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Hi! My Name is Jenny. I'm a Khapkeks-holics...

I first reviewed this yummylicious cupcakes without the icing early this month. And then the owner made me another batch when she read my review posted and was so happy with my feedback.

Recently, I decided to order a batch from her. I wanted to give some to my hubby's aunt to try as well as she has been giving some paus for Ben lately and I really felt I should return the favor. Hence the order hahahah...

Btw, this time, Su Yi, the owner suggested rum raisins Nutella cupcakes as I asked for half in raisins (got some grumbling from my MIL for the previous batch when I asked for ALL cupcakes to be Nutella choc chips hahahaha.. I am so selfish huh?)

Just want to add how thoughtful Su Yi is to separate out 9 of the cupcakes (6 in rum raisins, 3 in Nutella choc chips) in a smaller box which was meant for my hubby's aunt! I had originally planned to just chuck half of my order (which is 9 pieces) into a container and just pass to my hubby's aunt later but wow, Su Yi is amazing and awesome to separate out for me and put them in a smaller nice looking box! So so thoughtful on my behalf! Kudos to you!

And before I forget, she also added in some extra cupcakes for me as she knows I'll be having less to eat with my decision to give half of my order to my hubby's aunt. So yes, I am getting 7 extra in my box! Awwwwwww... so so so awfully nice of her!

Yes, my mouth waters when I think of the Nutella chocolate chip cupcakes.

Look at my boy's reactions as I hover one of the Nutella choc chip cupcakes near his eye radar as he plays in his water pool...

Guess my addiction is spreading huh?

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Seldom see this kind of cupcakes right? Mostly are decorated. I thought it was muffin at first. Nutella..sounds so tempting.


your boy is sooo handsome!  these are great photos, and love his reaction! Smile

have a great wknd, j!


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