Ben's First Experience with Banana Leaf Rice

~ Posted on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 8:32 AM ~

Hubby's aunt from Sydney came back for a week holiday and few days ago, we went out with her to have brunch at the banana leaf rice restaurant near our house. Ben had his oatmeal breakfast already, so was pretty much just sitting there watching us eat (of course, he entertained himself by oogling at some stray cats around the restaurant).

Some of the Indian waiters can't resist and went ahead to play with Ben. One of them even gave Ben a smaller size of banana leave for him to use with. And when Ben realised he's suddenly treated like an adult (cos the rest of us were eating our rice on the banana leaves), we went along and placed some smaller chunks of food  (like fish, cucumber and the lentil crackers) and rice for Ben to nibble with.

Banana Leaf Rice

Ben: "You sure I could eat on this leaf?!!"

Banana Leaf Rice

Ben flashing more cutesy looks to the waiters nearby, probably trying to get more goodies? Hehehehe...

Banana Leaf Rice

Ben: "Yumyumyum... gobble gobble gobble..."

It was a nice and filling meal and we enjoyed the brunch outing as well. I'm just so proud that Ben's so well behaved with his first experience with banana leaf rice!

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Rebekah C

Oh my goodness, is he ever cute!  Cuuuuuute!!! I can see why the waitresses couldn't resist him. Smile


u didn't let him try the curry? little tiny bit pcs?


Jenny, its snowing on your blog! hehe Ben is such a doll! Thank you so much for your support during the PFB contest. It really meant a lot to me! Hope you all are well (=

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Rebekah!
Thanks for your compliments on my cheeky Ben! Laughing

Hi Miki!
I did tried putting some dhal curry on his rice, which he did tried a few bites but then he forgot all about it when he saw the lentil crackers! (aka papadom)

Hi Lisa!
Yes! Snow on my blog! We don't get snow at all in Malaysia so this is the closest I can get to seeing snow falls! Laughing

Nensa Moon

hehehe... must be a great experience for baby Ben enjoying   rice  on banana leaf..
Love the pics, jenny! your baby son looked so cute!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Nensa!
Thanks for your compliments on my Ben. We did enjoy the banana leaf rice brunch! Smile


Glad to find you from the blog hop!
Your blog is lovely!

I follow you and you can find me at:

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