What About Lamps?

~ Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 9:13 PM ~

What comes to your mind when you think or see a lamp? For me, I think of it lighting up the darkness around us and bringing hope and sense of comfort.

We don't have any Traditional lamps (aka floor lamps) in our house as we have a very active and curious toddler around the house but I like seeing these lamps in other people houses. My brother in law has a couple of floor lamps which I think complements his house nicely and adds a nice artistic touch to the rooms. Look at the picture below, wouldn't it look great to have one in your house?

* Image taken from 1001 Floor Lamps.com

And talking about lamps, there is also the Bedside table lamp types. Again, sad to say, we don't have one in our room, not sure why. But if we are ever to get one, I think I'll go for something like the picture below. I like the aqua colored base of the table lamp and it looks artsy and unique too!

* Image of Aqua Glass Wave Table Lamp taken from 1001 Table Lamps.com

What about you? What sort of lamps do you like?

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Mrs. T

I like the floor lamps for my living room and other larger rooms... I like table lamps for my bedroom... hubby and I have one on each of our beside tables along with one of those "dimmer" contraptions. It's nice to adjust the light to our own preference while we do our evening reading or drift off to sleep.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi there Mrs. T!
My hubby used to have one of those table lamps which you can change dimness of the light. Very nice! Thanks for your comment! Smile


My hubby ada beli lampu tinggi.. memula 2 set..lepas tu, ada promosi beli lagi 2 set..hahaha..

ada banyak2 lampu pun.. hanya 2 jer pakai... lagi 2 belum guna lagi..

tp guna lampu tiang ni jimat eletrik.. pasnag 1 jer... dh terang satu rumah...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Sumijelly,

Ada extra boleh bagi I apa.. ;P

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