Slowly Putting Up The Pieces...

~ Posted on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 8:43 AM ~

I am a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. But I've not been touching any jigsaw puzzles since I have children. That would be almost 4 years.

Memories of my childhood solving jigsaw puzzles came flooding back. I took less than 2 hours (uninterrupted) back when I was 15 years old to solve a 500 pieces puzzle. I don't recall doing more than 500 pieces puzzle.

The warmest memories I have is the moment I completed my jigsaw puzzles, I will glue the pieces onto a manila cardboard and my dad will bring it to a nearby photoframe shop and got it frame and then helped me hang it in our house. It feels so good seeing the completed puzzle being framed up nicely and being part of the house decoration.

So yeah, back to present time. After a family dinner recently, I saw a jigsaw puzzle shop and hurried off to check it out. And voila, I saw this 1000 mini pieces jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful nightview of the Hong Kong city. When I saw this mini jigsaw puzzle box (even mentioned 'The world's smallest jigsaw puzzle') I was hooked.

I love Hong Kong. Was there almost a decade ago for company trip and really enjoyed myself there. My first overseas company trip! Needless to say, I immediately grabbed the one remaining puzzle and bought it.

As a SAHM of 2 children (teaching my 3.5 years old boy and trying to get my 14 months old girl to remain still and not get into any mischief), it is really taking a long long long long time for me to do the puzzle. I have to wait till both kids are asleep, that I am not rushing any paperworks for my hubby's business or I'm not rushing out any blog posts or reviews just to get a little bit time to do the puzzles.

As of now, I am only able to get 1 of the sides completed. Slow and steady, hopefully I get to finish it soon! Wish me luck!

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Cheng Wei Chiew

Cheng Wei Chiew says:

Wow this looks so tough


I love jigsaw puzzle but regret don't really have much time doing that now..

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Cheng Wei!
It is, to me! Tong

Hi Cynthia!
Yeah... I just did one of the sides.. been abandoned for few weeks now Frown


What's that iPad charger doing there? charging the puzzles up? haha
I have a mount fuji 1000 pieces puzzle collecting dust in the shelves...

miki chua

so cute... so small only..
good luck

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jani!
The iPad charger is to show you the size of the puzzle pieces lahhh....

Hey Miki!
Thank you, thank you. Now abandoned for few weeks liao, only managed to do 1 side so far Tong

MieVee @

I love jigsaw puzzles too. Used to do at least a 500- or 1000-piece every school holiday. Even helped a friend with a challenging 2000-piece, that was back-breaking.

Btw, Mothercare at Bangsar Shopping Centre has 50% sale on Melissa & Doug jigsaws. I just bought 100- and 200-piece for my boy since he loves jigsaws too. RM35-RM55 less 50%. Very good price! Smile

Have fun! Smile


I love puzzles too but not sure what to do with it once it is done. If I framed it, I already had so many cross-stitch hanging on most of walls. I am running out of wall to hang. Enjoy your puzzle.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee!
Thanks for sharing the MC Melissa & Doug puzzle deals!

Hi Aries!
Give it away! ;)


ohh, ahahaha, sorry about that, I thought your kids put it there. :p
It's truly very mini indeed!

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