Tiring Thursday!

~ Posted on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 1:50 AM ~

Phewww... what a day!!

Ben is particularly active today, refused to take his daytime nap until it was about 2 hours past his usual nap time hours... causing me to think of more activities to tire him out.

Ben with Elmo and Cookie Monster

Ben answering phone

Ben reading book

From L to R:

* Ben stacking up the Mega Bloks while sitting in the storage box with Elmo & Cookie Monster

* Ben answering phone calls (seems urgent and very confidential)

* Ben checking out the new book mummy received for review under Booksneeze program.

After Ben had his naptime for about 2 hours (about 5pm+ by the time he woke up from his nap), we spent some time checking out this new book that I received from Booksneeze to review (*stay tuned for the review sometime in the 1st week of September) then I peeked out at the balcony and saw the most beautiful sunset outside and decided to spend a short while playing with Ben at the balcony.

Just look at the glorious sunset view... Wouldn't it be a waste if we don't enjoy it right?

Ben intrigued with the balcony light

Ben trying to spray the balcony light with water

Ben spraying water at mummy

From L to R:

* Ben pointing at the balcony light, obviously very intrigued with it since it's his 1st time seeing the balcony light.

* Ben trying to spray water at the balcony light.

* Realising he couldn't spray the balcony light, he turns his target to ME. Sorry for the blurry picture cos I was trying to avoid from being sprayed!

After the brief playing at the balcony, I bathed Ben and then we went downstairs, I proceeded to make Ben's dinner while he spends some time with his grandma.

Ben's dinner

Ben's dinner!

Top portion:

* 1.5oz of mashed pumpkin (steamed)

* 2oz of mashed potatoes

* 2oz of fish - shredded & ensured no bones

Bottom portion:

* Soft rice enough to cover (about 6tbsp)

* 1oz sliced carrots (steamed)

 After dinner, Ben also had a few bites of durian... Then we played again in the room, this time daddy joining in after a hectic day of rushing a project for his client.

And Ben finally goes to his dreamland at 11pm+... quite late for his usual sleeping hours.. but it's because he doesn't get to spend much time with daddy today so he's trying to stay up as long as he could... :P

So there you have it... a tiring Thursday for mummy and Ben...

What do you do when you want to tire out your child? (Heheheh...)

Picture Perfect Summer...

~ Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 11:35 AM ~

Oh well, it's summer all year long in Malaysia anyway, so everyday is a perfect day for summer!

In any case, here are some of the recent photos of Ben which I'd say described

a picture perfect summer!

Ben pouring water from the mini water sprinkler to a mini pail...

Ben trying to smack some air bubles using his mini water sprinkler...

Ben walking around with his colorful mini windmill at our porch...

Ben practising his coloring at our porch...

Ben looking out and enjoying the rain...

This post is written as part of this week's Writer's Workshop.

Schools on Sunday!

~ Posted on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 12:16 AM ~

Singing, praying and dancing... Man swallowed by fish...

Coloring papers and cutting out shapes... Eating biscuits, buns and snacks...

These are the things we've been doing for the last 2 Sundays at our church's toddler's Sunday schools. Our church has different rooms and buildings for different ages of children. Any child younger than 18 months will be with their parents in a special room at the main hall - confined to a glass wall where we can see outside and hear through the speakers in the room. The next stage (which is where Ben will be) is for 18 to 36 months. Didn't take note of the other age group though.

Although Ben is 2 weeks shy from reaching 18 months old, we joined the 18-36months classes anyway just to get a feel on how the classes are conducted and what goes on in the classes. Below are snapshots and summaries of the 2 Sunday schools classes Ben attended so far:

1st Sunday school (15th August 2010)

I forgot to take the pictures earlier but in general what happened was, we were a few minutes late and when we entered the class, everyone was dancing and singing midway. The teacher then proceeded to tell the story of Jonah who was swallowed by the whale. They even made the whale's mouth using paper box. How creative!

I noticed all of the children there were accompanied by either one of their parents or the maid. I think we were the weird ones where both hubby and I were in the class with Ben.

So anyway, after the story telling ended, the teacher told everyone to wash their hands (there's a sink about 10 metres outside the class for hand washing and the parents will accompany their child to wash their hands) and get ready their water bottles.

Every child has a tissue paper placed in front of them and the teacher's assistant then went around each child and distribute a chocolate bun for their light snack.

Needless to say, my dear boy happily walloped the bun. I'm still trying to look for this bun as I can't find it at the supermarket we frequented.

Next, everyone got ready for the activity time! Each child was given a piece of paper with the picture of a pair of glasses pre-printed on it, and everyone was told to color in the glasses using the magic color pens. Ben happily scribbles away...

After that, hubby proceeded to cut and punched 2 holes at the ear piece of the glasses and I tied rubber bands on each side of the glasses.

Once a child finished their artwork, they will queue up and show the teacher their finished work. And the teacher in return will give the child a sticker as a reward!

Look at Ben checking out his Pooh bear sticker...

This is Ben's 1st artwork! I'm so proud I'm going to keep it for memories!

2nd Sunday school (22nd August 2010)

This time, we're early. Waited for a few minutes before the class started. Noticed there are 3 teachers now instead of 1 last week. The class started with everyone praying for a blessed day in the class, then moving on to dancing and singing. The teacher then proceeded to tell the story of Jonah who was swallowed by the whale (again...). This time, other than the whale's mouth which was used last week, they added in a hand puppet. I'm liking it already!

Here's Ben looking at another child who is fussing during the class. I just realised Ben's T-shirt matches the story telling for the day! Hahahahah...

So anyway, after the story telling ended, everyone went to wash their hands and got ready their water bottles. Every child has a tissue paper placed in front of them and the teacher's assistant then went around each child and this time, they distribute 2 long biscuits and 1 small cracker.

After the light snack, it's the activity time again! We were given 3 pages of pre-printed pictures related to Jonah in the story.

Look at Ben trying to grab the crayons! I've never exposed him to crayons before (we don't have any at home you see...) so it's understandable for him to be excited and fascinated with them!

However, Ben didn't seem to be interested in coloring today as it was his nap time actually and he was feeling pretty fussy and less energetic throughout the class. So, hubby ended up coloring most of the pictures! Although at one point, Ben was so excited and keep passing the crayons to this mummy on our right who can't reach the stack of crayons way in front of us. How helpful and sensitive of Ben!

Hubby busy coloring all the pictures while Ben looked on.

The funniest thing is when hubby finished all the coloring, Ben went: "YEAYYYY" with 2 arms raised up... as if he's the one who tirelessly completed the artwork! Cheeky boy! And this is Ben's 2nd artwork! Or should I say hubby's 1st artwork? Heheheheh...

I'm starting to get used to the idea of Ben attending the classes now. After the 1st class last week, I felt sad thinking "Oh boy, Ben is growing up so fast! He's attending Sunday classes now and in a blink of an eye he's going to kindergarten then school, then college, then work, then get married and so on...." Waaaaaaaaaa....

Of course, I have to slowly learn to let go and accept the fact that Ben is going to school one day and have his own circle of friends and no longer be sticking to me 24/7...

It's the circle of life and I hope when that day comes, Ben will know that his mummy and daddy will always be there watching over him no matter what happens.