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~ Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 10:01 AM ~

Hubby's birthday is one and a half month more to come, I have no idea what to get for him this year. When it comes to thinking of the birthday gifts for men, I'm always stuck with clothing, wallets and last year was the Star Craft 2 game.

I came across this website and saw this very cool gift idea! My hubby is crazy about war stuff, the history, the army tanks, the whatever sieges and battles and weaponry and wouldn't it be great if I can get this for my hubby's birthday this year?

A tank ride experience in this World War 2-era Centurion Tank! Whoaa! What a unique and memorable way to give your loved ones for his birthday huh?! I bet he'd go berserk with this gift! If only I have the money and the logistics to make this a reality!!

* Image of Tank Ride taken from

Or how about a gift in the form of an experience in race car driving? I've seen my hubby playing with car racing games on his computer and he has downloaded an app for a racing game onto my iPad as well. Wouldn't it be fun to see my hubby enjoying this?

Gotta start cracking my head soon to think of what to get him for his birthday this year... or should I just saw Spicy Baby is his birthday gift this year? Hehehe...

Now, what are the gift ideas you can recommend to give the special someone in your life?

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It is extremely difficult to get my hubby a gift. I did when we were dating. Most of the stuffs I bought don't seem to wow him, even the shirt or belt etc there is always something that he dislike about so after we were married, on his birthday, normally I would learn up a new dish, cook a few dishes. I would poke a tiny "Happy Birthday" sign (those that the cake shop would give every time when order a birthday cake)on every dish. I had quite a few that I collected since so many birthdays to celebrate. Follow by a tiny cake. I had even tried cooking few dishes and decorate them on 1 plate to look like a birthday cake. About to run out of ideas myself. Have fun shopping for your hubby

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aries!
Wow, you are creative huh! If I have the money and have no problem with logistics, I'd totally get that army tank ride for my hubby hehehe.. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Lexie Lane

Great idea!  I love thinking of great ideas for presents.  As I love creating websites, I decided to create a really good one for my husband.  He loves photography and motorbikes.  So I'm working to have this site made for him before Father's Day.  Wish me luck!

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Hope you can make it by!

Have a great weekend,


Lexie Lane

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi there Lexie!
Good luck with your present for your hubby! Sounds cool that you come up with the website idea for him! And thanks for sharing the link on I will definitely check it out! Have a nice weekend!


That is an interesting gift idea!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Darcy!
Thanks for your comment! Have a nice weekend! Smile

Jenny @ Freebie Spot

My husband would really like that tank. LoL

Sandra Tyler

Buying gifts for men is torture -- especially my husband who has no interest in clothes (he just wants something on his body, didn't even notice this morning that his shirt was inside out), and wallets, well...been there, done that. And watches.

SO what's left? Well, unfortunately my husband is a total techy geek; an Apple/Jobs fanatic. So what did I get him? Yup, really bit the bullet this time; his birthday is Monday, but his birthday special dinner tonight. And I will be giving him the ipad! I will milk that one for a loooong time!


I have a hard time buying for my dad, he doesn't do much or like much except TV. He's not interested in most typical man gifts.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jenny @ Freebie Spot!
Hahaha! Thanks for your comment!

Hi Sandra!
Yeah, for me, when it comes to thinking what to buy for men, it's down to clothes, wallet, or watches. Getting your hubby the iPad is a great idea! Thanks for your comment!

Hi Callista!
Oh wow, I guess you'll have to think of getting something to do with TV for your dad! Thanks for your comment!


hi jenny,
how about pilot a plane? check out groupon malaysia. i think they still have coupon for it.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey there Edex!
Plane?!! Expensive or not? Full-time mummy no income ar!! Tong Thanks for your suggestions anyway, will check it out too! Smile

Melanie Daybell

My husband's favorite present was this:  I made homemade ice cream and put it in the saddle bags of two of our horses which I had saddled and got ready for a ride as soon as he got home from work.  The ride shook up the ice cream which thickened it perfect and when I pulled out the surprise from the saddle bags, he was speechless!  Ice cream, a beautiful ride, no kids for a couple hours: a present he'll remember forever!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Melanie!
Wow that was a very creative gift for your hubby! Thanks for your comment!

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Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Connie!
Thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to seeing you back in my blog sometime! Smile

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