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I've always been intrigued and very much curious with Montessori methods and am very happy I get to review an app for Montessori learning for my child. Anyway, my review as below for the "Montessori Revolution" app...

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* Title: Montessori Revolution
* Price: $0.99
* Category: Education
* Updated: Jan 25, 2012
* Version: 1.0.2
* Size: 27.6 MB
* Language: English
* Seller: MEDL Mobile, Inc
* Rated: 4+
* Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Description from the product page:

"The Montessori Revolution iPad app carries the rich and world-renown heritage of the Montessori method into the 21st Century, allowing you to bring home the time-tested techniques and methods that your child experiences at school. Developed hand-in-hand with a team of trusted and experienced Montessorians, This powerful Montessori pro-tool amplifies your child’s learning by marrying cutting-edge technology with the hands-on, discovery-based education system of the Montessori method.

The app employs several multi-sensory exercises to improve your child’s cognitive abilities in a variety of areas, including arithmetic, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem solving.

Montessori Revolution taps into your child’s natural abilities in order to reshape their learning process. By promoting a learning process based on active discovery instead of passive instruction, Montessori Revolution gives your child the best head start on their journey through life.

Six dynamic hands-on exercises highlight your child’s natural abilities, playing to their strengths while identifying and improving areas of challenge.
– “The Moveable Alphabet” grows your child’s basic phonemic skills using audio-visual cues, drag-and-drop screen gestures and several levels of difficulty.
– “The Pink Tower” teaches your child scale, direction perception skills, concentration and order by building a tower from several sizes of blocks.
– “The Pouring Exercise” develops your child’s hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness by transferring beans back and forth between two containers.
– “The Short Bead Stairs” builds your child’s arithmetic and direction-following skills through a drag-and-drop game
– “The Canvas” introduces your child to the world of art and color through a free-form drawing tablet.
– “The Globe” teaches your child geography through an interactive rotating globe with clickable continents.

Watch and monitor your child’s growth with the in-app progress tracker. You can keep track of everything, from time spent on each exercise to individual lesson scores.

As part of your purchase, you get two free hands-on exercises: the Canvas exercise to get you started, and a bonus exercise of your choice. Each additional exercise is only $0.99

Easily create and manage profiles for multiple students. You can add as many students as you would like, and each profile allows you to upload a photo."

I'm a full-time mummy

Montessori Revolution

There are 6 exercises on this app but this review is based on 2 of the exercises available which are: “The Moveable Alphabet” and "The Canvas".

(*Note: You get 2 exercises as part of the purchase, the other 4 are in-app purchases, each costs $0.99)

What's good?

* I like the varieties of exercises on this app.

Montessori Revolution

* Although Ben is not at the spelling stage yet, I did try out the 1st exercise which is “The Moveable Alphabet”. It is an interesting approach to teach spelling and I'd like to go over this again when Ben is at the spelling stage one day.

* I got Ben to try out the 2nd exercise which is "The Canvas" and we have some fun time just doodling and drawing!

Montessori Revolution

I drew the orange octopus on the top right.

Ben drew his version on the bottom left.

Montessori Revolution

To my surprise, Ben drew Spiderman's eyes!

(* In case you don't know, it's on the left)

Room for Improvement?

* I would prefer if all the 6 exercises are made available in this app, perhaps 2 of them are fully accessible (as per the current settings) and the other 4 allows us to try out a basic or simple activity so we can have a feel of each of the exercises in this app.

I'm a full-time mummy

You can purchase the " Montessori Revolution " app from the iTunes App Store.

I am so excited to be able to hold this giveaway for my lucky blog followers and readers! FIVE of you lucky people are going to win a copy of this educational and useful app! You will absolutely love it! Now, let's read below for the giveaway terms and conditions OK?

* Note: 2 of the exercises offered for the giveaway are: “The Moveable Alphabet” and "The Canvas"

To enter the giveaway, kindly read and follow the instructions as stated in the Rafflecopter form below.

  • You can enter either via login through your Facebook account or just key in your name and your valid email address.
  • Please also leave your valid email address in the post comment so that I can contact you if you win this giveaway.

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I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the promo code by the sponsor to redeem the application for free from iTunes Store in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine. And if you'd like to read my previous iPad Apps reviews, you can do so by reading this post of mine called "My iPad App Reviews"

I'm a full-time mummy

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