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~ Posted on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 8:08 AM ~

Ever since I could remember, I love reading books! When I was young (less than 12 years old), I remembered going to my eldest aunt house and got mesmerised by this giant Disney book - all short stories and rhymes about princess, animals and fairy tales and the colors are so fascinating and beautiful and it slowly became a habit of mine to read and read and read.

In highschool, I'd borrowed books after books from the school library. And also rented books as well.

When I started working, a portion of my salary goes to books and magazines.

Now that I'm a mother of 2 kids, I'm still reading. Of course nowadays, I'd prefer e-books anytime since I can read it using my iPad at night after my kids went to bed. But that doesn't mean I've given up reading paperbacks. Just that nowadays, I only buy paperbacks if it's a good book worth keeping and also those crafts and activities books for my boy.

And since I'm a SAHM, I don't have much luxury to go out and browse around books for myself or my kids, so what else but to buy them online? In fact, I actually love buying things online as I get to compare the prices and read other people's reviews on the products before making a decision to buy.

For books, the first website I go when I want to buy books are of course: The Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

What I love most about them is they offer worldwide shipping FREE!

OK, if you take a look at their books and compared them to Amazon, of course you can clearly see Amazon's prices are cheaper but because I'm living in Malaysia, a lot of books are not allowed to be shipped to Asian countries (like Malaysia!) and even if Amazon do ship over to Malaysia, the shipping fees is very very high! There are times when the shipping fees cost more than the books itself!

This is definitely the website I go to and I've bought loads and loads of books from them. Delivery takes from 3-4 weeks time and so far I've only experienced one time where my delivery was lost in transit and happy to note, The Book Depository honors my purchase and promptly resend a new set of books for me free in charge!

If you have never try them before, do give it a try!

** Updates on 8th August 2012:

My buying tips are as follows:

- Check out the books on Amazon, better if they come with preview function so I can have a look at the contents and outline.

- Read through the customers feedback (I always read those with 1-2 stars first)

- Copy the book's ISBN code (every book has their own unique code) from Amazon website and paste to The Book Depository

- Buy from The Book Depository!

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I love reading too since young. I had never bought any books on-line before. Most of my books are from MPH book shop. Maybe I should give this a try. Happy blogging and reading to you.

adrea wong

try now...very excited!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aries!
Yes, I used to buy from MPH Online before I found the Book Depository hahaha... used to note down the ISBN number of the book and get MPH to buy and then wait and collect from their outlet, but this is for books that are not found in their store. Since I found this website, it's much easier for me, just shop from the comfort of my home hahaa... Do give it a try! Smile

Hey Adrea!
Yes! Happy reading to you! Do share what you buy if you do!

adrea wong

any book can recommend?


Wah thanks for sharing. Now I know..


I LOVE TBD. Especially for books I can't get here. And by here, I mean Malaysia! I live here too! And they're cheaper too! Since I don't have an e-reader TBD is my best friend! Glad to know it has worked for you too!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
What sort of books are you looking for? So far I buy children books - activities, crafts, sticker books and a couple of parenting and Christian books for myself.

Hey Carolyn!
You're welcome! Go and buy buy buy!

Hey Abby
Another fellow Malaysian! Thanks for sharing your feedback! Smile

adrea wong

hi, ths for reply me ...i wish to buy some book for my 2 years old gal. So far the sticker, activities book u bought for your boy nice?interesting?

QS Saw

Hi Jenny, did your kid likes reading "Science Centers Grades PreK-K" & "Cut, Paste & Write ABC Activity Pages"? Could you took some pictures showing what is looks like inside? I'm looking some books that my girl can learn thru play like cutting & pasting. Thanks.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi QS Saw,
So far we're 1/3 into "Science Centers Grades PreK-K" not yet start on the other one. Normally what I do is I copy the ISBN code and check in Amazon website. If the book has preview function, I tend to check out the book more and may buy it. I will also browse the customers feedback and once I decide the book is OK, I go back to Book to purchase! Smile


Hello, I am Hanson. So good and happy to know a Malaysian tried buying books from The Book Depository! I did my first purchase from The Book Depository on 6th December 2012. I have been worrying that will my book be lost halfway in the delivery. Then, I googled and I found you! Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

1. The book which I ordered has been dispatched on 7th December, the delivery normally takes 3-4 weeks to reach my doorstep? That means the book will be here around January 2013?

2. Are there other ways to track and check the status of my order besides The Book Depository website?

3. Will it be stuck at the custom then I have to pay tax or stuff?

I am so worrying about this and that, because it is my first time to buy books online, but thank God that I found you and I am actually very happy to know you since you have experiences on buying books from The Book Depository. Thank you and your helps are much appreciated! Smile  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Hanson!
Thanks for your comment! My reply:
1. Normally I would give about 1 month for the books to arrive to me in PJ. Sometimes might be delay due to holiday seasons (their side and OURS - you know how many holidays we have here in MY)

2. Unfortunately, no way to check your status other than TBD website (that too just showing Shipping status). But you should take note of your order number so that you can refer to it if you need to lodge an inquiry with TBD if your books are still missing after a month. It happened to me once (almost 2 months) and TBD promptly resend my missing orders.

3. So far, I'm not aware of any books/orders being stuck at custom and never had to pay any extra for my orders. I do however experienced book missing/withheld in custom but those are Christian based books which I got for my blog review from another book publishing company. They either never reached me or arrived 2-3 months late.

Hope my reply helps!


hi there!! same thing happening to me now...

I ordered books on 12-Jan and it's been a month now and the books have yet to arrive.

I wrote to TBD and they asked me to check from my "local sorting office"... but they are unable to produce any address or courier company or tracking/ shipping number. after a few correspondence they told me to try the "biggest and largest sorting office"... what the...what does that mean? can anyone help?

I almost felt that I fell into a scam till I found your blog half-assuring me... Smile

need the books urgently too... I hope I dont need to wait upto 2 months... :-/

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Newbie!
Thanks for your email! You ordered on 12 Jan but did you get any email from TBD stating when your orders are shipped? (by the way, the books might be shipped individually to you and not all in a batch just FYI)

You should also get an order number from your order which you can track the status of the order. Of course, the most you can see is the order being processed or latest is just 'shipped'.

As to checking the delivery side, there's really nothing we can do on our end. Normally my orders take around 1 month to arrive and if it is still not send to me by 1.5mths, I will email to inform TBD I never received the books. It happened twice and both cases they send a new book to me (which arrived in less than 1 month)

Sometimes, I suspect the books are just lost in transit or being held by custom (for Christian based books as I've had cases where books are held for more than 2mths)

Back to your books, 12 Jan and give or take about 14-21 working days (exclude weekends) and don't forget the recent holidays here and there might affect the delivery. Hope your books arrived to you safely!

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