The Joy of LOVE - What You LOVE to Hate

~ Posted on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 8:24 PM ~

Today's prompt is: "You KNOW your loved one does something that drives you NUTS (but you LOVE to complain about it and the day just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have to complain about it).  Capture it…if it is a non-physical thing, then just try to take a photo of something that embodies the idea."

So here's my submission for the day:

This was taken just yesterday in Toy's R Us while we were hanging out at a shopping mall. It was time to leave and head home so I started telling Ben to get ready to go home and I took away the toy he was playing with at the time. Then he started throwing tantrums as he was obviously not ready to leave and part with the toy. He cried and lies on the floor until my hubby took another toy to distract him and his cries stopped immediately. Sigh... children...

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Gasp!!! You mean my daughters aren't the only children who throw fits in public?!?

Gotta love them...they do make great photo subjects Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aurie!

Oh thank goodness for telling me Ben is not the only one! Tong I kinda get annoyed when I realised the floor is not exactly clean... and my son is practically wiping the floor as he lies on the floor crying there.. sigh... but yeah, they do make great photo subjects! Laughing


Once my eldest was about 7 years old and we were at my sister's place. Her children are about the same age as mine. When we were about to go home, my son grab hold of the tables and chairs and wouldn't want to leave, so embarrassing at that time. Hubby have to drag him out of the house. Sometime I would tell him this and tease him and he said he couldn't remember any of it. Well, moments like these, mummies never forget. Hahhah

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aries!

Hahaha... that was quite embarrassing but I think as parents, we will understand and be empathetic. You should've taken pictures (if can) of your son that time, at least now when he denies or said he don't remember any of it, can show him back the pictures hehehehe... Thanks for sharing your experience! Smile


Oh Dear...Thanks so much for your kindest words!!
I am always happy to hear from you...and see your little one is growing so beautifully....!!!!!!

oh yes....once in a while a little toy in "plus" can make stop the flow of tears....!!! I boys are out now of this age, (14 and 10), but i do remember!!!

have a wonderful sunday an a happy and sunny one!!!!!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

OH... it is a relief to know that Isabelle (and us, the parents) is not alone with the tantrums issues.  I guess kids will be kids, no matter how well and hard we try to discipline them.  So far, Isabelle doesn't lie on the floor and wipe the floor clean for toysRus but she does shriek and cry and YES, it felt embarrassing at times.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Elvira!
No, I should thank you for those beautiful pictures you shared in your blog! It really cheers me up! Keep up the good work!

Hey Catheryn!
So far Ben just lies on the floor and cries. No wiping up and down and sideways of the floor - YET... And thank God Ben is quite easily distracted as what we need to do is just distract him with another toy and after a few seconds, he'll be OK. Sigh... kids will be kids, so true!

Family Help

He's having separation anxiety with the toy. Hahaha! You should have bought it for him at least. Tantrums are sometime energy draining. As if I would like to push a button to stop my son from it.

Such a cute kiddo.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Family Help!
Oh no, we cannot be buying him toys whenever he throw tantrums! Our room is going to be chocked full with toys if that's the case! Tong

Tantrums are energy draining, yes, totally agree!

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