It Happened on a Motorcycle...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 10:28 AM ~

Yeap... what you are about to read happened to me on a motorcycle... My dad's motorcycle to be precise. Now, to give you a quick idea of what you are going to read on, if you have never watched the movie "Wild Hogs", just have a look at this road hazard scene from the movie and I'll tell you a similar story of what happened to me long ago... something of an equivalent kinda gross incident... Please feel free to exit out of here if you haven't or just taken your food...I would really appreciate if you could click at the link and watched the video clip first before reading on...

So anyway, back to my story now... I think I was about 19 or 20 years old, working part-time as a sales girl in a souvenir shop and everyday to and fro, my dad will give me a ride on his motorcycle. His office is about 10 minutes away from my souvenir shop. So every morning, I'll be hitching a ride with him and when evening comes, I'll walk over to a bus stop half way between our working places and wait for him.

One day as usual, we were about 5 minutes into our journey home and I was listening to my Walkman while sitting behind my dad and out of nowhere, some insect just flew straight into my mouth.

My immediate reaction was of course to not crush it in my mouth and I quickly tried to spit it out, while not daring to even think what might it be. Gosh... out of so many things and vast space around me, and the insect chosed to jackpot straight into my mouth. And just in case you are wondering why it can go into my mouth... I said I was listening to my Walkman right? So listening to nice songs will make me sing along to the songs... Singing along to the songs will make me excited and opened my mouth wide as well (no one can hear my singing cos dad's motorcycle is pretty loud)

Imagine a girl in her late teens trying to spit out an insect which jetted into her mouth at high speed while riding on a motorcycle with her dad.

You think that is funny? Read on and promise me not to laugh... out LOUD...

Now, if only I have the spitting skills like this old man:

(*Image taken from Google image search)

But no... too bad... If I spit like the old man above, you wouldn't be able to be entertained by my funny story today.

So yeah... like I said, I can't spit like this old man.

With all my might, I managed to sort of dispel out the insects (remnants of it) from my mouth. Imagine blowing air bubbles with your mouth, only you do it real fast.. Uhuh, that was what I did. I air bubbled out the remnants of the insect from my mouth but because I was afraid of being able to taste the remnants of the insect in my mouth, I sort of gathered some saliva in my mouth so that the remnants of the icky insect parts doesn't stick in my mouth. But when I air bubbled everything out, yeap.... my saliva came out as well... because I panicked at the thought of tasting the insect in my mouth, I did everything fast and forgot the saliva in my mouth. And did I mentioned I CANNOT spit like the old man above?

And when you can't spit like the old man above and you are riding pillion of a fast moving motorcycle, the wind is blowing towards your direction. So everything pretty much dribbled back to myself... Luckily I wore a wind breaker but it was super gross enough that I now not only have remnants of insect body parts, I also have my saliva dribbling down my wind breaker as well... I think I'm grossing you guys out already with these details, so I'm just going to stop here by leaving some piece of advice:

* Don't sing and drive (or when you are on a motorcycle)

* If you really have to, spit to your left or right NOT to your front... (it might also land on your driver's helmet come to think of it hehehehe...)

So there you have it... my own version of road hazard story which happened on a motorcycle. This post is written as part of this week's Writer's Workshop.

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Hilarious story!!! I wasn't grossed out myself, but I was grossed out for you. Yuck!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Steph!
Glad you are entertained by my post Tong I was feeling grossed even now... yucks...


Haha you always have the funniest stories Laughing I only had flies in my nose so far ;)

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Vivienne!
Long time no see! Smile Oh well, flies in nose is gross too...


... especially when they're still alive and trying to get out... eeww


Great story!  And Wild Hogs is one of my very favorite movies.

Polly (aka 5th Sister)

Not gross but awfully funny! Did you ever figure out what type of insect it was?

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Sheri!
Glad you enjoyed my gross story! We love Wild Hogs too!

Hi Polly!
Oh-kayyy.... glad you are entertained by my story. I have no idea what the insect was cos it was covered with my saliva and my windbreaker was dark blue so kinda hard to tell that time...


Oh geesh!  I think your motorcycle story is better than mine!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Amanda!
Thanks for hopping over and reading my post! I think mine is grosser than yours hahahhaha!! Hope I didn't spoil your appetite! Tong


let me just say, i'm so thankful that i wasnt in your vicinity when this happened.  enough said Smile

I'm a full-time mummy

Hahahah Cheri... yeah, you are right! Tong

Susie Kline

Grossness! But thanks for the tips!

xo Susie


Haha! Hilarious story! Just stopping by from Mama Kats, and I love your blog! I'm now following you! Smile


If you spit to left or the right it might land on my windshield if I'm behind you!

Great story.


I remember Walkmans! I have also swallowed a bug or too. Ewww.

Lois H

So funny! I learned that same lesson, but riding in a boat!

Mama Kat

Ew!! That is hilarious just picturing you trying to spit that thing out! I bet your dad died laughing when he found out later. Smile

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi dawn!
Thanks for the follow! Smile

Hey Cassiopeia!
Don't think so... I'm in Malaysia!

Hi Lindsey!
Yeah... Walkmans are the rage during that time... oh... I sound like an ancient mama now... Tong

Hi Lois!
Glad that you enjoyed my story! Smile

Hey Mama Kat!
Oh wow! A blogger celeb gracing my humble blog... I'm awestruck for a moment... thanks for dropping by and commenting! Nobody knows about this... until I posted this up!

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