Winner for Lovable Labels Wire Tags and Award for My Blog Readers!

~ Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 6:38 PM ~

I posted a giveaway for the Lovable Labels Wire Tags a month ago and it's now past 21st June 2011 already, which means the giveaway is closed and I'm now announcing the lucky winner!

I'm just going to cut short my usual explanations of how I came to compile, select, tally the entries and then randomly picked the winner using So below is the lucky winner:

* The winner is: ro20del********

Congratulations to you! I have just sent an email to you to get your further details! You have 48 hours to respond to my email before I pick another winner! As for the rest who participated in the giveaway, thank you for entering, better luck next time, OK? A note of thanks as well to Lovable Labels  for sponsoring the Wire Tag label pack to my lucky blog visitor / reader!

On another note, I would also like to take this opportunity to hand out this "The Reader Appreciation Award" to the following blog readers of mine who faithfully and regularly commented on my blog posts.

I truly appreciate you guys and enjoy getting your comments. Please keep them coming. It's comments from you guys that keep me inspired and motivated to blog on!

So without further ado, please accept them with my sincerest thanks from the bottom of my heart!

The award goes to (in no particular order):

* Suhaila from sumijelly
* Germaine from mom2kiddos
* Aries (you gave me this award, so yes, I'm giving it back to you! :D)
* aurie
* Dominique
* Steph
* Catheryn from PinkBibs
* And those that I don't have their blog URLs: Miki and Carmen

To those that I have left out, please accept my apologies. I will try to include more in the next giveaway winner post if I left out anyone. Those names listed above, go ahead and accept it, you guys deserve it!

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You are just so sweet!  Thank you Smile


Thanks Jenny! It's been a pleasure reading your blog and commenting on your posts. You're wonderful. What do I have to do with the award ah?




Thanks for the award.. You're really very sweet Smile


Thank you so much Jenny for thinking of me for this award!

Catheryn @ Pinkbibs

thank you thank you thank you!

I am so honoured to receive this award (1st time EVER!) Smile


hahaha.......tu pun leh dpt award ker??

eh..award tu aku nak tukar CASH leh tak??? leh beli susu anak aku.....hahahaha

Thanks yek Jenny.......hahahaha


eh... aku dh ambik dah award ko..

nanti ko tgk la aku dh simpan baik2 ...hehehe

uncle Lee

Hi, wow! Can see you having fun here. Good for you.
Nothing like keeping busy at home too.
Keep it up....
Best regards.


Thanks for the award. Happy blogging to you

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