get ready for sleep but before that you read news okay?' Okayyyyy...

Of course, I filter the heavy more serious type of news (politics for example), so those that I normally share with our kiddos are news like below:

I also shared the same articles on my FB page as well from time to time. I believe that knowledge is key and never harm anyone if we read up more and know more. And since I am reading out loud to our kiddos, I hope they can learn to listen the proper pronounciation apart from learning about things around them.

I was happy when I came across this article on what reading aloud to your children does to their brain. Excerpt from article below:

"When parents read to their children the difference shows in children's behavior and academic performance. And according to a new study, the difference also shows in their brain activity.

Researchers looked at children ages 3 to 5 who underwent brain scans called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while listening to a pre-recorded story. The parents answered questions about how much they read to, and communicated with, their children.

The researchers saw that, when the young children were being told a story, a number of regions in the left part of the brain became active. These are the areas involved in understanding the meaning of words and concepts and also in memory. These same brain regions have been found to be active when older children listen to stories or read. 

The brain develops rapidly from zero to six years of age, and the more exposure, the more you enrich and nurture these brain networks that are related to social and academic ability, the more the kid will gain the future."

There are benefits of parents reading to their children beyond the child's performance, too. "It's one of the most pleasurable activities that you do with your child -- there's physical closeness but it's probably the most unhurried time that children have with their parent and it is focused on them."


** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day. If you wish to ask me any questions, you can find me at my Facebook page (I'm there almost everyday) or just drop me an email if you wish to maintain some anonymity.