Journal by Plan B, Publika

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM ~

On 20th October 2012, my family and I went to Journal by Plan B, Publika. This is the first time we went to this shopping mall. We were there for the 2nd ambassadors gathering for Nissan LEAF.

On the way there, my 3.5 years old boy complained of having stomachache. He told me he felt like punching pains and wind pains in his tummy. I was worried and totally had no concentration during the gathering. Thank God hubby and I are the couple ambassadors so it does not look that bad (hopefully) for me to be missing occassionally during the gathering.

My main priority is to entertain my boy, to bring back his good spirits and happy mood. When we reached there, my boy insisted to wear his diapers and said he felt like pooping. If we were at home, he totally has no problems pooping in his potty but since we are out and it's a new place, I gave in, brought him to the toilet nearby and put on a diaper for him.

While waiting for the others to arrive, I brought Ben to check out the malls. There seems to be some sort of green recycling event around the mall. Snapped some pictures with my boy admiring the creations and exhibits there.

I also snapped some pictures at the place we gathered, Journal by Plan B, which most people called 'Plan B' instead. Love the book decos stacked all the way up in front of the restaurant and the quirky chairs hanging and dangling from the ceiling.

When all the ambassadors arrived, a waiter came around to take our brunch orders. I ordered a turkey ham sandwich for myself and a strawberry cheesecake for my boy hoping it will cheer him up when he sees strawberry, his favorite! All the while, my hubby tended to my girl, thank God she is easy to care for during the initial period.

I actually have to bring Ben in and out, because he was getting restless and as a mum, anything as long as he is feeling happy. It pains me to hear him telling and complaining that his tummy is painful. About an hour later, his mood improved tremendously and he told me he does not feel any pain in his tummy anymore. Yay!

From then on, I can finally relaxed a bit and enjoyed my brunch - what's left of it as hubby fed my turkey ham to my girl! Arghh!!! Oh well, as long as my kids are happy!

Less than 3 weeks for us to spend with the Nissan LEAF… time goes by real fast!

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Ben look like a replica of you, the male version. Your girl have grown so much. Getting prettier too. Happy blogging and Happy Halloween to you too.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you Aries! Happy blogging and Happy Halloween to you too! Smile


Is the gathering a must? Or out of innitiative of you all?
Just wondering what went wrong with your page as the right columns all went to the bottom and its been a few days already.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jani!
It's organized by Nissan as an informal gathering where all the ambassadors meet up and share feedbacks Smile

Btw, you use what browser or PC or iPad to view my page? I use Firefox and IE looks ok wor...


I'm using google chrome. but before this it was ok oh..

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