Pooping on the Potty

~ Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 8:24 AM ~

One of the things I wanted to see and finally get to see it! I blogged about starting Ben back on his potty training few weeks ago after months of delaying it.

Just a brief of history, I only started potty training Ben when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with baby Alyson  - imagine having a bulging and heavy belly bump and running (Yes, RUNNING!) to the toilet to and fro everytime Ben says 'Shh shh' (aka pee-pee). I could actually stand that for a month or so and then after Alyson was born in Sept 2011, I stopped Ben's potty training as I can't cope with potty training until recently in February, we decided to resume the potty training.

My 3 year old boy finally sitting on his potty to poop! He started doing this at 35 months old. Prior to that, only peeing into potty, no pooping, thank you very much!

The moment we tried suggesting him to sit on the potty, he either ran off or straight away saying loudly 'NO!'

I am so happy to see this finally happening! Maybe you will think 35 months old is a tad too late for a toddler to poop in his potty but we try not to rush Ben's potty training and let him decide on his own (of course, a little prodding and suggestions here and there hoping one day he will try sitting on the potty ahahaha) but the point is, if he doesn't want it, we let it slide and try the next time.

No point trying to force our child into doing something when he is not ready. It might backfire and made him terrified of trying the next time, hence the reason for our subtle approach and just let things go on its own.

Looks like it's working! Yay! More updates on Ben's potty training next time!

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Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thanks Farhana! Hopefully can move on to using toilet seat soon! Smile


hi jenny. my girl same as ben dislike poo poo on her potty. and likes standing to poops. then how does ben poop if he didn't wear disposable diapers? i'm finding a solution how to figure out to let her poops in her potty.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mel!

Prior to this, he always insist to poop in his diaper even to the extent of crying when I refused to let him wear a diaper for him to poop in. How we got rid of this habit was we actually achieved this accidentally due to timing.

Ben was playing in his water pool when he suddenly needed to poop. I rushed him to our bathroom, stripped off his swimsuit and told him he need to sit on the potty. Like I said, time is critical, I told him mummy cannot get diaper on time, he has to use potty so off he goes, sat on the potty and poop.

Before that, everytime he poops in his diaper I will tell him, it is nice and easier to poop sitting instead of standing, just give it a try. No matter how he says no, I just tell him that everytime he poops standing in his diaper. Then that one time when he poops sitting on the potty, I told him that, and he went 'Mmmm' (he always says this when he agrees to something)

I wish you luck with your girl. Don't rush or force her!

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

Great to hear that Ben is progressing well in his potty training.


Such candid pictures ;) my boy used to be like that as well when he was 3...still pooping in diapers and no toilet bowl.

U have a really cute header btw.



Wonderful story and I agree with your advice: never rush or pressure! We talk about the importance of that on our site as well:


BTW- beautiful site design! Good luck with potty training!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Dominique,
Yes, thank you!

Hi Rachel!
Thanks, glad to hear you like the pictures hahah...and thanks for your compliments on my blog header! I love it too!

Hi Sarah!
Thank you for sharing your site and glad to hear you like my blog design!


hehe he's such a cutie.. he will sure be happy reading this and seeing these photos when he grow up.. and can use this precious blog as guidelines when he's a father ^_^ thank mummy for jotting down every progress!!!

Miki Chua

Good job mama... one more to go~~

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Nicole!
I think he might be embarrassed reading this when he's older! Hahaha...

Hey Miki!
Thanks, thanks! Yes, another milestone! Slow but steady hahaha...


I'm so relieved now that I read your post!! My son is almost three and he pee's on the real toilet with a kid seat but he won't poop on it or tell me when he has to go.  I have just let it go lately since my hubby is a "yeller" (talks very loud but its not yelling to him)and it was causing undue stress about potty time.  Its hard when the other parent is opposite from you and completely parents differently all the time!!! So knowing this I feel so much better that my son hasn't pooped yet lol!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Meghan!
Let your child lead! Smile Hope he'll poop in the toilet seat soon!

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