Toddler Meals (July 18 - 24)

~ Posted on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 10:30 PM ~

Pictures of meals are getting less since quite a number of the meals served to Ben have been featured in previous posts of toddler's meals. Continuing on with Ben's meals for July 18th to 24th...

18 July
Breakfast - Noodle with some lotus, 4 pieces of chocolate biscuits, a bottle of grape Vitagen
Tea - Mango pudding, a slice of Cheddar cheese
Dinner - Japanese tofu, rice, mushroom, pork

Left: Breakfast for 18 July
Above: Dinner for 18 July

19 July
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes, UHT choc milk
Lunch - cheese & omelette, a bottle of Vitagen
Dinner - Sushi rice, egg mayo, salmon skin, chawan mushi, miso soup

20 July
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes, UHT choc milk, some blueberry cheese tart
Lunch - Yogurt, a slice of Cheddar cheese
Tea - some chicken rice, mango juice, kaya bun
Dinner - rice, egg custard, chicken, passionfruit jelly

Dinner for July 20...

21 July
Breakfast - UHT choc milk, alphabet pasta with cheese
Lunch - Oats, cornflakes, strawberry pudding
Tea (6pm) - Plain wheat crackers
Dinner - Salmon skin, chawan mushi, miso soup, udon, green tea ice cream

Above: Breakfast for 21 July
Right: Lunch for 21 July

22 July
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes, a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Chicken rice, egg tart,
Tea - Blueberry cheese tart
Dinner - Rice, chicken, potato, egg, tofu
Supper - cornflakes

Left: Tea for 22 July
Above: Dinner for 22 July

23 July
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes
Lunch - Forgot :P
Dinner - Egg, rice vermicelli, fish

Dinner for 23 July

24 July
Breakfast - Pancakes, a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Rice, mushroom
Dinner - Papaya, oats with cornflakes, half cream cheese bun

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uncle Lee

Hi Mummy, your boy sure enjoys his food judging from the pics. The dishes look so tasty and delicious.
There is nothing more spectacular on this Earth than that of a beautiful mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones.

I too love oats and cornflakes which I have for my breakfast sometimes on weekends. Often shredded wheat with rice krispies.
Oats very good for children....adults too.
Give him lots of fresh milk, build up his bones, body.

Pssst, when you going to give him a baby sister? *wink*.
Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Uncle Lee!

Thanks for your comment! Yes, I'm very glad my boy loves oats! That is his backup food that I always rely on when he doesn't want to eat other things (aka fussy!) As for baby sister, coming soon, coming soon! 1 months time! Very nervous! :}


hey your son doesn't seem like a picky eater. he eats quite a variety of food huh? My son wasn't picky when he was younger but nowadays he is starting to be a little picky already. headache.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn,
My son is not that picky but when he's in one of his mood, if he doesn't want to eat the things, he will straight refused and run away. No way can force him to eat it. So when that happens, it's back to oats Tong


I wish my daughter could eat like that!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi there 1tootiefoodie!
Thanks for visiting my humble blog! Sometimes my boy will be fussy and all I can think of is giving him oats, which he will take. I guess, all parents will go through this! All the best to you!

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