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~ Posted on Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 7:37 PM ~

On this exact date, around this time 2 years ago, I was in the bathroom. Getting nervous, unsure whether I'm doing the right thing... or doing it right... I've been hiding this secret from my hubby for a couple of days, and I've finally gotten the courage to do it and any minute now, I'm going to find out...

Tick * Tock * Tick * Tock * Tick * Tock *



(*Btw, this photo was taken on 11th July 2008 cos I only remembered to do so the next day hahaha...)

I was excited, am not sure whether I should scream (and immediately decided not to as I'm still in the bathroom) and quickly planned how I should break the news out to hubby. As I was  thinking, I quickly cleared up all the box and instructions that came along with the pregnancy test box. I've been dreading the trip to the pharmacy from the day before to buy the pregnancy test, not because I don't want to get pregnant, heck, we've been trying for 3 months by the way. Anyway, I dread the pharmacy trip to get the pregnancy test kit because I was super duper shy and nervous. You have no idea how long I spent walking around the pharmacy, thinking which brand I should get, is it effective, is it time to use one (I mean, I was just a day late from my regular menstrual schedule), am I overreacting and is the pharmacist going to give me a weird look for buying one? In the end, I just grabbed the cheapest one and quickly pay and rushed out.

So on this date, around this time 2 years ago, I finally sneaked the pregnancy test kit into the bathroom with me, took my shower and did the test. Peed  into the container provided in the test kit, use the syringe and squirted some of the piss onto the stick and waited. And then got myself all nervous thinking, should it be the first few drops of piss or the mid stream or the last few drops? And will the food I had earlier interfered with the test results? Am I doing something stupid here?

And then the results appeared. And I forgot all my nervousness. Looking at that 2 lines, I told myself 'Oh gosh... I'm a mummy now!' I almost wanted to cradle that test stick and then I realised it had my pee on it. So anyway, after clearing up all the mess and cleaned up the test stick, I went out and waited for hubby to settle down. He was resting on the bed waiting for his turn to take his bath, so I asked him 'You want to see something?' then I showed him the stick. He was excited seeing the results cos we're officially now stepping into another level in our lives.

We're bringing a new life into the world.

(*Picture of Ben at 3 months old with me)

The rest as you all know, are history. Our dearest precious darling son is now 16 months old, he has mummy's eyes and mouth, daddy's ears and nose, and grandpa's big feet and height. Of course with my menses coming back into my life after 25 months (of bliss without one!) it also means I'm fertile again. Of course, we've been hearing family members and friends asking 'So when's the next one coming?' and I'm like not answering... sigh.... I don't know, for me, when I have the next one, Ben is going to have to stop breastfeeding soon and I don't want that. Am not going to rush into having the next one yet until Ben is a bit older, perhaps 2 years old+ or something...

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MieVee @

Congrats on getting your menses back! Mine is still missing in action even after starting to wean my boy 2+ months ago. He still insists on sucking several times a night for comfort. Sigh... hope to get #2 by next year. Wish me luck!

Enjoy your weekend. Smile  

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee!
Errr... I don't want my menses to come back laaa!! 25 months of bliss you know... thank God it is not affecting my breastfeeding! I am so worried previously that my breastmilk is going to be stop because of this menses! But I guess, getting the menses back means my uterus functioning properly huh?
Anyway, good luck with your #2 then! Smile


What a thrilling day! I remember both my BFPs like yesterday!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello lumpsonablog!
Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yeah, it was a thrill alright, even though it happened 2 years ago! Time goes by so fast! Laughing


Ben is so CUTE! Eh, I don't think any woman welcome her monthly thing back. It's really blissful like you said without it. But oh well, it's life, and it's good to have for our health..regulates our hormones and keep our skin not to wrinkly. When we hit menopause, our skin will start to wrinkle fast.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi RoseBelle!
Thanks for the compliments! Smile You know my hubby actually joked 'If you don't want your period back, then you can always get pregnant again.. ' *_*


I remember my BFPs like they happened just a minute ago! The announcement of the 2nd one was the best - I made a onesie for my eldest which said "big brother" ;D I dressed him in it before hubby came home, and it took him a few minutes to understand what it meant! Haha!

I just got my menses back a couple of months ago (2nd is now 16mos old). The last time I got pregnant, I only had one cycle! So now I'm planning a trip to my gynae ;) My milk supply is definitely affected during AF but gets better after.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Adriana!
Oh wow! Love your 2nd one's announcement! I'm gonna have to think of a creative one when my turn comes! Laughing
Ben is now 16 months old and in total, before my menses returned few days ago, I have a total of 25 months of menses free bliss... sigh... how nice...


I know, right? Life was so simple before menses returned! Good luck planning the announcement of the 2nd baby and hope it comes around at the right time ;D

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