What Have My Kids Done To Me?!

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 8:00 AM ~

Before I have kids, my waistline was the same, all the way since I was 17 years old...

Yup... 26 inches!

And then I had Ben, and I gotta get a pregnancy jeans... which was fine cos it was extra small...

And then my waistline started expanding...

Added 2 more inches...

And few days back, when I had to go to the hospital for my postnatal check-up, I found myself with no pants to wear. The jeans I had in my closet stay stuck around my thighs, refusing to go up any higher... my hips apparently expanded thanks to these 2 fella...

Yeah... these 2!

So, during the recent weekend, hubby forced me to go shop for new jeans as I stood there holding my jeans, mourning over not being able to wear them anymore... After checking in and out a few stores, I finally bought 2 pair of jeans, 1 full length the other knee length.

And guess what are my jeans sizes now?

Sigh... what have my kids done to me?!

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Halo. You just gave birth-la! Very soon you'll be back to 28" with all the tandem nursing you are doing!

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

I too am trying to get back to my "small" size.. I'm back to pre-preggy weight and size but still yet to get to my ideal weight Argg.. it's taking all too long and weight seems to have plateau.. I'm still hesitant to do "the dress" challenge.. that's my ultimate aim..to be able to fit back into the wedding dress like I did after giving birth to my #2.. hopefully in 6 months time.


Oh--Tri made me from XS to L but now I'm back to S-M shirts! My waist line from 26 to 30! And I'm trying all my best to get rid of the extra inches by walking to and from work...

dont worry, big sis. You'll be back on your good ol'shape because of the wonders of breastfeeding. You are doing great! Smile hope you have a good one!

Lisha @ DeLovely Life

You're still in the shrinking phase. It took me a VERY long time to get even close to my pre-prego jeans, and that was just after having one kiddo. My hips just did not want to shrink. As my mama is fond of saying, it took 9 months to put the inches on, give yourself a little time to shrink. You're burning calories like mad and will be back to yourself in no time.

Miki Chua

yalo... it's still early stage.. u'll shrink... probably smaller when u start to chase 2 of them! haha... later u'll need to dig out all ur XS clothing and pants..


I feel your pain. My hips have spread and boobs now droop. So sad!


Well, been there done that. It's making me depress now. Thanks for reminding Tong Bye bye 26!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

Aiyo... atleast you had been 26 and 28.  Smile  I am sure you will shrink back to 28 if not 26, very soon =D


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
Aiyo, I lose weight quite fast wan la... I think my waist is OK, just the hips enlarge cannot shrink back liao Frown

Hey Dominique!
Good to hear you're back to your pre-preggy weight and size! Hope you'll be able to complete your 'dress' challenge in 6 months or less! Smile

Hey Anne!
I remembered one of the jeans I tried that day was a 29" jeans, so I'm not too far behind you Frown At least you get to walk to and fro work! I'm stuck at home 24/7 with 2 fellas now! Tong

Hi Lisha!
I hope so! And I hope the shrinking phase will be over soon!

Hey Miki!
I hope they will chase each other and I just sit there and watch la.. Tong

Hi Kayla!
Boobs? What?!!!!

Hey Carolyn!
Sorry for reminding Frown

Hey Catheryn!
Oh well... if you put it that way, at least I used to be 26" and 28" hor... Tong


Aww... no worries. BF will help you loose all that extra inches in no time. Not to mention, running after Ben and soon da cutie pie, you'll get back 26 inch soon Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Merryn,

Nah, before Ben I was 26", after him, 28". I don't mind the waist expanding a bit since I'm really skinny... I'm just a bit bummed out with my expanding hips! My jeans are all still in good condition (cos I don't often wear them since I became a SAHM)!!!

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