Who Stole My Blog Logo?

~ Posted on Monday, August 20, 2012 at 8:35 AM ~

Early August 2012, I discovered my blog logo being used by another page on Facebook while I was verifying one of my giveaway results (need to check through whether the selected winner did 'liked' my Facebook page, etc etc). It just so happened that I saw my blog logo under the 'Company' field of the winner's page and I was telling myself, hey, I would like to put that under my 'Company' field too! And then I clicked on and realised that is not my page at all!

Somebody created a page called 'Full-Time Mummy' and happily used my blog logo as theirs on Facebook. I have been mulling and feeling depressed at it but I kept it to myself because I thought 'Hey, it's just an image, how can I prove it's mine? Plus it's all out in the world wide web, how can I control someone out there from using my images when it was not watermarked?!'

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my beloved blog logo! Look at the 'I'm a full-time mummy' text surrounding the 2 cute kiddos in the centerpieces. Those 2 kiddos are my Benjamin and Alyson. You see images of these 2 kiddos EVERYWHERE on my blog, social icons on my sidebar, my blog header, my images watermark, etc.

And I purposely requested my designer to design a stamp-like logo as I love the uniqueness of it (unlike the common blog logo which is square) and I love pink, so yeah, what you see above is weeks of hardwork in discussing and giving feedback to and fro with my designer to finally settling on this version that I love. So of course it is heartbreaking to see it being copied and misused without my permission!!!

In the end, on 10th August 2012 I reached out to my blog fans on my Facebook page. Just after I posted that, my hubby asked me what happened and I told him what happened of course. He told me to immediately report that page to Facebook and to indicate that my image has been misused. I went to that copycat page and reported it to Facebook, choosing the appropriate actions and submitted my report.

I took some screenshots of the page that copied my blog logo for evidence just in case. Some differences you can clearly see is that page title is 'Full-time mummy' and yet the logo used (mine!) says 'I'm a full-time mummy'. Then you can see the number of fans on the page (less than 300) is far less than mine (almost 7500!) and I created my Facebook page almost 2 years ago while the copycat page was created on 23 May 2011. So, in my humble opinion, I think it is easy to see who is copycat-ing who right? (in the event of a dispute)

Then I saw some responses from my blog fans (thank you all!) telling me to report the page and some even offered to help me report the page hahaha... Few hours after that I noticed the page has removed my blog logo and used another image as replacement. Phewwwwww.... I can breathe a sigh of relief!

So yeah, lesson learned,

always fight for what is yours!

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Good for you Jenny! Glad you got back what's rightfully yours!

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