Why I Flood Our Balcony...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 1:51 PM ~

I love our room's balcony! Ever since Ben is old enough to walk and venture around, I've opened up the access to our room balcony for him. We normally use it for Ben to play water and lately, sketching.

But we recently found another use for our balcony! And for that, I have to flood it...

This is how our balcony looks like with a quarter inch height of water...

Noticed the blue plastic cover that I use to close up the sink hole in order to flood the balcony...

Some of the things I used for Ben to play with...

A red ball, some plastic foam and an already wet and crumpled paper origami boat folded by my hubby... hahahah...

Ben walking around...

My regular blog readers will know why I took this picture...

Oh well, just in case you want to know, I do have a habit of taking pictures of Ben's chubby thighs and legs...

You can click here to oogle more pictures of Ben's chubby thighs which I posted in my old blog few months ago...

Ben fascinated at his own shadow...

Oh I forgot to mention the stick-on rubber ducky...

We played until the sun starts to set. I think this is a nice change compared to the normal water splashing activity that we do for Ben.

Just in case you go thinking I waste water by doing this, oh well, it's not that much compared to people who have swimming pool in their house right?

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What a great idea!  Just enough water to splash and play.  I sure looks like fun and rather refreshing.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cassiopeia!

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it's a great idea though hubby is starting to get worried that the water might caused a leak sooner or later on the ceiling downstairs our house Frown

Quasi Serendipita

That looks like so much fun!  Stopping by from SITS Smile


Oh that looks like so much for for you little guys!

Stopping by from SITS!



How cute is he! I love the water idea!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Quasi Serendipita, Jessica & Kim!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Have a nice weekend!


So much fun!  As of 7 weeks ago when my daughter was born, I am also a SAHM.  Even though she's only 7 weeks, I find myself doing kind of what you did - just coming up with different things you'd like to see your child react to!  And then take photos of it!

Visiting from SITS Fanpage!  Your son is ADORABLE!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Liza!
Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Take loads and loads of pictures when you can! Babies grow up so fast!


No... you won't waste water. 1st u get him familiarize with water, 2nd u train him to be a swimmer. Smile  u can re-use the water to mop the floor... water ur plant if you hv, clean the cabinets.. and i also keep them to flush the toilets. u know instead of flushing the whole tank of water into the toilet bowl just for a small amount of pee, juz use the water from the "pooL" in fact it safe water.. heheh... but i dunno how u're going to get the water out from your balcony :S good luck

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Miki!
Thank you for your comment and for following my blog! Actually there is a sink hole in the balcony, I just use a plastic cover to block the water from being drained out and when we're done playing, the water will go down to the porch (and clean the porch floor). I also use the water to wipe the balcony grill while it is being drained out, hehehe... multipurpose Tong

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