Stop Letting Your Child Cry It Out!

~ Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 2:00 PM ~

Came across a post by a mummy in the breastfeeding group I joined in asking our opinions on letting our little ones cry it out. My immediate answer was:

"I don't agree with letting kids crying out. Your kids can't talk, so how else can they express out other than crying? And to add to that stress if you as the parents, the one closest to him/her plans to let them CIO, that's worse. Just think, us as adults when frustrated / angry / sick / etc also we can voice out or want ppl to hear us out, so what more can our LO feel? No friends but parents around, and to be left there to cry it out, tsk tsk... please don't be cruel."

Another mummy also pointed out "The person who wrote abt "Cry it out method"... Is not even a mother herself !! I prefer Dr. Sears method the non-crying method. At least I dun traumatise my kids plus I know when they are having growth spur during BF period."

So yeah, please parents (especially going-to-be and new ones) do not even think about letting your child cry it out for whatever reasons. Find some compassion in your heart to listen to what your child is trying to tell you instead of numbing your senses (sight, hearing etc) and ignoring your child's cries.

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catheryn @ PinkBibs

I second, third and fourth this banning of CIO.
We don't do this CIO too. But that doesn't mean we rush to our baby instantly but we let her know we are there for her, just by simply giving her some response before we get to her.  But letting her to cry it out... and wail like mad... never!


Yes, my parents keep saying its good to let them cry sometimes, exercising their lungs. @@ They keep commenting we carried our baby too much, of which I really can't agree! She doesn't simply cry and I do not simply entertain her too.
I want my child to be a happy child not a crying child!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Catheryn & Jani!
Yes, if there is a LIKE button I can put for each comments, I'll like yours hahaha! Agree to not rushing immediately when LO cries but the point is we don't purposely stand there or away when LO cries and do nothing!

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