Baby Room Review - Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

~ Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:46 AM ~

It has been a while since I blog about my review on baby room. If you are interested in my previous reviews, you can read them at my old blog as well which is at:

I hope you enjoy reading my baby room review as much as I enjoy sneaking in my camera along with my baby and sheepishly taking pictures during the nursing session hehehehe...

When: 09th June 2012

Why: Family outing (to check out this newly opened mall)


Location: There is proper signage that will lead you to the baby room (the baby room is located next to the toilet so it is pretty easy to find)

Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

Facilities: Dustbin, mirror, sink, water dispenser (hot and cold), handwash liquid, towels, 1 diaper changing station, 1 sofas with a curtain to cordon off for breastfeeding mums. I like the comfy diaper changing pad but I feel there should be more than 1 in the room.

Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

Comfort Level: The room size is just nice, cosy, not too cold/hot/stuffy, nice setting and comfortable lit. However I'm not comfortable with the overly pink theme of the baby room I went to... (I did noticed another baby room on another floor with blue colored theme but I have no time to venture it to take pictures hahaha)

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So how's Paradigm Mall itself? You don't like pink huh? I won't mind it hehehe.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Carolyn!
Paradigm mall is OK la, alot of recycle bins but not bench. If old folks tagged along susah lo, no place to sit and rest. The baby room is nice, but way too pink laaaa!


so pretty! those baby rooms here in JB are not so nice.... haiz~

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