"You can give birth in a taxi..."

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Was what I'm hearing at my 33 weeks pregnancy check up. Detail story as below...

Today our gynae was caught up with some appointments and was not able to attend to a few of his patients (including me... the last one for the day) and one of the nurse on duty asked me whether I mind seeing another gynae for today instead.

Thinking that it's already going to be 5pm (the clinic closes at 5pm) and I really don't want to reschedule my appointment, I just said 'Sure, no problem!' and went ahead to see this lady gynae.

So anyway, the gynae went through my records and then we did the 4D scan, confirming again that Spicy Baby's gender is indeed...

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XX (aka GIRL which reminded me I forgot to announce it on my blog! Whoopsss...), that her weight is now almost 1.8kg and everything is normal.

Then the gynae also asked me whether I had taken the MGTT (glucose test) which I did at 7 months pregnancy and she asked me what about a TT, and I went 'Huh? What is that?'

Now, for those of you who are as blur as me (I really have no idea and don't remember taking this when I had Ben though my hubby told me I did), here are some info I found on the Net:

* "Tetanus is acquired through exposure to the spores of the bacterium Clostridium tetani which are universally present in the soil. The disease is caused by the action of a potent neurotoxin produced during the growth of the bacteria in dead tissues, e.g. in dirty wounds or in the umbilicus following non-sterile delivery." Source: http://www.who.int/immunization/topics/tetanus/en/index1.html

* "The Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine is given during your pregnancy to prevent tetanus to you as well as your baby. Antibodies formed in your body, after the vaccination, are passed on to your baby and protect her for a few months after birth. It also helps prevent premature delivery. " Source: http://www.babycenter.in/pregnancy/antenatalhealth/testsandcare/tt-vaccine-expert/

Back to the gynae... she then explained that it is an injection given to prevent tetanus, for example, we can get tetanus if we got wounds or cuts from rusty materials and non-sterile environment. She also explained normally if I give birth in hospital of course everything is sterile and I wouldn't need the shot, but what if I couldn't make it on time to hospital and had to give birth in a taxi or somewhere that is dirty?

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Which then brought us to my post title today... when she said 'so with this shot, you are protected and can give birth in a taxi' (Ermmm... woohoooo???)

So anyway, after finding out that there is no side effects or anything, I went ahead and got the shot. My left arm is still aching-kinda like someone sucker punched that aching area.

Other than getting this TT shot, there's nothing much to report for my pregnancy update for now. As for Spicy Baby's preparation, I've already dug out Ben's old baby clothes and will be rewashing them all again. Hubby's gotta get a new wardrobe for Spicy Baby by then.

Till then, thanks for reading and pray for my smooth and safe pregnancy & delivery!

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Woohoo!!  Congrats on the healthy baby - and the GIRL Smile


owh... I so jwlws u will get a GILR this time....

if my 4rd child still a boy.. **pengsan**.... coz akan makin lasak dan garang la I..hahaha..

but I still berharap its miracle will be happen.....hehehehe

U doa2 kan la yek.. I will get a GIRL tooooooo......hik3

Mommy Psedornna

Congrats Jenny! A boy & A girl for you! Great one!


Congratulations Jenny! just great! good combination, a boy and a girl Smile


Congrats on a pair!! You always mention spicy baby which always gave me the impression of a girl. I don't remember ever been offered a TT shot. I wasn't intent on giving birth in a taxi anyway. Praying for you!


frankly speaking..i also dunno about this TT injection until my 2nd pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy private tot i took in gahmen, gahmen i didn't go coz my ex-boss thinks it's waste of her time and company time for me to go check up every mth so i skip a few visits.

as far as i know.. TT suppose to be 1st trimester once and 2nd trimester once for 1st timer...now i'm stuck dunno wat to do already...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie, Mommy Psedornna, Rosse!
Thank you! Smile

Hey Sumijelly!
Aiseh, kesian you tak dpt tgk gender yet. Hope you get what you wish for la, but as long as baby healthy, takpe lah.. boy or girl is OK la, betul?

Hey Germaine!
Spicy Baby cos I eat lots of spicy with this pregnancy! Smile Thanks for your prayers!

Hey Miki!
Yes wor... I really think this is the first time I heard of TT shot leh... I mean for pregnancy la... The shot I'm getting now is the 1st booster shot which the doc said is enough until I give birth wor..


congrat to a pair of "good"Smile.
wish you a smooth and safe delivery.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi there PC!
Thanks for coming back! Smile and thank you for your prayers and support! Laughing

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