Winners for BubCap Home Button Covers!

~ Posted on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 1:40 AM ~

I posted a giveaway for the BubCap Home Button Covers a month ago and it's now past 30th June 2011 already, which means the giveaway is closed and I'm now announcing the 5 lucky winners!

I'm just going to cut short my usual explanations of how I came to compile, select, tally the entries and then randomly picked the winner using So below are the 5 lucky winners & their answers on what they like about BubCap Home Button Covers:

# Winners Answers
1 tan.samuel I never thought if there is such product exists :) Our daughter loves the iPad for her reading, but she got distracted with the home button, so there goes the learning.  Thank you for creating this.  Or else I will be using a sticky note to cover the home button.  But again, she will be distracted to remove it :)
2 ruiten Toddler somehow very attracted with the HOME button, it causes inconvenient to us, right now, i do not need to worry any more as BubCap Home button Cover can eliminate our inconvenient cause. Simple yet Great ideas!
3 dlatany I like that it can prevent a baby from touching buttons that makes you have to keep going back and starting a program like a game over and over again.
4 sherylin83 Woohoo... the perfect cool protector for the oh-so-handy tab for my Apple iPhone. Cant wait to land my hands on one of it...(*crossing my fingers*)
Way to go, BubCap Home Buttons Covers!!!
5 Gotkinks These covers will keep my toddler and mommy happy longer without interruptions!

Congratulations to all of you! I have just sent an email to you guys to get your further details! You guys have 48 hours to respond to my email before I pick another winner! As for the rest who participated in the giveaway, thank you for entering, better luck next time, OK? A note of thanks as well to  Paperclip Robot  for sponsoring the BubCap Home Button Covers to my lucky visitors / readers!

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Yay, we have winners!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Rob!

Yes! I'll be in touch with you once I got the replies from all 5 winners! Thanks again for this awesome opportunity to host the giveaway!


*yeah* *yeah* congratulation to all and my other half!

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