Happy 18 Months to My Breastfeeding!

~ Posted on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 12:46 AM ~

I would like to dedicate this post to my breasts

for the wonderful jobs that they have done in providing (up to now),

18 blissful months of

nutritious, yummylicious, healthy, full of goodness

breastmilk for my little boy...


 Ben at 3 months old...

 Ben at 12 months old...


 Ben at 13 months old...

To those who said the following sentences to me:

* "You need to supplement Ben with formula milk. Can't you see him crying? It means he's hungry!" (This was said during the first 2 weeks after I delivered Ben)

* "Give him water to drink too! (This was said THROUGHOUT my first 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding Ben)"

* "Ermm... so small (looking at my breasts) you sure there's enough milk for your baby? You should top up with formula!" (This was said after Ben turned 6 months old and started solids)

* "He already started solids, don't you think it's time to wean him off your breasts?" (This was said after Ben turned 6 months old and started solids)


There are many many statements like this that I get...

but the above are the common ones I hear most often.

Now, for those who said the above to me, let me tell you this,

Month after month after month, I proved you guys wrong.

I am still going strong.

It's still zero speck of formula powder in our house.

Look, I'm not breastfeeding on just to prove to you guys anything,

what I wanted to say is that you guys should really keep your 'smart-arse' opinions to yourself,

especially if you've NEVER breastfeed before.

Negative statements like the ones I heard above can turn any vulnerable new moms to depression

and made them think breastfeeding is such a big challenge with so much hassles.

For any new mums or those who are going to be a mum anytime soon,

don't give a hoot to what others think or say about your ability to produce breastmilk and feed your baby.

If you put your thoughts to it, you can and you will succeed!

Cheers to my breasts again for the 18 wonderful months and pray for more to come!

Oh, and of course, happy 18 months to my dearest Benjamin! Cool

Breastfeeding Ben at 16 months old...

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Go you!!! My son is 19 months and we are still going strong with nursing. Love all the comments I got along the way too. Trusting our mommy instincts is always better than listening to people preaching what they think is right in regards to child rearing. Smile


I couldn't agree with this statement more:
"what I wanted to say is that you guys should really keep your 'smart-arse' opinions to yourself,

especially if you've NEVER breastfeed before."


Congrats!  We're just at eight months, but I'm determined to make it to 14 months (weird goal, I know) at least!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello B!

Yeah, amen to that! Laughing Keep it up, you can do it! Smile


Good for you! It is true, comments like these do come from mothers who didn't breastfed their kids too long. I breastfed my lil girl up til she was 3 and there's nothing wrong with it. She's a healthy lil girl who doesn't get sick easily all due to the nutrients from breast milk!


Wow that is amazing. I wish I could have done it! I feel like I deprived my little one simply because I let stress and others get me so wound up that breast feeding came to a halt. More power to you!

MieVee @ MummysReviews.com

Happy 18 months old, Ben! Smile
Son was on breastmilk until 14 months old and gradually weaned to whole milk, and I'm treasuring our daily morning breastfeed. Yup, no formula milk in our house too.

Alisha Kostiuk

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I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for your comment and totally agree with you! Mummy knows the best! Laughing

Hey Rosebelle!
Wow! 3 years! Good for you! Smile

Hi Kayla!
I feel new mums are very vulnerable the first few weeks after they delivered, so these are the period where support and encouragement from others are vital. Don't feel bad, you can always try again on your next one! Laughing

Hey MieVee!
Yeay to 0 formula in the house! Laughing

Hi Alisha!
Thanks for the follow. I've returned the favor. Looking forward to seeing you back in my blog sometime! Smile


wow.. you are really a determine mom! bravo...

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Miki!
Yeap! Set my mind on it, and make sure it works. After all, I quit my job so that I can breastfeed Ben for at least 6 months. And since already quit, just breastfeed as long as Ben wants... and blink blink eye... suckle suckle suckle... it's 18 months already! Smile

Thanks for your comment! Laughing


good girl yourself!! We're just about 2 weeks ahead of you: we passed the 18mth mark on the 19th of August. I think I've heard it all too at this stage...I just put all those odd comments down to a lack of understanding. I don't think all those well wishers mean any harm, later on the'll be telling us how to discipline our kids, what they should wear, watch and how they should be doing in school. I think most are trying to help....but we know what we're doing. Smile Keep up the good work!!!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Aideen!

Oh yeah... these well wishers always have something to say, I agree! Now I'm getting the 'Why are you not potty training him?'... Sigh...

Thanks for your comment and support and you go to girl for 18 months+!

Mommy Psedornna

Keep receiving those negative statements from my friends & family as well Frown till i duno how to answer them with the benefits of breastfeeding Frown my son is a bit smaller than other babies, they just claim that because he is breastfeed, not enough nutrient (because breastmilk is watery), thats y my son is shorter & not chubby as other babies Frown

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mommy Psedornna!
No need to explain much if ppl don't want to listen.

Big, fat or chubby babies doesn't mean they are healthy... I have friends who overfeeds their baby with formula (unlike breastfeeding, baby stops when they are full) so babies being FF end up being overfed cos they just drink and drink however much you gave them. Then their small stomachs keep expanding because the amount of formula given is a lot, so end up drinking more and more lor... vicious cycle.. Frown

So, friends and relatives who tell me their babies are chubby and fat and its not because of BF, I don't comment one cos I know breastmilk is the real deal. Plus, breast milk is for human babies Smile

As for babies size, shorter or smaller it depends on you and your hubby's genes lah...

Don't fret much with what others said!

Tracy Poh

Hey there,

I've been breastfeeding for 2 months now. Although it seems little, but I'm proud to be able to overcome all the negative comments that my in laws & elderly people gave. It was very depressing!

Thank God I persevered and go on with breastfeeding. You go, girl!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Tracy!

Good for you! Keep it up! In my opinion, how long or short the BF duration is doesn't matter, at least you attempt it and is doing it still, rather than some people I know who doesn't even bother trying it at all! Such a waste!

Continue on and wishing you all the best!

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