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When I found out I was pregnant with Alyson, I surfed and Googled all the breastfeeding websites and forums to find out as much as I can about the possibilities of continuing on breastfeeding during pregnancy. That's because I was still nursing my 2 year++ old boy then.

I found some tips through some bloggy friends (Dionna at Code Name: Mama for sharing her tips and Twittering me, Dulce Chale for sharing her experience, Mama J for sharing her tips and emailing me and Germaine for referring me to Mama J) and also purchased 2 books which I find helpful: Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond and Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. These 2 books gave me the confidence to continue on nursing my boy throughout my pregnancy! (*Note: It is also because I have no risks or complications at all with my first and current pregnancy then)

Despite my breastmik stopped coming in at my 5th month into pregnancy, my boy nurses on! I cherished the moments I had while nursing him and actually resented the thoughts of my baby in my tummy - as if she is going to come between the wonderful bond I have with my boy. On the other hand, I also felt guilty as if I'm not paying 100% attention to the baby in my tummy as well... weird huh?

When Alyson was born on 2nd Sept 2011, my breastmilk came almost immediately! It was a breeze nursing her and there was not any chance for her weight to drop after the meconium was out as she was on my breastmilk since she was born! (unlike my boy who lost about 300 hundred grams on the 5th day). We left the hospital on day 2 and my problems started that very night.

My 2 year old wanted to nurse too when he saw me nursing the baby. I have no idea how to position my boy and the baby and I actually felt angry at my boy for wanting to nurse! Within the first 2 weeks, I was depressed and I reached out asking for help, telling my hubby and friends and bloggy pals that I am struggling and trying to cope with tandem nursing.

Me tandem nursing Ben and Alyson in the first week...

I think the first step of acknowledging and telling people I am struggling in tandem nursing greatly eases my own depression and tensions I placed on myself. Thank God I received advices, prayers, hugs and encouragement from friends and family members and I began to slowly get used to tandem nursing.

A month and a half after the birth of Alyson, I wrote another blog post about surviving my tandem nursing aversion. In that post, I also shared my own tips on how I overcome my nursing aversion. It is a good thing that I keep telling myself the aversion is all in my head and it is a waste and failure on my part if I give up just because of what's playing in my head!

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At 3 months into tandem nursing, I wrote another update on my life tandem nursing 2 kids and how I get around to nursing them and using the opportunities to teach my toddler as well while I nursed them.

And now, close to 9 months into tandem nursing, my oh my... let me just pause here for a moment and reminisced back my 9 months journey into tandem nursing...

Wow oh wow...!!!

Never had I imagine I'll get to this stage where I sit back and goes 'Wow oh Wow!!!' 9 months into this crazy spectacular magnificent journey!  

I thank God for helping me getting through and to this stage and I feel happy being able to nurture my children as long as they want.

Ben at close to 39 months old now is down to one nursing a day, before his bedtime, that too for not more than a minute. Of course, there are times I can feel the let-down reflex when he suckles, but most of the time, he does it for comfort, just the act of being able to still nurse from mummy and he always unlatched when I tell him 'OK, enough already!'

As for Alyson, close to 9 months old, she has started her solids 2 weeks before she turned 7 months old and is currently on 2 times solid a day, the rest of her feedings are still on my direct breastfeeding, on demand, whenever she wants.

How long am I going to do this? I don't know... Like I said earlier, I feel happy being able to nurture and nourish my children, so, I will just take this one day at a time...

Me tandem nursing Ben (3 years old) and Alyson (6 months old)...

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Love this! I am bookmarking it for the future. Your fears are exactly what I'm afraid of when I think about getting pregnant. I don't want a new baby to come between my son and me and yet I will also feel bad if I'm not cherishing the new babe like I did him. So glad you worked through it and are still going. I hope to do the same one day!

Shannon at The Artful Mama

Wow! That is awesome that you were able to get past all the emotional ups and downs and positioning awkwardness and continue nurturing both of your children.

becca at exile fertility

I remember the first two weeks were very difficult as well, especially with my older nurseling wanting to nurse so frequently (and waking in the night much more often as well).  I had a lot of support to get through that time from family but its true that it's a struggle!!  Thanks for sharing!  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrienne!
Thank you for your comment! I wish you all the best in your journey!

Hi Shannon!
Thank you! I'm happy to achieve so much so far!

Hi Becca!
Yes, having support from family is important but for me, own mental strength is the key! Thanks for coming by!


Huge hugs and congratulations to you, mama!  Your story is so real and inspiring. I am so happy that it has turned out so well for you and admire your sensitivity and perseverance.  


I love this post and the others about your tandeming journey!  Your kids are lucky to have such a devoted mom Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Kim!
Thanks for hopping over and glad you enjoyed my posts!


I had a difficult time nursing my first born. I didn't know how to position her and when I finally found the right position, she's already too tired from crying she would rather sleep.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thanks for sharing your experience Liz! I hope you will not be discouraged from breastfeeding!


Hi, congratulations for your extended & tandem nursing. I'm exclusively BF-ing my 5 months old daughter right now. And I start to feel pressure from my MIL to wean (especially now my daughter starts to show teething sign). She said I should wean when my daughter cut tooth because she will bite. Have you experience this when BF-ing your baby?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Morningmoon!

Thanks for your comment! Good for you on your BF-ing! As for weaning just because your LO start teething is total BS.

Feel free to read this post of mine when your LO start biting hehehe:

Teething should NOT be a factor to wean! There are even babies born with teeth already, so if this case, means baby cannot nurse? No right? Some LO will bite some won't, so need to discipline them in not biting anymore when it happens! I hope you don't get forced to wean just because of this!

Take care and feel free to email or comment me if you need to ask anything! Smile

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