What I Needed During My Pregnancy While Still Breastfeeding...

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We found out I was pregnant when Ben is about 2 years+ old. I was still breastfeeding him about 3-4 times daily then.

Honestly speaking, I don't know anyone around me who breastfeed more than a year, let alone, one who STILL breastfeed while she is pregnant. So it is crucial for me to find out as much information I can about breastfeeding during pregnancy.

So what I really needed during my 2nd pregnancy while I was still breastfeeding are:

Information! Lots and lots of it!

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Strong will

  • People who know me will know that I've always been saying that I will continue breastfeeding as long as Ben wants it and as long as I can still produce breastmilk for him, so being pregnant should hopefully not be an obstacle or an excuse to wean him off breastfeeding.
  • Despite hearing from our gynae and pead about weaning, I stood firm and breastfeed on!


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  • On the family side, my hubby has been very helpful and has been spending more time with Ben even though he's so tired with his work and all so that I could have some 'me' time and rest for a while. So yes, I'm very very thankful and grateful for his help and support.

So the above are some of the necessities during my 2nd pregnancy.

To sum it, I breastfed throughout the pregnancy (though my BM stopped at 5th month, that doesn't stop my boy from continuing on!), delivered my 2nd baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy and is now tandem nursing my 2 kids at 6 months going on!

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Sarah @ Parenting God's Children

kudos finding what you needed and continuing!! And tandem nursing!! Smile

Thanks for participating! <3

Alicia @ Lactation Narration

I also nursed through my pregnancy and went on to tandem nurse. I was very happy to have the support of my LLL group, where several mothers had experience with this. While it is great to be able to get their perspective from their experience, it is also great just to know other people who have done this and that you aren't the only one!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

I love to research, so I'm right there with you on wanting tons of information!

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