~ Posted on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 7:56 AM ~

I was feeling a tad disappointed recently... no wait, a tad doesn't justify it...

I was feeling REALLY disappointed with someone over something.

I don't want to elaborate further other than I have been trying to share my experience and advice and just found out, oh well, maybe my sharing doesn't matter at all.

Hubby asked me why am I getting so worked up and why do I care so much when the person doesn't want to bother? It's their own choice and they will be responsible for their own choices. If what we did doesn't make any impact, then why bother anymore?

Disappointed... really... not just at the fact that I wasted my time trying to encourage and motivate and shared what I knew, but also at the fact that if only the person could just hang in there and trust and don't doubt at all...

Sigh... disappointment...

Which just makes me more wary to share my experience and knowledge... really...

I mean, why bother to help when your advice is not heeded?

Or maybe I should not expect anything so that I won't be disappointed?

Sigh... sorry for wasting your time to read this, just need to rant out a lil' bit...

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Cynful Pleasure

guess I can feel what you going through.. I sometimes only give when I am asked, if not, I think I won't volunteer since I have been disappointed many times too..


Totally understand how you feel. Sometime we just couldn't help being upset for putting the effort, energy etc to help others and it falls on deaf ears. Take care. Happy thoughts will help you forget these faster. happy blogging to you. Cheers


i would say, when we try to help, we just help, try our best to help, that is what we can control and wont be regret SmileHow others think is not important at all.. Do not let ourselves get into regret mode if there is something happen, that is more important.. Your husband is right, it is their own choice either take it or leave it.. but you have done your best to help, that is most important !!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cynful Pleasure!
I also now gives only when I am asked, but in this case, I give and give and give and in the end, the person decided to go the opposite (easiest?) way instead of facing it (or try to)  Frown

Hey Aries!
Thank you for your support!

Hey carmen!
PM you later, need to rant more hahaha..


Sometimes when we give and it's not readily accepted, it still sows a seed that helps the person later.  And sometimes too, the person will think back on what's happening now with a different light, and even though it may be too late by then to receive the help, they learn to appreciate what it is that you did do.

If that makes any sense...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Rosey!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, yes, that makes some sense to me! I only hope the seeds are sown...

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

Sometimes it's not evident immediately if our help has benefited the person but trust in the LORD that you are doing the right thing and just move on and concentrate on the people who really appreciate you.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Dominique!
That's a nice perspective to look at! Thanks for your words of encouragement! Smile

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