Forgetting How to Breathe...

~ Posted on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 8:41 AM ~

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2 more months to go before Spicy Baby's arrival!!!

And I'm really, really, really starting to worry - especially when I realised now that I actually forgot how to breathe! (As in breathing techniques during the labor...)

Oh man... I am in trouble...

I read through my post (in my old blog) about my supernatural childbirth with Ben and, nope... clever me did not note down what I did for my breathing techniques during the labor. Ah heck...I need to dig out my antenatal class notes - which was taken 2 years ago!

Seriously, I totally forgot about the breathing techniques even when I was in the midst of giving birth to Ben - thank God my hubby was next to me to remind me the techniques!

Of course, this time round, I kept telling and reminding my hubby to REMIND ME the breathing techniques when the time comes cos' I'll be sure to forget it even if I memorise it by heart now.

I just hope I won't go to this level...

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Catheryn @ Pinkbibs

I am sure you will do alright.  God is amazing and He will bring back your 'breathing' memories in times of need! Smile

Diana S.

Hubs and I took a prenatal class, too but all that went out the window. It didn't help that I had to stay in bed the whole time I was laboring to monitor Nathaniel's heart rate (it went super low during my first hard core contraction) so most of what I learned in class can't be used anyway, i.e. walking, rocking, etc. But mostly, my body and mind knew what I needed to do to cope with the pain so I followed that. I didn't want to be touch at all and did all the massaging and rubbing of my belly. Unfortunately, I had an emergency c-section Frown

And you will be amazing! Praying for you and your little one.


You'll be doing great Smile


Luckily I didn't have to use breathing techniques - I was blissfully on epidural. I'm sure you'll do just fine from your experience with Ben!


no kidding.. i'm also starting to panic.. asking arnd how to breathe and push.. hahahha... but my friend advice was go for epidural coz it will make u more "alert"  during the whole situation.. what's ur advice?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Thanks, but I don't think the breathing memories will come back since it was never 'installed' at all! ;P

Hey Diana!
THanks for your prayers!

Hey 24yomummy!
Thanks for your encouragement!

Hey Germaine!
I hope so too! Thank you for your support!

Hey Miki!
Errr... I try not to rely on any painkillers or drugs if possible. With Ben, I'm only on the laughing gas ler...


hahaha........... U jangan... nanti panik pulak...

start now u sekarang bernafas thru mouth la... jgn bernafas melalui hidung.... nanti lama2 u akan biasa masa di labour room..hehehe


Don't worry ya. I don't know any techniques also. But thankfully the nurses were very helpful and thought me the way. So I guess I did pretty well. So the dr said..;)

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Sumijelly!
Wah, hopefully la yek! ;)

Hey Carolyn!
Welcome back! Long time no hear from you! Smile With Ben, I was busy focusing on pulling out the laughing gas from the gas mask and only heard hubby talking to me. I think the nurse also tried to teach me but too painful to focus on other things that time Tong


eh! sama, I also didn't take painkiller, just the laughing gas, but the laughing gas almost wanna made me drunk, hahaha.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi 24yomummy!
Oh, I don't have any 'drunk' issue when using the gas mask, more to not knowing how to use when I first put it over my mouth. I was expecting a gush of fresh air coming towards me but was absolutely pissed when I was told I had to inhale hard in order to pull the gas out! Arghhhhh!!

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