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~ Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 11:47 AM ~

I mentioned before I always have the weirdest and luckiest luck ever! Or  maybe the Twitter fairy is being kind to me again! Anyway, I stumbled upon this tweet message by Zippy Suits looking for bloggers to review their products and when they replied saying they are OK with international bloggers, I immediately got down to choosing the design I wanted for my girl and provided my mailing address details to them. It is a nice coincidence as well that the Zippy Suit arrived a few days before we were due to leave for our short family getaway. So here goes my review!

I'm a full-time mummy

Description from the product page:
"Founder of Zippy Suits and mum to two very active children, Nicole Graham got so frustrated trying to match up poppers whilst her daughter wriggled around that in desperation she ended up making a sleepsuit with a zip instead. Research showed many other parents would want to buy such a suit and so Zippy Suits were carefully developed to meet this need and we are proud that Zippy Suits are now helping families worldwide experience less stressful baby changing. As well as making life somewhat easier, Zippy Suits, with their matching dribble bibs, look great on and are super-soft on baby's skin. Click here to see the range."

I'm a full-time mummy

To be honest, I realised the size I stated (12-18 months) was a tad too big for my 13 years old girl. I totally did not realised us Asian babies are quite small in size. So anyway, I decided to go ahead to review this and see how it turns out. I chose the Starry
Night design in Hot Pink and I honestly think this design is uber cute and I love the colors! Really eye catching and cute! 

The Zippy Suit looks like any normal rompers (or some call it body suit) except they don't come with poppers at the bottom. Instead you get a zip all the way from one side of the foot all the way to the other foot. Creative! I was also secretly wishing that after washing the Zippy Suit, it might somehow shrink a wee bit (as mentioned in the recommendation on the packaging) but I don't noticed any obvious size change after the washing and drying. Sigh, why did I choose this size!

As mentioned earlier, the Zippy Suit arrived few days before we leave for our short weekend family getaway and I was excited to try it out despite the big sizes for my girl. Pictures taken below show my girl wearing the Zippy Suit. I would have to say she would totally rock this suit if it is smaller in size (Arghhhh! My bad!!!)

The Zippy Suit is OK on her if she is not moving much, like when I was breastfeeding her or while she lies down on the bed. But once she started crawling around on the floor (she's learning to walk by the way but most of the time still crawls around), the Zippy Suit starts to bunch up and she gets slowed down and I had to pull back the feet part and loosen up the suit on her.

In summary, seriously, this is a pretty creative product that a parent with a wriggling tot would totally appreciate during diaper or cloth changing time as you don't have to be stressed out trying to push the popper buttons while trying to hold down your child so that they can remain as still as they possibly can. What you need to do is just zip, zip, zip, all the way!

I'm a full-time mummy

You can browse for more designs and sizes at 

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the product by Zippy Suits in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.   

I'm a full-time mummy

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