Preparing for Bottle Feeding When Maternity Leave Ends...

~ Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 11:57 AM ~

I saw this question posted by one mummy in a breastfeeding group I joined in Facebook "Hi mummies, I will back to work 2nd week in July. By the time my baby will be 2 months old. Any suggestion how much of expressed breastmilk I should store and provide to nanny in a day?"

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My immediate reply was:

"I'm a SAHM now but I did worked for 1 month before I quit my job, so what I did 2 weeks before my maternity leave ended:

1. Start storing by direct latching one side and pumping on the other side

2. Also pump at regular hours which will be the same hours when I go back to work (meaning I pump 8am, 12.30pm and 4.30pm)

3. Get baby used to bottle by giving other people (such as husband, MIL, etc) to feed instead of me feeding baby as he will not want mummy to feed because they can smell our breastmilk and who wants bottle when the real thing is right next to them?

4. To gauge on how much
baby should take, I try out by giving 1 oz, finish, I add 1 oz more, continue until baby stops. By the end of 2nd month, my baby takes about 3-4 oz per feed.

5. Please make sure you have backup to store your expressed breastmilk if you are staying in an area prone of electricity blackout. You really don't want to cry over the breastmilk melting and spoiling.

6. To maintain your
breastmilk production, direct latch baby before you leave work and try to get nanny to hold off giving your expressed breastmilk if she can or if baby can still wait so baby can direct latch when you finish work. (direct latch more frequently will keep up the breastmilk production)"

How about you? Any tips to add on that you can share?

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I just heard from a friend who went to confinement centre for her confinement..
If you're storing breast milk in fridge with other food (meat, fish, vege, etc) together, it is better to keep the milk in an extra container. Its to keep the freshness of the milk and also it is said the 'smell/taste' of the food may enter the milk which makes it stinks a little and your baby might not like it.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jani!
Oh yes ar? I don't know about this. I do know sometimes if BM smells fishy it might be due to lipase.


I also just learnt about it. It was shared by the experienced nurses/confinement ladies there. I do always find my stored milk smelly fishy/stink. Maybe that explains it.

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