Paranoid of Going Out...

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 7:57 AM ~

It has been a while since I last drove my car (hubby's 11 year old second hand car actually, passed down to me when he bought a second hand car for his business use) and I was just starting back to gather enough courage to drive the car myself, brought Ben along a couple of times with him sitting behind like a good boy, just about 5 minutes away to buy some buns and takeaway food.

And then the news about all the crimes started coming in...

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First it was posted by a lady on Facebook about the failed attempt to kidnap her in a shopping mall (about 20 minutes away from our house). At first I thought, OK, I won't go to shopping malls by myself or with my kids, unless my hubby is going out as well.

And then numerous cases of people being hit and attacked randomly at parking lots and got their belongings stolen while they were in the car park area.

OK, fine, I really need to step up and beefed up on observing all around while at the car park. Make sure not to draw attention to myself, don't bring big handbags or anything, put all belongings into a small pouch or best to put inside pockets of my pants. Do everything fast, don't delay or be a slowpoke and walk slowly and all. Into car, drive, out, get stuff, back into car, those kind of moves I thought...

Next a recent case of a lady and her friend being attacked in an open-air car park in broad daylight. BROAD DAYLIGHT. OPEN-AIR car park! She managed to escape after being noticed by 2 passers by because she kept on pressing her car horn with her hand and legs, all the time while being attacked.

And just yesterday I saw a post shared on a friend's Facebook wall about the latest tactic used by robbers to rob you. They lay down spikes on the road and waited for your car to drive by and when you stop to check your burst tires, they run out and rob you!

Oh gosh... what is wrong with our country?

At this rate, I might end up being at home 24/7/365 (which I already am most of the time unless we have a family outing)

What are your tips to protect yourself when you are out and about?

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Wendy T

If you are ever getting into your car and someone approaches you and tells you to get in....throw your keys as far as you possibly can!!

Now you getting in your car is a moot point and hopefully they will go away since they wanted you to drive and them to direct you.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

It is sad with all the news and crimes going on in our once safe and peaceful country.

If I have to go out without my hb aka bodyguard, specially malls, I will park the car nearest to the entrance.  In the event I cant get one (after waiting for a long while), I will leave.  And always be very alert.  Make car key is in my hand the moment I walk out of the entrance and lock all doors once we are in the car.  


Take some self defense classes? I also don't go out alone at all

Jennifer Saarinen

Jennifer Saarinen says:

It's a scary world out there. There was a pretty bad home robbery a few streets down a while ago and it freaked me out a fair bit.


It is sad when the police are still claiming our country is safe, safer, and a-lmost-safest!

Miki Chua

if i were to go out i would
(1) go to shopping center like Tesco and Giant where more ppl walk in and out
(2) possibly car in front entrance or near security guard
(3) don't dress too fancy

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