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~ Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 8:45 AM ~

Since last year, whenever Christmas time is approaching, my brother in law's best friend will send over his maid to our place for a few days. This is because his mum is going for her year-end holiday and hence, they decided to let the maid stays with us temporarily (rather than leaving the maid alone in the house)

For 2010's Christmas, my MIL cooked extra portion of food for the maid (her name is Adriana) during her temporary stay at our place and Adriana helps out with cleaning our place, mopping the floor and hanging our laundry. She was around when we celebrated Christmas that year and we gave her a Christmas present too!

Adriana playing the guitar while we sang Christmas carols!

For 2011 Christmas, Adriana is back for 5 days and during these few days, she tagged along to a few of our family outings. I'm writing this post to share of my experience of having a maid:

Adriana sitting next to me while Ben plays during Christmas service...


Household Chores

Like what she did in 2010, this time, she helps out with mopping our floors, hanging our laundry and I found her cleaning our fridge door's too one early morning!


Taking Care of Children

Personally, I do not like other people than my family members hold or touches my child. At one point during a family dinner, someone passed Alyson to Adriana (I was feeding Ben that time) and when I realised she was carrying Alyson, I panicked and was upset too at the person who passed my daughter to Adriana. I am not being judgemental or anything, my own mothering instincts just tells me to not let other people touches my child. I immediately got my husband to feed Ben and carried back Alyson.


Companion for the Old Folks

I can hear Adriana chatting and listening to my MIL's talking during her short stay at our place. I think she can make a good companion for old folks.


No More Privacy

Seriously, I feel very awkward having another person around the house, and even during my family outing. It's just plain weird and uneasy. At times I pitied her for not understanding what is happening around the family or what we are planning to do, but at times I also have to worry about her getting lost or couldn't find us and so on while we were out shopping (last minute Christmas shopping)

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In summary, as much as I am truly grateful for her help around the house during her short stay here, in terms of our own family privacy, I would prefer not to have a maid around us. Maybe if we really do have a maid, I'll prefer if she just stays and accompanies my MIL and doing the household chores.

Any matters related to child care or my children, I will be responsible for that and not the maid. I personally cannot imagine how I can pass my children to a maid to take care. I feel very weird and uneasy having another person tagging along with us during our family outing.

I have seen at church service for example, how parents leave their children while they attend the service. I've seen maids chasing the children around, trying to feed them, or trying to clean up the children's mess. 

I've been horrified at not once, but twice, experiencing and seeing with my own eyes how a young child (maybe less than 2 years old) terrorising the baby room while the maid just sit at the corner, texting and fidgeting with her mobile phone. The young boy puts his food in the dustbin, takes out garbage and plays with it, takes people's shoes from the shoe rack and tries them on and leave the shoes (even mine!) all around, pulls down the shoe racks, goes after other kids' foods etc etc.

I feel a parent should be caring for their child, not the maid.

Anyway, this is just my own opinions about my experience of having a maid during her short stay with us. As of now, although at most times it is hectic to care and pay attention to a hyperactive boy and a cheeky and fussy baby girl, I think I can make it without relying on a maid still.

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Well said, Jenny! My sentiments exactly. That's why we don't have a maid too. I only hire those part-time maids to come clean the house and iron the clothes for me. Wah but this Adriana can even play guitar! LOL.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn!
We also have those hourly maid but it was from my brother in law one cos he got those hourly maids 4 times a month, so when he's outstation he will pass the maids to us since there's no one in his house to supervise the maids.

Iron clothes I still can do myself, but I will need to collect until like 7-8 shirts then I will iron altogether.

And yes, Adriana is pretty good with the guitar! Smile

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

We too don't have a maid and I'm not willing to try one as I have heard too many horror stories including maids and also have witness how inefficient my mum's maid is.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Dominique!
Oh yes! I've heard a lot of horror stories about maids too but then there are a rare few which are very good! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


gosh i wish i could have a maid once a month!

sorry for being MIA! happy new year! finally catching up to the blogging world. crazy holidays.

Miki Chua

B4 i decide to quit my job and be SAHM, i did too once tot of having a maid arnd to help my mom with my kid. but then luckily tak jadi.. after looking arnd and thinking hard, glad i can hv the privileged to handle them myself. many kids learn to be very rude to the maid, they learn to instruct their maid to do things and scold the maid. parent become too depending on the maid until they don't know what is their kids routine ( or even  have once)

somehow i agree and also disagree to hv maid. maybe hourly maid is OK just to help with the cleaning

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

hi Kayla!
welcome back! i am happy with hourly maids, really! *hinting to my brother in law to send hir hourly maids more often to our place hehehe....

hey Miki!
ooo agree! i've seen how even parents are rude to the maid n i think this is setting bad example to their kids. i mean, maids are still human and they too have parents and children. i've also seen children becoming very attached to the maid and once the maid leave, the parents have hard time taking control of the children or even know where the things are kept in their own house!


"I feel a parent should be caring for their child, not the maid. " - totally agree! I myself do not feel comfortable with other people around the house. Even having my youngest brother with me still bothers me sometimes, much more if it is not a family member or a relative. Although here in the Philippines, there are also a few left women working as maids share the same passion in caring a child the way we use to care for our little ones. But then again, I can only count them. Most of the maids here have "hidden agendas".

I hope you're ok! Smile God Bless, big sis!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Anne!
Oh, the maids at your country have 'hidden agendas'? Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

oh man! I am glad I am not alone in this.  I freaked out anytime my cousin or my grandma's maid try to pandai pandai entertain or take care of Isabelle.  I know my reaction may seems a bit too much but I just cant accept it.  

Just last week, in a restaurant, a couple let the maid feed the child, and the child plays with ipad and both parents eating while 'playing' or ok, maybe working on their phones. tsk tsk.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Actually it's my first time freaking out - I'm fine with family members, of course still throwing the cautious glance in case they don't handle my girl well or think she's strong enough (neck, head, body etc) but with strangers, that was the first time I freaked out inside!

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