Toddler Meals (December 2011)

~ Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 8:53 AM ~

It has been a while since I last posted pictures and meals that Ben took. I used to do  the toddler meals posts on a weekly basis before I delivered Alyson and I want to continue back this tradition of disciplining myself to ensure Ben is getting proper meals but I think with my schedule now, I can post it on monthly basis and pictures taken will be whenever possible.

So here goes the meals Ben had in December 2011:

Toddler Meals

Above - 08 Dec Lunch: Fried rice with slice sausages and egg

Toddler Meals

Above - 22 Dec Lunch: Poached egg with steam broccoli (mashed up) + oats with bits of cucumber and chicken

Toddler Meals

Above - 28 Dec Breakfast: Cheese omelete, 1 slice of fish fillet

Toddler Meals

Above - 29 Dec Lunch: Egg mayo sandwich cut with birthday cake cutter

Toddler Meals

Above - 30 Dec Breakfast: Banana pancakes

Toddler Meals

Above - 30 Dec Lunch: Chocolate banana spread bread sandwich

Toddler Meals

Above - 30 Dec Dinner: Spaghetti with dory fish fillet

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Looks like he has a lot of food variety huh? Seems like not a picky eater. And the portion looks big too. Not like my children. Sigh.

Ben doesn't eat whatever you adults eat?


At least he is more adventurous than my girl!  Headache thinking what to prepare for her.  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn,
Nah, close up pictures make you think it's big portion lah. Only the oats are big portion (I think it's big - I put about 18-20 teaspoons of oats everytime I make it for him) As for eating what we eat, of course got but not so much pictures taken cos busy eating mah! Tong

Hi Rose,
Adventurous?!!! You are wrong! Everytime I ask Ben what he wants to eat, he says "OATS" arghhhhhh....

Miki Chua

what a variety choices.. and.. healthy to.. way to go mama jenny!


Ben doesn't seem to be a picky eater, huh? That's really good Smile they say kids around that age likes eating the same kind of food everyday.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
No lah, where got variety, I only show the ifferent dishes, the rest of the days pretty much the same ol' same ol'  Tong

Hey Anne!
Oh really? Now that might explain why Ben's fave food is oats... and oats... and oats... and oats... -_-

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