Turning Over a New LEAF...

~ Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 5:17 PM ~

Yes people, this awesome mummy blogger that you have been following for a while has just achieved another blogging milestone!

From an ordinary IT girl who quit her job to be a stay-at-home mum who then finds her passion in blogging (also to keep herself sane!) and then dabbling into book and product reviews... and now,

Ladies and gentlemen...

We are turning over a new LEAF...

For 6 weeks, we have been appointed by Nissan to be one of their ambassadors to test drive their electric vehicle, Nissan LEAF! To be precise, my husband and I have been appointed as the couple ambassadors for Nissan's 2nd batch of Nissan LEAF test drive program.

I for one, am glad that my husband is included as well as I believe his knowledge and background in car mechanics and all things related to cars (his family operates a car workshop long ago, his eldest brother is in regional sales for car auto parts and his second brother is the chief-on hand in a workshop in PJ area) will help to give tremendous input towards our feedback when reviewing this car.

As for me, I'm going to give my feedback from a mummy's point of view. Whether this car is good for a mummy to drive around with her kiddos, whether it is safe, practical and easy to use, and of course, blogging about our experience and journey in this 6 weeks!

Just in case you are wondering what's the big hoo-hah all about, please sit still while I explain to you what is so freaking awesome with this car (only 4 of this car in Malaysia for public to test drive and review!!!!) and why you should be jealous of me! Muahahahah! *evil chuckle*

Firstly, Nissan LEAF is the world’s first mass produced, all-electric and zero-emission Nissan Vehicle in Malaysia. To put it in easy to understand term, it simply means you don't ever, ever, ever, ever, need to pump petrol for this car. Because this car runs on electric. 100%. Just plug and charge. All at the comfort of your own home sweet home!

I don't know about you, but I get giddy legs whenever I see my car's petrol mark dipping towards E because I really dread going to petrol station to pump petrol. With 2 koala kids to lug around and not to mention seeing enough horror CCTV's clips on crimes occuring even at petrol station, it's really putting me off going to petrol station to pump petrol. So I tried my best to erm... delegate this task to my dear hubby heheheh *more evil chuckle*

So yeah, people! No more petrol pumping! Woohoo!! For 6 weeks anyway but that's good enough for us!

And of course, there are a whole lot more awesome features in this car (else I wouldn't apply to be the ambassador OK?!) and I'll share some of the major ones with you guys for now such as:

~ The ability to time the car to start cooling off at a specific time before you need to use the car meaning if you plan to go out at 10am, you can time the car air-conditioning unit to start at say 9.30am so that the car will be nice and cool when you hop in with your koala kids.... nice....

~ The awesome LCD screen that you can see at the front, my mouth went a big 'O' when I saw what's behind the car as we reversed out of our parking during our tutorial with the car. I love this feature because as a parent, I read a lot of cases where parents and family members accidentally reversing their car and knocking over their children. With this feature, it easily helps avoid such cases!

~ The airbag features for the front passenger seat is awesome! Will share more with you guys later on this!

So anyway, like I mentioned earlier, we get to see the car during the tutorial (we had to be briefed on how to drive and operate the car and also how to charge it as well).

Pictures shown below are taken during the tutorial:

Top Left: The electricians came over to check our house and prepare to install the EV charger station.

Bottom Left: The Nissan LEAF as it pulled into our driveway! Gorgeous right?!

Right side: The Nissan LEAF parked in our porch... ahhhhh...

Top Left: Meter showing 361.8kWh

Bottom Left: That's me posing next to the meter...

Right side: That's the EV charging station, pretty plain station to recharge the Nissan LEAF.

So, do stay tuned for more updates and pictures from us as we journey along with Nissan LEAF for this 6 weeks!