Distractions While Roasting & Baking

~ Posted on Monday, September 6, 2010 at 1:39 PM ~

Let me tell you it's not easy to make the Roasted Chicken Wings and bake the Chocolate Chip muffins while your mischievous little boy is running around distracting you.

You see, I was on my own cos MIL went out for the day and hubby was at work.

And I really wanted to get down to starting my baking adventures... so had to bear the interruptions every now and then...

Just check out the pictures of my dearest Benjamin which I managed to snap below:

Ben checking out why mummy keeps looking into the square machine (aka oven)

Ben looking up at me (thinking food is ready?) while I was just about to put back my camera on the kitchen table.

I let him play with one of my Astronaut Gloves, but he's still very curious with the oven...

He spent some time playing at the safety gate,

which is good for me cos he doesn't come into the kitchen area when I took out the roasted chickens to flip on the other side.

Btw, I didn't close the gate cos he'll definitely be fussing if I do so.

And anyway, he pretty much behaves himself and stay clear from me when I was handling the hot food.

Occassionally, he entertained himself with a basket of toys at the dining area...


Warming up his fingers to devour the roasted chickens and chocolate muffins?

You bet! Wink

Happy 18 Months to My Breastfeeding!

~ Posted on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 12:46 AM ~

I would like to dedicate this post to my breasts

for the wonderful jobs that they have done in providing (up to now),

18 blissful months of

nutritious, yummylicious, healthy, full of goodness

breastmilk for my little boy...


 Ben at 3 months old...

 Ben at 12 months old...


 Ben at 13 months old...

To those who said the following sentences to me:

* "You need to supplement Ben with formula milk. Can't you see him crying? It means he's hungry!" (This was said during the first 2 weeks after I delivered Ben)

* "Give him water to drink too! (This was said THROUGHOUT my first 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding Ben)"

* "Ermm... so small (looking at my breasts) you sure there's enough milk for your baby? You should top up with formula!" (This was said after Ben turned 6 months old and started solids)

* "He already started solids, don't you think it's time to wean him off your breasts?" (This was said after Ben turned 6 months old and started solids)


There are many many statements like this that I get...

but the above are the common ones I hear most often.

Now, for those who said the above to me, let me tell you this,

Month after month after month, I proved you guys wrong.

I am still going strong.

It's still zero speck of formula powder in our house.

Look, I'm not breastfeeding on just to prove to you guys anything,

what I wanted to say is that you guys should really keep your 'smart-arse' opinions to yourself,

especially if you've NEVER breastfeed before.

Negative statements like the ones I heard above can turn any vulnerable new moms to depression

and made them think breastfeeding is such a big challenge with so much hassles.

For any new mums or those who are going to be a mum anytime soon,

don't give a hoot to what others think or say about your ability to produce breastmilk and feed your baby.

If you put your thoughts to it, you can and you will succeed!

Cheers to my breasts again for the 18 wonderful months and pray for more to come!

Oh, and of course, happy 18 months to my dearest Benjamin! Cool

Breastfeeding Ben at 16 months old...

3rd Sunday School!

~ Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 10:34 AM ~

This is what happened on Ben's 3rd Sunday school class:

We arrived early again, so Ben played around with the toys there.

Then he dragged a plastic chair (which is pretty high compared to the one we got at home),

sat on it with a caterpillar toy while still looking around for other toys to play with.

Then as usual, when the class started, it was prayer time, singing, dancing and story telling.

They are repeating the "Jonah" story again this week, so nothing much different to update today.

After the story telling, the children are told to wash hands and get ready for their mini snack time.

After the snack, they get down to art activity which I think for this week is pretty simple, not much creativity required.

Each child was given a ready made fish (paper plate folded into half),

and they just need to stick on the round shape color stickers onto the fish - kinda like the scales of the fish.

After the class ended, we said thanks to the teacher and left for our lunch farewell party with Ben's great grandma which I will write in another post :)

So how did you spend your Sunday?