Men Face Care. Do You Care?

~ Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 6:53 PM ~

Why am I writing this post today? Oh well, just want to share my thoughts on men face care since my beloved husband does have his shares of ups and downs in searching for the right products for his face care. It's quite sad and pitiful to hear his grumbles about the flaky skins peeling from his face, of how the flaky skins turns into red splotches as he tries to scratch and wash them away.

Maybe I'm just lucky but I'm more of a plain water and soap type of person and I don't rely on any facial products all this while so I can't really help him in this area.

Now why is face care so important? Well, firstly, your face is the most viewed part of your body (unless you are shy and have problems looking at the person you are talking to straight in the eye than I've got nothing to comment on this hehehe..)

Ben at 6 months old checking out his reflection on the mirror...

I mean, don't you agree that the face is what most people notice first when they meet someone new for the first time? And I would think that face is one of the important features that leave a long lasting impression on the person you met up with. After all, when we try to think of someone, their face comes to mind, right?

And I think for men, it is more crucial that they take care of their face,  maybe because women can put on makeup, but for men, face care needs to be approached from a different angle. Unless that man works as a clown or some job that required them to put on makeup, otherwise, poor men (like my husband!) have no choice but to look for the ultimate products that can help them take care of their face.

I'm really glad to know that my husband has managed to find a good facial product - for now. I really hope that the product will continue to work its magic so that my beloved man can stay happy everyday!

So what about you? What do you think about men face care?

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Mrs. T

Well, my hubby just uses face lotion, and whatever facial cleanser that we have in the shower works fine. He also uses a little after shave sometimes, I think, if it's irritated. Other than that, that's his whole regime. ha ha... I only wash my face in the shower. {shock} I KNOW... thats soo bad!! I do not wash my makeup off before bed... eeek. My skin would probably look so much better if I actually did this.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Mrs. T!
Ermm.. at least, you wash your face even though in the shower... I only wash when I feel my face starts to get oily *horror* and good thing is I don't wear make up, even when I was working last time, I don't put on make up Tong

Thanks for sharing your feedback! Smile

Miki Chua

Lucky for ur hubby..mine got some hormones imbalance rite after our wedding. his face grew tons and tons of ache and pimple. Probably he's allergy to me! muahahha...

but now it has recover alot some once a while there'll be some "pop out" still cannot find a special wash tat works magic for him Frown

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki,
When I first dated my hubby, he used to have this scary pop out of a sudden zits. One time he teman me in bank, I felt something squirted to my hand, then we realised one of his zit popped and the pus squirted out to my direction! Gross.... if first date, I dump him liao Tong kidding kidding... thank God he no more pimples liao. Maybe I'm the antidote hahahah

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