Illegal Parkings!

~ Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:06 AM ~

Don't you find it really annoying when you see people parking illegally?

They think just because they own a few more cars or vehicles, that they have the right to park their cars / vehicles everywhere they like.

They think that they own the road or place and that they have the rights to do anything they want.

Just take a look at what I have to endure EVERYDAY!









Tractors on my bed... TRACTORS!!!

Racing cars parked in front of my laptop!

Ambulance and police car parked near my chair!

I mean, how am I going to do my work?


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Miki Chua

haha.. you're funny.. but i'm glad u can juz move it away urself..
imagine what i got to face in real life! my neighbour park his car in front my hse and i can't park into my car porch. when i ask to move his car, he told me it's not my grandfather's road! *argh*

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Yeah, for now can still move it myself... later heavy tummy gets tired real easily then trouble lor..

As for what you're facing in real life, my BIL encountered the same thing. His neighbour parks their cars outside my BIL's house (normally there's some small space for dustbin and parking)and blocks his house gate. So what my BIL did was he just buy this 2nd hand mini van for 1K, and parked it there... until now, no more problem of his neighbour parking their cars there!


HAHAHA you are hilarious. At first when I was reading, I really expected the real thing until I saw your pix. You really cracked me up. He's really so into cars huh? Joseph is starting to but I don't know whether he'll be a fanatic like Ben!

To Miki, my goodness your neighbour can even have the cheek to say that? That's so rude and tak tau malu langsung. What did you reply to him?


Too funny!!  We seem to have traffic jams with trains here - and they are everywhere!!  No matter how often I pick them up, it seems they multiply Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Carolyn!
Yes, Ben is very into cars now! Few months ago not so but now.. whooaaaa...

Hey Aries!
Glad you enjoyed the post! We have yet to ventured into trains... gulp...


Lol. Mummy, please be careful when you walk round the house, ya.
By the way, since you have the 'authority'... summon! :p


LOL!  That was hilarious.  Thanks for the pictures and captions.  


Hi Jenny,

I was expecting you to complain about the real thing. Oh, Ben just cracked me up! hahaha...cute boy! Boys will be boys. Just be careful when you walk around the house ok.



Of course i got bengang and speechless..  i juz move there ma...


Miki, Haha..i can understand. Next time just arm yourself with a bat ok incase he gives any 'smart' rebuke again.

Jo Green

Hah ha - too cute!  Thanks for the chuckle!  You need to start charging for parking.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Jocelyn!
I start writing summons doesn't mean Ben can read and understand it! Most likely it'll end up being scribbled or drawn on by him! ;P

Hey Diana!
Yeah, how rude! ;P

Hey ThaiHoa & Jo Green!
Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Smile

Hi Tracy!
Yes, of course, have to be very careful walking around the place!

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