Ben and his Rescue Boat!

~ Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 2:53 PM ~

We bought this battery operated rescue boat toy for Ben during Christmas last year but only opened it up few days ago. Ben was so excited with his new toy (cos all his current toys are either books, cars or stickers stuff). I told him we will play the boat in his mini pool outside our balcony but he needs to fill up his pool with water first in order to put the boat in.

So he immediately went to switch on the water pipe while holding on tight to his boat.

Ben waited patiently, examining the parts of the boat while the water fills up in his mini pool...

Ben putting the boat into action!

In the beginning, he thought it's like his car toys, which he can just press down, pull it backwards and let it go...

Whoopsss... mummy have to teach him to just let go off his hand and watch the boat cruise by itself...

All in all, he enjoyed his new toy very much. We've been playing it almost everyday.

Good investment!

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He is too cute!  Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day, and you were correct in your comment, I do love him no matter what!  We are building wonderful messy memories, lol.  


so cute!!  I really, really, REALLY wish it was warm enough to get out the kiddie pool here!!  More snow today, with more coming in the next week.  Sigh.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello TornadoTwos!
Again, happy SITS day to you! Thanks for dropping by!

Hi Aurie!
Thanks for your compliments! Hope the snow clears soon in your place!

Jenni Price

What a good idea that you saved this toy boat for now when the Christmas toys are starting to loose their fun. It's snowy here so it's neat how you can get the pool out there.


Must be fun to play with, a toy boat. I had never get one for my sons, hmm I wonder why. Never cross my mind. We have lots of toy cars, blocks  books, balls of all sizes even a mini snooker table but never a boat. Guess it is too late to get one now, hahahah.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jenni!
Yes, good decision to keep the toys until now! Smile It's hot hot hot in Malaysia all year round, so having the pool is a good idea for us anyway! Smile

Hey Aries!
Maybe last time not so high-tech with those boat toys! But wow.. I used to have a mini snooker table which I got from my aunt. Fun toy to play with!

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