Why I Deserve Some Pats on My Back on Mother's Day...

~ Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 12:06 AM ~

I'm writing this post days in advance of the coming Mother's Day... heck, I write all my posts days in advance (usually 1 week earlier)

Anyway, this will be the 3rd Mother's Day I'm celebrating and I for one, am not the type who fancies all this special days and such (except maybe birthdays which I truly madly deeply wanted to have McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner *Hint *Hint *)

But hey, for the sake of blogging while I'm away (going north for a 3D 2N family trip), I just want to list down why I think I deserve some recognition and some big pats on my skinny back for this Mother's Day! Here it goes:

Quitting my job to be a SAHM

Yeah, I left my IT job when my 1st child turned 3 months old. Couldn't work out a win-win arrangement with my previous company in order for me to continue breastfeeding at least 6 months (long story but if you have time and curious to know, you can read my post on my old blog here)

After discussing with my hubby thoroughly and trusting God will take care of us (praise the Lord! God is good, all the time!), I took the plunge and left the corporate world. Of course I do feel sad for leaving my job (very good paying job considering my education background) and I missed the connections and the sense of being able to contribute and help my colleagues, users, vendors, company and etc.

But hey, I know I made the right decision as I think my children deserves the best. Plus, I'm a bit too critical and have high expecations of other people taking care of my children, so better to do it myself huh?

Carried an 11kg Ben in my tummy for 39 weeks!

I weigh 45kg (that's about 99 lbs) ever since I was 17 years old... until I got pregnant with Benjamin, my 1st child. But actually, come to think of it, I only started gaining weight at about 5th month into the pregnancy after being scolded by my 2nd gynae and being ordered to chomp down on fattening stuff like fast food, FULL CREAM MILK (ewwww... the only milk I like to drink is chocolate so it is a sacrifice on my part to guzzle the full cream milk EVERYDAY until my weight goes up to a satisfactory level)

Anyway, my point is I lugged this baby of mine for 39 weeks! All day and night long! 39 weeks! Not to forget the heart burns, cramps, stretch marks, itchy tummy etc etc!

Carried a 12kg Alyson in my tummy for 39 weeks WHILE attending to a hyperactive 2 year old Ben

And then I did it all over again with my 2nd child, Alyson, again for 39 weeks! And this time, it is more challenging with the hyperactive toddler of mine! There, there, some nice soothing pats on my back... yes, yes...

Delivered both kids naturally WITHOUT painkillers or pain relief methods

Yeap... I am proud to say I delivered both my kids naturally without painkillers or any pain relief methods other than using the laughing gas aka Enthonox (when I delivered Ben). I read somewhere that says "The Pain A Woman Endures When Giving Birth To A Child Is Equivalent To The Pain Of 7 Fractured Bones", yup... imagine I had to endure that TWICE, WITHOUT pain relief options.

And while we are at the topic of natural childbirth, think squeezing out BABIES from a 10 inch hole! Yup... here it goes again... right, there in the middle, yes!!

Potty training a 2 year old while in my last trimester of pregnancy!

Uh-huh! You read that right sistah! I started potty training my then 2 year old while I was about less than 1.5 months shy from giving birth to Alyson. Came up with some nifty awesome approaches on how to potty train too!

Now, for an 8 months+ preggy mum, I actually ran with my toddler to the bathroom the moment he says he need to pee (tiring yes, but it's fun for him when he feels it's so exciting and it also make him feel important that mummy has to drop off whatever she's doing and just focus on him immediately!) So, come on now, I totally deserve a...

Home made baby foods!

Other than the first can of Nestle baby rice cereal that we use to kickstart the solids process for both my kids, I'm happy to say that I prepared my baby foods from there onwards. Choose, slice, peel, grate, steam, boil, puree, mash, chop, etc etc all sorts of vegetables, fruits and more. I am not a good cook and I don't dare to even claim I make awesome food at all but I would like to say I homemade my kids' baby foods. So can I please have a pat on my back for this? Thank you!

Breastfeeding since March 2009

Yes, you read it correctly! Ever since I gave birth to Ben on 4th March 2009, I have not stopped breastfeeding. Even while pregnant with Alyson, I breastfed on. Of course my breastmilk stopped at 5th month into the pregnancy but my boy continues suckling on.

How many mummies out there continue to breastfeed past 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? Throughout the entire pregnancy? Tandem?

For me, all check, check, check! So, I totally deserves a multiple pats on my back for this, don't I?

And by breastfeeding since March 2009, that means I am totally responsible for the growth of my kids with my breastmilk! I exclusively breastfed both my kids for the first 6 months (in Ben's case, we gave him few sips of water during very hot season but none for Alyson)

Think about that!

100% on my breastmilk alone.

Both kids.

There you go... my wonderful list of why I deserve some pats on my back for this Mother's Day!

If you are a mother or going to be one or know one, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

I'm sending over some virtual pats to your back as well.

You deserve some recognition for being the awesome mummy you are.

Happy Mother's Day in advance!

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Miki Chua

Happy mommy's day to you too...

i'm also not a person to fancy all this .. i just tumpang my mom . muahahha...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hahaha, Happy Mother's Day to you ya! Smile

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