Book Review - My Feelings Are Hungry (Ava Parnass)

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This is the 2nd book written by Ava Parnass that I get to review. Without further ado, below is my review for the "My Feelings Are Hungry" book:

Title: My Feelings Are Hungry: From Adventures in Feeling Town with Mushy, the Magic Book
Authors: Ava Parnass, Al Margolis (Illustrator), Rebecca Parnass (Contributor)
 Publisher:  BookSurge Publishing (August 27, 2008)
ISBN 13 / 10: 978-1439203521 / 1439203520
Paperback & E-book

Description from the product page:
"In her children’s book, My Feelings Are Hungry, the superhero, Mushy the Magic Book, flies with kids in the E-mobile to Feeling Town to help solve problems. Did you even know that feelings could get hungry?   My Feelings are Hungry is the first book to ever address some of the key emotional issues that make kids want to eat more and also misbehave. My Feelings are Hungry is likely to become one of the single-most important books in the fight against childhood obesity in understanding that underneath all behavior are unresolved feelings!

In My Feelings Are Hungry, the main character, Rebecca, is having a very bad day.  Through rhyming prose, we take a trip with Rebecca through her kitchen as she tries to calm herself with goodies and confections of all sorts.  Suddenly, Mushy, a magical book guide, appears to transport the main character through Feelings Town.  Through talking and processing those feelings, Rebecca is able to learn new ways to cope with them.  Feelings Town is a wonderful place for all kids to explore their inner workings and learn that having big feelings is okay!

It’s an imaginative story kids love, featuring a FUN Entertaining Feeling Town Map that kids love at the back of the book. The map helps parents and kids start a Daily Feelings Ritual so that everyone can figure out the feelings hiding underneath their misbehaving and overeating, in order to change it."

This book is about Rebecca who is having a bad day and she eats all sorts of junk foods to comfort and cheer herself up when all of a sudden, a magical character called Mushy appears right in front of her and brings her to Feeling Town, where children learn to express their feelings.

Every street in the town had a name of a feeling and Rebecca then explained to Mushy what made her mad and causes her to have a bad day! In the end, Rebecca manages to cheer herself up and realises that she does not need to eat all those junk foods in order to comfort herself!

What I like about this book?

* I like the way the story is being told in rhymes.

* I also like that this book teaches you to express your feelings through the use of Feeling Town.

* I particularly like the statement "Find somebody to listen, and hear what's inside, Then whatever went wrong, it can start to go right".

* There is a page in the book which guides the adults what to do to guard against obesity.

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