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~ Posted on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 8:25 AM ~

I am not a fan of going for dental check-up. Throughout my childhood years, I live in fear of dentist pulling each and every one of my tooth out. I only started to slowly overcome my fears over getting my dental check-ups when I started working.

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Anyway, long story short, I just had my dental check-up last week - a long overdue check-up. And being a SAHM with 2 kids now, when mummy goes out, the whole family goes out. A high school friend of mine referred me to her dentist as I was also planning to slowly get Ben to go for his dental check up as well and wanted to find a child-friendly dentist and one that has experienced handling young patients.

We arrived at the clinic on time but I had to let another patient go first as my hubby had trouble finding car park! Yes, the clinic is located in a very busy area with little chance of good parking spots unless you park real far and walked all the way to the clinic - which is what my hubby did.

My impression of the clinic? Nice environment, cosy, they play those nice soothing music to calm you down, there's a mini garden outside where the washroom is and I like that there are some children books around and some cuddly pillows on the sofa too (I didn't use it though as I'm not sure how clean they are...)

I'm a full-time mummy at dentist

Only found out what happened to my kids while I was in the room with the dentist getting my scaling and polishing. Whoaaa... hubby said our kids hogged the whole sofa - but anyway, there's only 1 more patient after me and there's like 2 more sofas around. I'm a full-time mummy at dentist

The dentist is gentle and soft-spoken, clearly explaining to me what causes my bleeding gums and taught me how to take care of my gums and teeth properly. Price wise, a bit on the high side, but then again, I did mentioned this check-up was long overdue and I don't know whether there has been any increase in this.

After we were done, I explained to the demtist that I wanted to get Ben warm up to the idea of dental check-up and try as we might, he refused to open his mouth and show his teeth to the dentist. She even make an Angry Bird balloon out of her spare dentist glove to cheer Ben up! Ben stopped to get the balloon (he likes balloon but have no idea what Angry Bird is - anyway we are not a fan of Angry Bird at all) but continued crying when we asked him to open his mouth.

Sigh, maybe next time then...

Question: At what age do you bring your child to his/her 1st dental check-up and how do you get them to be calm about the whole thing?

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Miki Chua

wow.. ur hubby shold bring ben in together so tat he can see what happen to you.. hehehehe....

but i kinda like the clinic. how long did u have to wait?

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

I started bringing them to the dentist at about 2 yrs old as by then most of their teeth should be out and have to be checked every 6 months.


That's too bad you could not get him to open his mouth but that was really nice of the dentist to go to the length of making a balloon for him. I remember being a kid and my mom holding me down with a dental assistant while I sat in a cold rock-solid dental chair and the dentist was prying open my mouth trying to get a peek in there. Had your son didn't have to experience that.


Totally with you on the dentist thing - my least fav thing to do. Ugh.

Bella ended up needing to see a pediatric orthodontist after a fall last October and she did great! Only thing she cried over was XRays. Sophie? Hah - she has yet to go and I'm not looking forward to taking her.


That is a pretty nice clinic! Smile I don't have any doubts they charge a considerable rate.

I bring Tri with me during dental check ups as much as I can. I want him to be familiar with the process and not to be scared of the environment. Tri's first visit was before he turned 2. He freaked out at first but was able to cope after couple more visits. Smile It's ok, Ben will learn eventually. Try role playing at home, him play dentist and you the patient. That could work Smile


Good luck!  I never had a dentist issue.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!

Hubby had to jaga Alyson Tong Before the dentist start working on me, we did get Ben in and intro him to the dentist, just say hi, what is dentist going to do to mummy, bla bla bla, then the dentist suggested Ben to go out as she scared he might freak out when he hears the machine sounds Tong We got back in after the dentist was done with me and when we coaxed Ben to open his mouth, that's when he started crying Tong I was actually the first patient at 10.30am but had to let the 2nd patient go in as hubby still trying to find parking (no parking lot at all!!) and I had to wait about half hour for my turn.

Hey Dominique!
Thanks for sharing. Wish I brought Ben earlier too, but like I mentioned, I was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue for my checkup! Frown

Hi V!
Yes, I was actually pleasantly surprised the dentist could come up with the Angry Bird balloon using her gloves! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Hey Aurie!
Good for Bella, and as for Sophie, oh, hope she'll be alright!

Hey Anne!
Oh yes, pretty nice clinic! I'm going to be bringing Ben for my next appt as well. Thanks for your tips!

Hi 1tootiefoodie!
Thanks, we need that good luck! Tong

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