Is NISSAN LEAF a family-friendly car? Perspectives From Me...

~ Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 7:39 AM ~

What can I share on my thoughts about this car? Now firstly, I am not picky about what car I get to drive. As long as it moves and does not require me to be bothered with its maintenance, I am pretty much a happy woman and of course, a happy mummy. I’m just going to simplify my feedback according to what makes me happy with this car:

    I shared before in my first post about Nissan LEAF that I get giddy legs whenever I see my car's petrol mark dipping towards E because I really dread going to petrol station to pump petrol. With 2 koala kids to lug around and not to mention seeing enough horror CCTV's clips on crimes occuring even at petrol station, it's really putting me off going to petrol station to pump petrol.

    With Nissan LEAF, there is no more fear (for now…) of needing to go pump petrol! Or finding excuses so that I can get my hubby to pump the petrol instead!

    Charging this car is as easy as charging your mobile phone! Just pull out the nozzle and plug into the charging slot in front of the Nissan LEAF. I don’t know how else to describe to you the ease of this task.

    I mentioned about this feature when we were being interviewed by the NTV7 reporter as I feel this is very important after reading and hearing many news articles and reports about cases of children being hit by cars as their family members accidentally reversed into them.

    I also feel this feature is good as it also helps us to decide better when reversing and parking (I’m not very pro in parallel parking, guilty!)

    By the way, the cool thing is the camera screen only turns on the moment it detects you are reversing. Awesome!

    I love the keyless feature of this car! As long as your car key is with you and you are standing nearby your Nissan LEAF, you can just lock and unlock your car by pressing the tiny little button in the front passengers’ door handle.

    Many times when I had to drive my car out to buy food (I always bring my 3.5 years old boy along) and I happened to be holding a bunch of stuff, like left hand holding my boy, right hand holding the bags of food and stuff I bought and I had to fish out the car keys from my bag or pants pocket, it is so irritating. Worse if it’s raining and I had to hold the umbrella too!

    All these are easily solved with the keyless feature! I still can keep the Nissan LEAF car key in my pocket or bag and just stand next to my driver’s door and press this nifty little button! Oh, oh, btw, you can also lock and unlock the car via the car boot button! Easy peasy, love it so much already!

    Boy, when you are a parent, your car boot space is important! A huge chunk of the space will definitely be dedicated to the stroller. I do use a baby sling but then I can’t be slinging my 3.5 years old boy, so stroller is a must when one of my kids decides to sleep or nap while we were out.

    So yeah, can’t you see the huge space at the back of the car? Picture below is taken by my hubby when he had to deliver a HP server that one of his client bought for their network setup. There’s plenty of space left even after he put in the huge HP server packaging box.

    Now, these 2 pictures above are nothing to brag about because you should see this picture below:

    Finally hubby and his mum did our very delayed fortnightly grocery shopping. I stayed home with our 2 kids and rushed out to snap some pictures when I heard our house gate opened and the Nissan LEAF came rolling in.

    At first glance of the car boot, I was telling my hubby ‘This does not seem like a lot also!’ and then I looked at my mother in law’s shocked face as she stood next to the car boot looking on at the stuff we bought. Oh boy, it is a lot of stuff really!

    This has got to be one of the best things I love about this car. I can practically push the car door as far as it can go (almost 90 degrees) and I just love it so much! Our current cars, oh well, I can’t push the car door open as wide as the Nissan LEAF!

    Of course, I have to share about why we decided to review this car. Ultimately it is a very good effort of a car company to manufacture a fully electric car as every little bit helps with our environment. I mean, a car without exhaust, no need to pump petrol, what more can you ask for?

    We won’t live on forever; why not leave the earth for our children to enjoy as much as they can? Try our best to preserve the earth, not pollute it anymore than we all are already doing all this while…

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Cynful Pleasure

great car it seems!!!  price?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cynful Pleasure!
Yes, great car! Price unknown yet as not for sale in Malaysia at the moment Frown

Cheng Wei Chiew

Cheng Wei Chiew says:

This seems like a great car. Was wondering how much is this car?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cheng Wei!
Yes, great car! Price unknown yet as not for sale in Malaysia at the moment Frown

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