Starting Off with Our CD Adventure!

~ Posted on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 8:36 AM ~

Last week, I had just blogged about taking baby steps into the world of CD and the very next day after that, the cloth diapers (CD) arrived safely to us! Here are some pictures taken of Ben's CDs:

I got a free recycle bag for my purchase!
One of the reason I got this CD, the back button!
Each CD comes with 2 Bamboo inserts (2 Folds + 3 Folds),
add up to 10 layers of absorption
My first CD purchase for Ben!

I finally found this detergent at Babyland shop!
Nappy liners bought from Tesco...

Now, total investment for starting off on our CD adventure:

Items Bought Bought From Amount Spent (RM)
 2 pcs of Cloth Diapers Online  RM77.63 (incl courier charges) 
 Nappy Liners (120 pcs)
Tesco RM10.90
 Pureen H-A-D Detergent  Babyland RM16.90

You have no idea how much trouble I got into trying to locate that Pureen H-A-D detergent! Went through quite a number of baby shops to find it and was on the verge of giving up (to just prewash with plain water) when I finally found it at a babyshop near our house! Thank God!

So there you go... I will blog about my experience in pre-washing the CDs later on. I was so nervous on doing it as I intended to do it right the first time (thanks to the motto of my previous company)

Wish me luck!

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Hi! I ventured into the CD world when 4 months ago when my tot was 15 months old and I have no regrets. The website of helped me a lot in choosing which brands to get. ;) I got most of my nappies from


That's actually quite a good price. Happy trying!


hehehe...... I masa pantang anak ke 3... I pakai lampin jer selama 2 bulan.. sebab duduk rumah kan..

leh la basuh .. pas kerja..pakai balik pampers..sbb tak sempat nak membasuh......hahaha

tp memang jimat tau..

dah la anak BF, kat rumah pakai lampin jer.. cuma keluar jer pakai pampers...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
Yes, I think so. Have been procastinating for some time because of the price problem. Not that I'm stingy but I don't want to spend hundreds of ringgits to try out on CD. So have been looking for cheaper and recommended (and tested preferably) by friends so, am very glad to be able to purchase this CDs!

Hey Sumijelly!
Masa I lahir Ben dulu, first week we tried nappy cloth (yang warna putih orang tua tua guna tu) but cannot la, cos breastfeeding almost every 1-2 hours, Ben pees a lot! So end up guna disposable from then on Tong So we see now how my boy use it, if OK, then can buy more and try on the 2nd baby la Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Janie!

Thanks for your comment! MieVee of Mummysreviews website also recommended me a brand of CD before but it was out of stock and I've been checking it for sometime, still out of stock, and then another friend of mine suggested this brand so after some research and thinking, decided to go with this one. I do read the CD posts from her website too! Smile


You go girl  I have family members who did cloth diapering but it wasn't really on my radar.  They have some CUTE covers, though!  I'll be interested to read your progress!!

Catheryn @ Pinkbibs

I love the blue CD with white stars!!

I hope you enjoy the CD journey Smile

Family Help

They're too cute! I wish I could find like them also for my 3 month old niece.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Thanks for your support! I'm going to start using it on Ben tomorrow as I have finally completed the pre-wash part!

Hey Catheryn!
Actually both also I heart! Laughing Thanks again for your recommendation, feedback and prodding hahaha... if not, I might still be thinking and thinking and thinking...

Hi Family Help!
Glad you like the CDs! If you are interested, I could give you the website URL for you to order the CD too! Smile

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