My Cool Son With His Awesome Money Sense...

~ Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 12:08 AM ~

I went to my ex-company earlier today to have lunch with 3 of my ex-colleagues who are all close friends to me and whom I still keep in touch with even after I left the company. I arrived at 12pm and hang around a while as we were supposed to be lunching at 12.30pm. A few of my ex-colleagues came over and checked Ben out.

Ben as usual, is very reserved and kept his cool. Too cool sometimes cos I can just see how desperate and eager all of my ex-colleagues were trying to impress him and squeeze a smile out of him. We sat on the sofa and Ben squeezed in between myself and the sofa and kept his distance from my ex-colleagues... Just look at the few pictures I managed to snap of him looking cool as a cucumber...

The cool boy looking around the reception area...

Oppss... the cool boy noticed his mummy busy snapping his cool pictures... 

Cool boy couldn't be bothered and look elsewhere, giving mummy more angles to snap his cool look... 

An ex-colleague appeared with a paper puncher to entice Ben and hoping she can break his coolness... hahahah...

Ben hesitated quite a while before succumbing to the pressure of playing with the paper puncher.

But he still does not smile. Hahahaha....

We left a short while later and went to a cafe for lunch.

Ben sat on the high chair while we waited for our food and catched up on the latest gossips at office...

One thing I need to mention here, the last time I went to lunch with my close friends here was about a few months back and they actually tried to play a game with Ben using the Malaysian dollar notes.

What they did actually was, one of them held out a $1 note (light blue color) and a $10 note (red color) and Ben chosed the $10 note.

Then they hold the $1 note and a $50 note (light blue color as well) and took out the $10. So, between the $1 and the $50 note, Ben chosed the $50 note! It was hilarious and they were joking around saying Ben knows the value of the money!

So today, they did the same trick again...

Note picture below the $10 note on Ben's left hand and the $50 note on Ben's right hand. Guess which one he took?

Heheheheh... this time, Ben took BOTH!

My ex-colleagues cracked up and laughed out loud at what Ben did!

They didn't expect Ben is going to do differently this round!

Then they thought maybe the $10 note is in red which is eye catching (Ben loves red colored things!) so they switched it with a $1 note and held both $1 and $50 notes to Ben again and waited for his reactions.

This time, he took both notes, turned around, and passed it to his mummy!

Attaboy! Laughing

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Mommy Psedornna

Cool, Smart & Clever boy! The best is he passed the notes to his mummy! ♥Lovely boy♥

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mommy Psedornna!
Thanks for your compliments and for following my blog! Good to see you here! Smile

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

wow! smart Ben! He only learn from the best ;D

I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Smart, but we didn't teach him ler... I don't want him to be money-minded also lah!


My family try the same trick with all the babies.  My daughter took the money and threw it over the side of the high chair which pretty much tells you how long she holds money now that she's in her 20s!  

He's trained right - hand all money over to m-o-m-m-y. . .

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cassiopeia!
Oh wow! That was hilarious! Tong

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