Weekend Family Outing at National Science Center

~ Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 9:41 AM ~

Hubby found out from one of his friends that there is currently a dinosaur expo going on at the National Science Center and we decided to check out the expo after having our lunch at home. Tickets for adults cost RM10 each while children under age of 4 goes in free of charge.

Now a bit info about the dinosaur expo:

"The Dinos Alive World Tour will be here in Kuala Lumpur from 1st December 2010 till 31st May 2011 everyday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The tour will see 32 ‘life-sized’ dinosaurs including the ever famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, towering above you at a height of 16 feet. There is also an Apatosaurus measuring a whopping 23 feet! Other dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus, the Megalosaurus and the sly Velociraptor can also be found here at the exhibition."

National Science Center

"Oh my goodness, that T-Rex is trying to eat my son!!"

National Science Center

Daddy and Ben at a safer distance away from the menacing looking T-Rex...

National Science Center

Ben strolling happily by himself once he's away from the dinosaur exhibits...

National Science Center

Ben looking up, very intrigued at some aeroplane toys that moves using solar energy...

National Science Center

Ben helping daddy by pressing the button to release the 'rocket'

National Science Center

Who says it's an easy job pressing buttons?!

National Science Center

"I'm seeing double Ben, no, triples, no wait... how many of Ben are there?!!

My eyes! What's wrong with my eyes??!!"

National Science Center

Ben climbed up the tree house and played with some balls in it...

National Science Center

He also tried to lift up this dragonfly...

National Science Center

Ben managed to score some goals!

National Science Center

I love this shot! This is the roof of the National Science Center.

Ben was quite scared with some of the dinosaur exhibits though there are some that he doesn't mind touching and patting and he even said 'Hi' to some of the cuter looking dinos.

I think he enjoyed himself very much at the kiddy playground area and those non-dinosaur science exhibits, especially the one with the mirror tunnel which reflects multiple images of yourself when you looked through the mirror tunnel.

All in all, it was a fun family outing, though there are other spots which we have missed out at the center (those located outdoors especially) as we only reached the center about 3pm. We will consider revisiting the place again, more to check out what we have left out in this round.

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oh how i wish can bring jdric..too bad i think he's too young to understand dinosaur..
ben sure looks like he enjoy the trip...


I've been there too before. It was not too bad although there wasn't any dinosaur exhibition that time.

Enjoyed your pictures especially the one with many Bens in it. LOL. Your counting reminds me of Ben 10. LOL.


How fun!!  We thought about taking Sophie to the dino exhibit last year but held off, thinking that it might be too scary.  This year might be a good once, since she now likes snakes and alligators.


Cute pictures. Smile
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ThaiHoa Burroughs

How fun!  Thanks for sharing!  I can't wait til my little one is at the age for those events and outings.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Miki,
Can still bring Jdric, the center has other atractions as well Smile

Hey Carolyn,
Go, go, go! The dino expo is until end of May! Smile

Hey Aurie,
Oh do blog about it when the time comes!

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for the follow. I've returned the favor! Looking forward to seeing you back in my blog sometime!

Hello Heidi,
Thanks for the follow. I've returned the favor! Looking forward to seeing you back in my blog sometime!


Ben is so cute!
Do you have to walk a lot there? How's pregnancy getting on? Hope you're doing great!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi ThaiHoa!
Glad you enjoyed this post!

Hey Tracy!
Thanks for your compliments! There's quite some distance to walk around but I try to sit whenever I can and my hubby carries Ben most of the time anyway hehehe...


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Alicia S.

That looks like so much fun. Smile

Michelle C

I just found your blog though Bloggy Moms would love a follow back

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Janel & Michelle C!
Thanks for hopping over & following! I've returned the favor, looking forward to seeing you back in my blog sometime!

Hi Alicia!
Glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for dropping by!


ok..rasa mcam nak bawa jugak...

tp kene ada org yg boleh menjaga 3 hero ku tu...

my sister kerja la sabtu ni.. tgk la.. ahad ker pergi...hehehe

kene pergi pagi..petang, mood sangat letih...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy


Aiseh, wish you luck lah, hopefully you can find time and help to bring along your sons la. Anyway, expo ni sampai end of May, still got time Smile

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